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Chapter Twenty Four

Richie led her off stage as fast as he could and into the awaiting car that was always on standby to take them back to the hotel. He grunted the name of his hotel room and immediately pulled Cesca onto his lap, his strong arms circling around her neck as he kissed her hard sucking every breath out from her being. “God it’s sooo good to see you princess. You have fuckin no idea just how much I missed ya.”

She wiggled back onto his lap her hands winding around his neck again, intense blue eyes searching his face. "I thought...."

“I know baby, I know, I coulda taken you right back there , but I want you where no one can hear you scream,” he murmured as his lips found her neck and kissed down tugging her dress strap off her shoulder and kissing tenderly down it his lips went further over the lace and his mouth found her nipple waiting her him hard against the soft lace as he chewed on it lightly.

Her back arched as fingers tightened into his hair. "Jesus Richie." She whimpered as his teeth grazed from one nipple to the next. She slid slowly, moving her legs to straddle him on the limo seat and began to rub against his crotch gently.

He groaned as her heat washed over his heat a sharp hiss escaping his lips as he continued to assault her breasts. Moving her down he placed her on the limo floor before lying on top of her, making sure the privacy divider went up before he devoured her like a wild beast.

“Hope you don’t like this dress too much” he whispered between nibbling down her neck before sinking his teeth lightly into her as some of the fabric began to rip. His hands slid up her legs aching for her wetness, he needed her now and nothing else mattered to him in this moment, not even where they were.

She bucked up against him, her eyes wide and wild with passion. Shoving her hand up under his shirt, she began to push it upwards and over his head, her head lifting to catch a taste of his sweat, scent and skin. With a soft moan she latched onto a hard pebbled nipple and began to nibble.

“Jesus, Fuck” he spluttered as he felt her warm lips on his nipple. “You feel so good, you smell so good, god I bet you taste good too” he said as he left her, there was nothing smooth about his movements as he slid off her thong and discarded it on the floor, lifting her skirt up he and pressing his face into her heavenly bundle he breathed in. “Good god, I have missed you,” he said as he dove in with his tongue licking her slippery folds.

Soft sighs soon turned into full throated moans as his tongue flickered and swept along her lips then inside, followed by his long lethal fingers that managed to press and wiggle along her ever tightening inner walls. "Richieeeeeeeeee!" She sobbed as she reached out to hold onto his hair, her body totally at his tender mercies.

He continued licking her as his thumb to circled her clit softly. With each lick he tasted heaven, she tasted that good. He sped up his movements as he realized they would be reaching the hotel soon and he wanted her release before that. He found her bead and massaged it lightly, feeling her buck and her screams were driving him wild calling to his cock like a moth to a flame.

Her body began to shudder as he teased her clit. She wanted to beg, to tell him exactly what she wanted but was unable to frame the words in her mind as he pushed her into desperation with just the flick of his tongue.

As the limo began to slow Richie knew they were at the hotel, he hurried his movements, his tongue, his thumb all working in perfect motion to deliver the perfect orgasm. “Come on baby, cum for me, please cum” he whispered into her bundle of nerves.

She was lost, lost in the sensation of his lips and tongue, her mind centered only on what he was doing. It was indecent, randy, forbidden with a risk of being caught that somehow had her flowing even more than usual. As his soft whisper coaxed a response she tensed and cried out from the pure fury of her orgasm.

Richie felt her buck and her juices flowed, lapping them like a hungry wolf he sat her up and pulled her dress down dragging her to the seat as the limo stopped and the driver promptly opened the door. Richie slid from the limo and turned, his hand reaching out for her. So intent was he at getting her into her arms so that her ripped dress wouldn’t be viewed he missed the paparazzi standing to his left clicking away. As he pulled her into his arms he held her close to his chest and began to walk swiftly into the hotel calling out a fast “Thank you kind sir.” Neither Frankie or Richie remembered his tee-shirt or her thong laying entwined on the limo floor.

Richie carried her swiftly into the hotel and past reception and into a secluded lift.
“You reach into my pocket for my keycard darlin?” he asked, his smirk widening into a naughty grin.

She glanced up at him a devious glimmer in her blue gaze. Reaching into his pocket she slowly moved her hand around for the elusive keycard, her fingers managing to brush over his steel hardness in the process. Ever so slowly she pulled the card from his pocket and smiled. "Got it."

Richie shuddered at his touch, one part of him wanted to slam the emergency stop button on the lift and take her right her and right now. As they reached her floor he carried her quickly out into the hallway and to her room. “Swipe us in darlin” he said wiggling his eyebrows.

She reached over and swiped the card quickly through the slot, then reached and opened the door as a grin began to play on her lips. "Eager are we?"

Richie snorted “I should get a medal for not fucking you on that stage back at the venue darlin, you have NO idea” he said as he hastily took her inside and slammed the door behind them. He placed her on the bed and looked at her flushed form. “Nope don’t need this any more” he said as he ripped the rest of the lace right off her leaving her naked underneath.

Her gaze slowly traveled along his form, from face to bare chest then down along his long length, stopping a moment to lick her lips at the obvious bulge. "And yet you still have clothes on."

Chapter Twenty Three

CC soon walked out to see the reunion and smiled at her daughter back in the arms of her man and saw Jon standing there. "Hey you," she said as she snuck up behind him.

Jon turned around and swallowed hard. Goddamned she looked so fucking frail, yet there was an ethereal beauty to her that he couldn't deny. "Hello baby." He nodded over to Richie and Frankie, still onstage, still deeply involved in a marathon kiss. "I think we did a good thing."

"You did a good thing my love, she'll thank you in years to come, I’m sure they both will. Thanks again for doing this Jon" she said placing her arm on his.

David's brow arched. Well this was interesting. The woman looked vaguely familiar some how. Turning his gaze back to Richie he nearly choked. "Hey Jon!"

"What man?" he asked David as he put an arm around CC.

David pointed to the entire crew that had stopped to watch Richie and the girl. His blue eyes were just as transfixed at what was happening in front of them. Richie's hands had slid up under the girls dress and she was.. no she wasn’t.. yes she WAS literally moving like she was in the middle of sex. "Jon you might wanna go tell him to get a room man."

Jon pulled his attention from CC and turned towards Richie and Frankie his blue eyes wideing in shock. Hell he knew the those two had it bad, but this was plain ridiculous. As he started towards Richie, David turned to the woman. I KNOW I know you, but HOW do I know you gorgeous?"

CC smiled "David, David, how could you have forgotten me, who used to drive all you drunken boys home from those garage gigs back in '84 huh?" she teased

David's eyes grew wider. "CEECE?? Oh my god. Its been ages.. What brought you here?"

"A few things, that for one" she said pointing to the display about to be broken up by Jon. "That's my daughter, Jon's daughter" she finished softly.

David shook his head. Well well this was an interesting twist. Jon's daughter. .. Jon’s.. wait.. daughter?? and she was damned near fucking Sambora and Jon wasn't on a heart monitor?? his DAUGHTER?? David turned back to the display and started to laugh. "Well fuck me."

Jon tapped the shoulder, no response.. Shaking his head he pulled back and jabbed his guitarist’s shoulder HARD. "Dean..."

Richie’s attention was pulled away from the squirming woman whose lips were raining fire into his very being. "Huh? What Frank?" he asked dazed

Jon started to laugh, "Man where are you? "

Richie laughed as he finally lifted Cesca back down onto her feet, still keeping her firmly pressed against him. A small hint of red flushed into his cheeks. "Ah guess I forgot for a minute" he laughed.

Jon shook his head smiling. "It’s been suggested you get a room." He turned to Frankie and saw the dazed and brilliant expression in her eyes. "Hello Princess."

Frankie choked. "Ummm could ya not call me that? She blushed to the roots of her hair. I mean, well, that’s what he calls me and it just feels weird to hear it from you."

Jon chuckled, "Ok baby girl. I will NOT forget that one."

Frankie reached out and pulled Jon into a hug, before kissing his cheek. "I think I just forgave you for everything, but damn try to not need to pull out all the stops again. I hear our temper is a pretty even match.”

Jon’s laughter rang out over the stage. “Doubt I forget that either Frankie.”

"Well if you'll excuse us, I have been given a leave pass" he said as he clutched her hand. He tilted his head to CeeCee to say hi, and then swiftly dragged Frankie off the stage. "See you later boys," he chuckled

As Jon walked back up to CC he saw the gleam in David's eyes. "Well well well, Jonny boy. A daughter huh? One thatnot only looks just like you but acts just like you too. How'd you manage to keep THAT secret man?

Jon shook his head and stared at David. "Not now man, I got other things to do. " Taking CC's hand he began to walk along the hall. "Me and Ceece got some reacquainting to do."

Chapter Twenty Two

She stared out of the plane window as it taxied into the new airport and sighed. Of all the fucking planes they had to use to get here it just HAD to be this one. She fancied at times during the flight that she could actually smell Richie, so strong was his presence in the Jovi Jet.

Goddamned but the man owned a fucking jet. She glanced over at her mom and shook her head. She wouldn't have even come had it not been for the fact there was a doctor here.

As the plane settled they were escorted out and to a waiting limo, a very nice stretch limo. Well Jon went all out when arranging something as simple as a doctor's visit she supposed, but Mom was worth the comfort of the limo. Hell Mom was worth her discomfort of being on that jet.

As the limo pulled out the driver glanced back at the two women. "Ma'ams, sorry bout this, but I have an errand to run for Mr. Bongiovi before we head to the hotel, some paper work he requested I pick up at the venue. Hope you don’t mind that."

CC and Frankie shook their heads. What was a few minutes considering?

Thirty minutes later the limo pulled up to the venue and parked. "If you'll both accompany me you can wait where the air conditioning is. I was told the papers might take a few minutes to be processed. He led them through a door and down a hallway, before opening a door and settling them inside. "Hopefully Ma'ams it won’t be but a moment or two."

Frankie sighed and drummed her fingers on the arm rest of the couch. Shit the driver had been gone a fucking hour. Mom needed to rest and resting here was out of the question.

She glanced up as a knock sounded on the door. "Yes?"

A man stuck his head in and grinned bashfully. "You ladies the Benson ladies?" At Frankie’s nod he started talking. "Well your driver is stuck in the office, but he asked special if we'd let you watch the band that’s getting ready to play. Dunno if it’s your kind of music, but heck its gotta be better than sitting around here right?"

Frankie glanced over at her mom who waved her on with a "Go look if you want to honey, I'm just gonna rest here." Standing she moved over to the gentleman and gave him a friendly smile. "Sure might be fun. I’ve never really been backstage before."

The man led her down a hall and took a left, leading her to the left side of the stage. "Enjoy ma'am," he whispered as he walked off.

Richie sighed, another fuckin concert, just fuckin perfect, what was the point? He walked out on stage and the guitar tech gave him the guitar. His heart felt heavy with the void in his soul. God Sambora, you're such a sap, he shook his head. The sound check was about to begin so he had to be on his game, or Jon would get all pissy and start his “have you been drinking too much again” schtick. God he was sick of that speech already on this tour. Jon himself had been a tyrant as well thanks to the separation with Dot. All just good fuckin times, Richie thought to himself as he adjusted his sunglasses.

She stood and watched as technicians settled cables and equipment and shook her head. There was so much stuff to be done before a concert. She'd never have thought so much stuff went on. She jumped when a hand cupped her shoulder. Whirling around she came face to face with Jon and her jaw dropped.

"Hey sweetie," Jon smiled at the stunned girl. "Listen I've been a jerk and this is my way of making things up to you." He held up his hand, stalling the brewing storm about to break. "He didn’t call because he didn't have your number, I never gave it too him like the ass I am. But I’m gonna fix that right now."

Jon reached out and turned her around to face the stage and leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "He's been miserable without you honey."

Frankie looked up, her eyes widening as tears began to shine in the blue depths. He looked so damned sad, so unhappy. She took a step forward and stopped, her heart twisting at the achingly sad sounds pouring from the guitar in his hands. "Ohhh Prince...."

Richie strummed his guitar "Fuckin stupid piece of crap," he swore as it was so out of tune again, he stood and ran his hand through his hair, he turned about to yell at the guitar tech to bring him another guitar but he stopped dead in his tracks. This had to be a dream, she was here, she was really here. She looked every bit as beautiful as he remembered she did, her hair cascading over her shoulders, and her eyes that shone so true to him. The lacy dress she was wearing clung to that beautiful curvy figure of hers. He was speechless, fuckin speechless, even as his heart began to soar. "Princess?" His voice cracked as he felt his eyes mist up with tears.

Her smile broke through as she ran and launched herself into his arms, her lips pressing to his with an urgency that rose like the ocean at high tide. "Prince! Oh god, I've missed you!"

He grabbed her as she flung herself into his arms, and wrapped her insanely long legs around his waist. Holding her close to him he began to return her kiss with all the passion he’d held pent inside for weeks. "Oh god Cesca, its sooo fuckin good to see you, you have no idea," he said as he hugged her tight to his body, afraid she would disappear again.

Her kisses rained down upon his face, his neck and along his shoulder before returning to his lips. Her fingers slid into his hair as she pressed even closer, wanting to feel his heart against hers again. "I thought I'd never see you again."

He breathed in her scent, that sweet smell so familiar to his senses "I was such a fuckin idiot, I never got your number, can you ever forgive me Ces?" He continued to meet her kiss for kiss, as his hands ran through that heavenly hair.

She whimpered softly as his lips continued their assault on hers. "Always Richie, Always."

Jon watched and breathed a soft sigh of relief. The light in Richie's eyes when he saw Frankie was all he needed to set the demons to rest. They'd figure a way to break the news she was his daughter, then Richie's girl. They'd find a way somehow."

David sauntered up his eyes widening at the show on stage. "Hey Jon, why's Richie trying to swallow that girl whole?"

Jon glanced over at David and grinned, "I hear it's cuz Bongiovi’s are just that good man."

David blinked and turned back to the show, shit Richie was damn near dry humping the girl. "Say that again man?"

"Ya heard me the first time Joker." Jon laughed, "I'll explain in detail later dude.

Chapter Twenty One

She opened the door and walked in, exhaustion painting pallor to her normally tanned face. The day had been an unholy horror from start to finish. The students would NOT be still, the Xerox machine broke, and every other fucking song on the goddamned radio was Jovi, or so it seemed. She let her briefcase and books literally fall to the floor beside the door as she went into her room, fell face first into the bed and decided she was gonna stay there the entire weekend.

Wasn't a fucking reason to get up any hows. She wasn't dating, hell she'd been asked out repeatedly but she'd turned them all down. Once you've had the best, you damn sure don't wanna make do with second best, ever.

She sighed and rolled over to stare at the wall. It had only been three or four weeks since they got home but it felt like years, long dull painful boring years of not seeing his smile or feeling his touch. He hadn't called, but then she hadn't expected him too either. Vacation flings were what they were after all, transitory and temporary.

She closed her eyes, and pulled a pillow over her head to muffle the soft whimpers that would soon turn into tears. Mom didn't need to hear that, she had enough on her plate. Her misery was her own, so she had to pull it together, because right now Mom needed her smiles most of all.

CC watched Frankie come home, flash her a smile, say her day was busy then go to her room. She heard the sound of the thuds and guessed it to be her briefcase and books hitting the floor. She sighed, she wasn’t taking the separation from Richie well at all, in fact, she'd been miserable, but CC knew that she was trying to hide her disappointment, especially since he hadn’t called or tried to contact her.

CC knew that they had been busy as hell, rehearsing and now they were on tour so Richie's time would be pressed. Frankie had been so strong and so brave for her, but CC knew her daughter was hurting. Jon had called a couple of times to ask how they both were and made sure CC was ok. She had never bothered to ask what happened with his marriage but she could only assume that things were all off as she'd read in the papers that they had split.

He flipped his cell open and hit the speed dial for CC. Fuck it all he couldn't take much more shit today. Richie was roaming around looking like someone had cut his cock off entirely. He livened up during the shows but always headed right back to his room after. There were times he could swear he smelled alcohol on his breath, but he hadn't been able to catch him drinking yet.

Jon listened to the phone ring and cursed, "Fuck it babe answer."

CC watched her phone light up with Jon's number, she had to admit she was getting accustomed to his little calls.

"Hey you" she said as answered the phone.

Hey baby, How’s my favorite girl?" Jon smiled as her voice washed away the stress of his day. "How’s my second favorite girl too?"

CC laughed "I am fine sweetie, and Frankie is, well," Cee Cee looked at her closed door. "She's ok I guess, what about you? How’s life on the road?"

He sighed softly, "Its long its boring and its tiring as hell babe. Just like always." He closed his eyes as worry crept into his voice. "What do you mean she’s just ok you guess?"

"Oh but its what you do best Jon, and Frankie, well she is mending a broken heart and depressed as hell. She thinks she’s hiding it so well, but I know that she's missing Richie like crazy, but I expected that," she told him.

Jon winced. "She's actually missing him? I figured it would blow over for her."

"Not in the least, hell there’s been guys ringing here for her but she’s just not interested, I guess Richie must of moved on by now though right?" she asked.

Jon winced again and groaned. "Hell yeah he’s moved on, right into a morose sack of shit that sticks to his room night and day. I think he's drinking again too." Jon shook his head as he began to pace.

"But he hasn’t called her or tried to get into contact with her. I just figured he was over it," she said

"He doesn't have her number. He mentioned it once. Cursed for hours when he got home. He tried calling information. Do you KNOW how many Cecilia Bensons and Joanna Bensons live in the United States?? Well I do now." Jon managed a chuckle.

CC laughed, "I think our number is unlisted, but Jon, why didn’t you just give him my number?" CC asked confused

Jon winced before trying to respond. "Shit Ceece, I figured she was just playing and having a fling. Richie's a grown man, he'd get over it, I didn’t wanna Frankie having to deal with the insanity of this life if she weren’t serious. I guess I wanted to give her time to let it die. Ya know? So she could find a guy her age."

CC shook her head "Jon she doesn’t want a guy her age, didn’t you see them back there, they were inseparable. You and I both know that sort of love doesn’t die, well least for a long time," she quickly added not wanting to sound too obvious that she still was very much in love with him after all these years. "You idiot! She's been miserable for this long and you could have stopped it? Jon!!" Her voice was soft, but it carried a very firm scolding tone.

The guilt that had ate at him for weeks pounded into his skull, intensifying the headache he had before the call. "Yeah, your right, I’m a Fuck. And I gotta fix it. Ceece I didn’t wanna hurt our girl, I wanted the best for her. "He sighed softly into the phone, "and I guess if her best is my cracked Brother then so be it right?"

"It sounds like he's just as bad as she is, don't you want the fun loving Richie you know so well back? So, yes Jon you're an idiot. How do you propose that you fix this?" she asked.

He started to smile. "Well that's the initial reason I was calling. There's a doctor here, making some inroads into research on pain management for Cancer patients. He's agreed to see you. I was going to have you flown down here to see him, but now? I think you're just gonna have to fly down sooner and drag that daughter along."

His eyes began to glimmer as he plotted, "Then I'll handle getting her to the oh so morose one."

CC frowned "Jon you didn’t have to do that, I told you I can manage just fine on the morphine, you are very naughty for doing that..... " she winced a little, she couldn’t lie that even now the morphine was starting lose its ability to keep the pain at bay. "If it wasn’t for Frankie I wouldn’t agree to even come you know," she said teasingly knowing that he was only trying to help her.

Jon laughed, "Sure ya would babe, if just to thump me on the head. Be at the airport tomorrow at 2. I'll have a limo pick you up at the airport when you fly in. I'll handle it all, just get Frankie there ok?"

She chuckled "Yeah well there is that, and it would be good to see you again, well just incase," she paused. "You know?"

"I know baby, I know. See you tomorrow." Jon shut the phone and laid his head back. Tomorrow was gonna be something else.

Chapter Twenty

"Chicken Noodle Soup" he said proudly.

She couldn't help it, she started to laugh. "So its good for what ails you huh? "

"Very good, and for you today my princess its just what the doctor ordered" he said as he leaned over and kissed her before rolling her onto her back, bringing his mouth down her neck he grazed along her jugular with his teeth.

She whimpered softly as her hands wrapped around him to slowly brush along his spine. "Who is this doctor? I need to thank him."

He continued to kiss down her neck onto her chest, but stopped and looked up at her. "His name is Dr Magic Fingers" he said as he wiggled his fingers before letting them roam down her body.

She groaned and arched against him, wanting to be one with him, wanting to sink so far inside of him she'd never find a way out.

He ran his fingers all the way down her body and down her slender legs, his fingers dancing across her velvety skin and up to her apex, but he just let his fingers trail loosely across the outside of her mound as he reached her nipples with his lips and kissed her pink rosy nub ever so gently and then sucked lightly on it swirling his tongue around it.

She groaned softly, her nails starting to graze along his back. "Baby, please...."

He shivered as he felt her nails graze his back but contently he moved to the other nipple paying it equal attention as he licked and kissed it. Finally leaving them he inched down to her thighs where he was face to face with his heaven, his gate to paradise as he slipped his tongue across her aching folds.

She shuddered at the first hint of his tongue, her hips flexing as his hands slid under her to open her wider. "Jesus Richie!"

Flicking and teasing her moved inside her and slow strong strokes engulfed her as he slipped one finger then another in and began to slowly pump her.

Shivers raced along her skin as his touch began to build the banked flames of desire. Slender fingers twisted into the sheets as her head arched back a warbling moan falling from her lush lips. "With just a flick of his tongue she sighed, the twist of his fingers had her moaning, the combination of both had her at fever pitch and ready to scream.

"Sweet jesus you taste like honey princess" as he lapped up her juices like it was what he needed to live, hell it was. He continued to pump, lick, tease every bit of her that he could making sure no part of her was untouched by his lips or fingers, he wanted to breathe in every part of her scent, hell he wanted to bottle her and take her home if he could.

She gasped until her breaths were hitching in her throat, her inner walls clenching against his fingers as she free fell into the flames. "ohhh god.. please.. please.. " She was lost in the sensation, time and place ceased to exist, and when he reached to lift her legs onto his shoulders she screamed. His tongue teased her with the memory of how he cock would feel, and she wanted every bit of that and more.

Richie licked harder and could feel her walls clenching around his fingers so he kept going, licking her and sucking her for everything that she was worth. He wanted to make her cum for him now.

"Cum for me baby," he whispered.

Her system went on overload and shut down. There was no control, no thought, just him and his touch. As she arched upwards she clinched, her entire body tightening as a scream ripped from her throat. She began to sob as the orgasm blistered through her, leaving her shaken and hungry for more.

Opening her eyes she glanced down, and cried out softly as he rubbed his nose lightly over the bundle of nerves there.

He crawled back up to her kissing along his path. Meeting her in a blinding kiss he pinned her to the bed with his hands on each of hers, his desire for this woman was raging out of the stratosphere. "I need you so much princess, I really do" he panted as he parted her legs with his knee and took his position slipping into her he felt at home as he filled her once again.

Her legs slipped up to wrap tightly around his waist as he began to pump into her depths, her hands sliding up to tangle into his hair. A softly hissed yes filtered from her lips as she gave herself up to him body and soul.

"Cesca, god Ces........" he pumped her harder pistoning his hips in full swing into her. "God, I love ya baby, I love you so much" he shouted as he continued to drive into her.

She met him thrust for thrust, her legs quivering as tears streamed from glazed eyes. "I love you.. my Prince.. "

"God" he grunted as he clenched his ass and gave her everything he was worth, everything he had was now hers now and forever as he doubted any other woman would make him feel like this every again. "Cessssss" he cried as he spilled into her.

She tightened around him and felt his orgasm blend into hers. "Richieeee..." She held tightly too him even when it was over, she didn’t want him moving, didn't want to break the connection. She never wanted it to end.

He rode out the waves of pleasure with her until they were both spent. He rolled back on his side taking her with him. "Oh God, baby girl, my sweet Ces," he murmured as he stroked her sweaty forehead and brushed back the curls from her face.

She curled up on top of him hanging on to him for all she was worth. She knew it was just a vacation thing, it had to be, he'd not mentioned the future at all. She was going to have to straighten herself out and give him a casual good bye, and let him know things were ok. She knew that, she just wasn't sure how.

Richie sighed, how did he tell her that he wanted more of her, and how would he even make it work? They lived so far away from each other as well which made it worse. Would what they had even survive in the real world? So many questions plagued his mind. But he knew one thing, and that was he loved her and didn’t want to let her go.

Chapter Nineteen

She'd been gone nearly a week and he was pretty damn sure when he got back home she wouldn't be there, or at the worst would have changed all the codes. She hadn't taken any of it well. Knowing he had cheated all along their marriage was one thing, but being confronted with a child of his that SHE hadn't borne to him had been a final straw.

His gaze turned outwards to the sunset that was painting the ocean in hues of fire and gold and sighed. She didn't wanna get that Frankie was conceived during one of those off times in their relationship, nor would she get why Jon wanted to stay, or maybe she did. He pulled no punches about explaining his feelings about losing CC.

He thought he'd done a good job at explaining CC's illness, her need for Frankie to have a family when she was gone, but Dot was having none of it. She'd finally thrown the ultimatum of come home or else. He'd chosen the or else, he HAD too, he couldn’t abandon a kid of his, even an adult one.

Honestly it was a cluster-fuck that even his talent and charisma couldn’t get him out of. HE could only pray that maybe one day Dot would understand.


CC sat there watching the ocean spiraling onto the shore, the time had nearly come to an end and it was time to go back home and face the real world. She'd had a great holiday with Frankie and it was just time to let her be a young woman again and not have to worry about doctors and medicines and jobs and things, so the purpose of it was fulfilled as well as spending some time with her alone when she hadn't been tied up with Richie. She smiled at how besotted they were and she was glad that Frankie had someone to take her mind off things.

Her thoughts traveled to Jon and why had he stayed behind when Dorothea had left the island, he'd stayed with them and been around them in the last few days, she hadn't bothered to ask how it went as she assumed not so good. She also panicked that he may have given up everything for her as that was unrealistic in her state. Ah yes her illness, she was growing weaker by the day but she was covering up well to those around her so that they could worry about their own things. She knew time was running out but she took in the good grace that her daughter now at least knew her father and that she had someone else she could lean on, in Richie.


She sighed softly and turned over, her sleepy gaze taking in the warm body next to her. She reached over to trace his nose along his cheek to his lips. He was so wonderful, had treated her like a princess. The entire vacation had become one long moment of laughter and love. She hated for it to end.

She knew the day was upon her, that she had to go back to reality, back home to a job and bills and doctor's visits. How was he gonna fit into all of that with his life of traveling and his tour that was gearing up in the next few weeks?

God she didn't want to lose him, but how the hell was she gonna hang on to him with all of that? She closed her eyes and forced back the tears. Snuggling tighter into his warmth her eyes closed as she tried to push the thoughts of the future away. There was no future without him, but from where she stood she feared that's all she was gonna have, a future without. Sighing softly she dozed back off and prayed the clock would stop and that they could remain this way forever.


Well fuck, where did the last week go? Richie wondered to himself as he lay there with Cesca tightly against his chest. He didn't want to let her go back to the life that she had come from, he knew that the next few weeks would be hard for her, and CC didn't have that much longer to live. He hated to think of her all the way over in California alone without him to be there for her. They had a sold out tour coming up in a few weeks so things would be hard but he swore to himself that he would try to keep in touch and see her and fly her anywhere.

He glanced down at her feeling heartsick. She was amazing, she had injected life into him that he thought he'd lost forever through his divorce and Father's death, she was insatiable, sexy, funny, vibrant, caring, feisty and hot blooded. She had done what no other woman had for him ever in that complete package; the age thing just didn't seem to matter to them. His heart already felt the void that she would leave once they got on separate planes home and he didn't want to come at all.

He glanced at the clock knowing that they just had today, tonight and that was it, but he was determined to make sure that it was the best night of her life he could give her.

"Princess?" he softly said stirring her and placing a kiss on her ever soft supple lips.

Her eyes fluttered open slowly as she put a smile on her lips. "Morning Richie."

Her head tilted as she took in that face she'd come to love. Sighing softly she reached up again to trace his lips, "I guess today's it huh?" She tried to hide the shadows of sadness wanting to scream as she smiled and continued her feather light brushes along his skin.

He smiled down at her taking in her gorgeous blue eyes he'd come to lose himself in so often in the last week. "Why so sad baby?" he asked as he pressed his lips to her fingers.

She shook her head and tried to play it off, "I woke up and you were still asleep."

"You should have woke me? is there anything I can do to put a smile on that beautiful face of yours?" he asked tracing his finger down her cheek.

She shook her head, "No.. not really... I'm ok honey really." She sighed, "I mean you cant make it yesterday, you cant rewind time.. Today is .. well today.. and we go home tomorrow. Things are over ya know? Its back to ...." her voice faded off as she buried her head into his neck.

Richie sighed "I know I cant change that baby, but I betcha I have one thing that might make things better?" he said with a small mischievous grin.

"What's that Rich?" She tried to keep her voice from cracking, tried to keep it nice and easy, even called him by his name instead of Prince. All things to force her to relate to the present as it now was.

He stroked "You know when I was a little boy and I had bad times, you know what always cheered me up?" he asked her innocently.

She shook her head slightly then looked up at him again. "No, what?"

"Well mom always used to tell me that the best thing was to beat the blues......." he trailed off and smiled again his brown eyes dancing.

Chapter Eighteen

She smiled at his genuine concern "I am good Jon, what about you? You ok?" she asked as she looked over at Frankie and Richie whispering about something. Jon followed her gaze.

"Yeah, fuck I guess so" Jon said still tone of uncertainty but he tried to hide it.

"At least you're trying right, that’s the main thing, come on then" she said as she hooked her arm through his as they started to follow Frankie and Richie.



Her hand slipped to ride his hips as they walked amongst the people. "So tell me Prince, what is that devious mind of yours plotting that I have to deal with HIM?"

Richie chuckled "Now what would make you think that I had a ploy to oh I don't know get you alone for a few minutes" Richie nodded in the direction of the ride that had just come into view. The tunnel of love was a small boat ride through a darkened twisting cave with soft romantic music playing.

"Smart man." Frankie began to grin as she lightly pinched his ass. "Lets ditch the parental units."

Richie looked behind him but noticed that CC and Jon were too busy talking so they slipped into the queue.

Frankie turned around to watch her mom a moment as they waited in line. She frowned slightly as she watched an older woman walk up and start talking rather fast and seemingly furious at Jon. "Hey Prince baby??"

"Yes my little princess?" Richie asked brushing her hair back from her face.

"Whose that lady talking to Mom and Jon? Do you know her?"

Richie turned around and felt his heart pick up the pace. "Ah that's Dorothea, Jon's wife" Richie said

"She's not looking too happy." Frankie frowned a moment as the conversation seemed to heat up. "I better get over there. Don't want mom getting upset."

"Ok, I will come along too Princess" Richie said, and if she was right Richie had guessed that Dorothea was wondering what the hell was going on and why her husband was here with another woman.

Frankie walked back quickly, taking in her mom's suddenly pale features. "Ok what the fuck is going on here?" Crystal blue eyes blazed as she turned to Jon, "Wanna explain that one.. Dad?" Her tone was sarcastic, the word aimed just so to hurt.

Dot's eyes arrowed at Jon, "What the fuck did she just call you?"

Jon cringed, this was soo not how he saw this turning out. Dot was furious and rightly so, he should have told her from the get go what was happening but words had alluded him.

"Ah baby, its a long story, but it seems I have a daughter, Frankie, she's twenty four" Jon said trying to read Dot's eyes but all he was getting was fire and anger.

"I was meant to tell you, hell I was going to explain this all tonight, I just didn’t have the words" he said

"Your fucking kidding me Jon. To be sure you can come up with a better excuse for a vacation fling than that." Dot's eyes blazed with fury. How dare he?

Jon saw the fire in her eyes and knew he was in deep shit. "A vacation fling? This is not a vacation fling Dot, I just was trying to find out who my daughter was and it got complicated, she's dating Richie, but that was before I found out that she was my daughter" he tried to explain.

Dot's gaze centered on the young woman whose arm was firmly wrapped around Richie's waist. She took in each inch of her and could swear she was looking at Jon from twenty five years ago, and dating Richie? If she was Jon's daughter she'd lay money on Jon having shit fits over that one.

Turning back to Jon she spat out, "Hotel, NOW," Before turning to stalk away.

Frankie started to laugh, "Ohh god, polite much huh?"

Richie tried to control his snort but he couldn't "Cesca" he said quietly as he watched his best friend watch in horror as his wife walked away from him.

Jon turned around looking sheepish, "Fuck, well I better go, I will catch up with you later on" he said as he turned to CC. "So sorry you had to see all that, it's all my fault for not telling her sooner" he said to her.

Frankie glanced up and shrugged, "What? She was fucking rude." She glanced at Jon, "Sorry bout that."

Jon shook his head "It's ok she has every right to be" Jon said quietly knowing that what awaited him was going to be worse than any argument that they had ever had before.

Frankie reached out to tap his shoulder, "If its worth anything at all, I hope it goes ok for you. And thanks for trying to be understanding."

Jon smiled warmly "No problem, and thanks we soon shall see, catch you later" he said about to leave but CC stood forward.

"If you need anything, or somewhere to get out later, just call around ok?" she asked

Jon smiled and nodded "Sure thing, thanks Ceecee," he said as he took a deep breath and walked off into the fire.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Chapter Seventeen

The next few hours were spent in enjoyable companionship as the threesome roamed the park. No ride was left unridden as masculine snorts and female screams joined in with all the others around. It was a perfect time, from the smell of food wafting on the beach air to the sounds of tinny ride music set to tease and thrill.

CC and Frankie's laughter rang out often as Richie tried repeatedly to win them some stuffed animal or another from the myriad of games littering the boardwalk and park. After supporting the next game masters youngest child's college education he threw up his arms and growled out a loud, "Im a fuckin’ guitarist, not baseball player."

Frankie started to titter, then laugh at his infuriated look. "Aww Prince you know the games are rigged right?"

He sighed "I know but I wanted to win you something pretty darlin" he chuckled pulling her in for a kiss.

"Anyone want some drinks or cotton candy? My treat, "he said

Frankie grinned, "something cool to drink for me. Mom?"

"Same here, root beer will be fine Richie" she said watching him saunter off.


She wandered the park deep in thought. Jon had been so scarce lately. Something was bothering him and she knew it, but what? Whenever she asked him about it he just shrugged and said Richie was having a rough time.

She rolled her eyes at the thought. He'd been Jon's best friend since the early 80's had known him as long as he knew her. Sambora was the damned devil that kept luring her husband off into God knows what on a regular occurrence, but this was supposed to be their little get away, and then suddenly Richie was invited. Jon had promised it wouldn't interfere, but damned if it wasn't.

She glanced up and sighed. That's where he was right now, off with Richie somewhere, some new writing spree he had claimed. As she turned to head back to the hotel she caught wind of a tall dark headed figure. Richie? What the hell was HE doing here?

She watched as he walked over to two women and handed them a drink, watched as he laid a rather heated kiss on the younger one. The YOUNGER one?? She shook her head. Typical, 49 acting like 25 as usual.

Her brow furrowed as she noticed someone walk up to the threesome, another man in a baseball cap and large sunglasses. A frown marred her handsome face as she recognized exactly who it was. JON!
She trailed behind them, her dark gaze centered on her husband. What the fuck? Was he cheating on her AGAIN? She thought they'd resolve those issues.

A soft growl hummed in her throat as the urge to use every little black belt secret she had rose up inside of her. Goddamned man acting like she wasn't even on the island.


He had followed them around like some second rate private detective for days, just watching how she related to him and how he treated her. The more he watched the more his belly coiled with worry. This wasn't some little fling, Not on his daughters part, and certainly not on his friends part. Richie was besotted, there were no if ands or buts about it.

Sighing softly he decided to shove his fear down and start making the best of things. As he sauntered up he began to smile and gave a shout out. "Helloooo!"

Richie turned around surprised to see Jon there. "Hey Kidd" he said quietly "Good to see you man"

CC smiled "Hi Jon" she said as she was secretly pleased to see him again and hoped he was here to not ruffle feathers.

Frankie's brow arched slightly as she moved closer to Richie and wrapped a slender arm around his waist. "Fancy meeting you here Jon."

"What brings you down here Kidd?" Richie asked

Jon glanced up at his friend and managed a smile. "Crow brought me here."

Richie looked confused "Crow?" he asked

Jon nodded and sighed, "It's time to eat a little crow and apologize. Man, things were just too weird that day; I didn't handle it all that well. Shoulda trusted ya Bro." The apology was in his gaze, in his stance, he knew he didn't need to put the words out there, unless they were requested.

Richie smiled "I should be the one that’s apologizing Kidd, I know that in a normal circumstance this wouldn’t have happened and I maybe should have had more self control but now I am in way too deep man" Richie looked at the ground, usually he had no worries telling Jon that he was head over heels with another woman but this time it was different so he left it at that.

Jon's gaze moved from his friend to his daughter and back again. "In deep how man?" His brain derailed right into trouble of the pregnant kind as he took a deep breath and pushed the thoughts back. "Wanna explain that one?"

Richie shifted uneasily noticing that Cesca was out of earshot talking to her mother about something. "I mean as dumb as it sounds and you know me, I have fallen for her, man, really hard" he said quietly.

Jon snorted softly, "Fucking figures." He punched Richie in the arm and started to laugh. "Had to find the female version of me to make life complete or what?"

Richie laughed at his friends irony "I know man, sometimes I fuckin hate you and now look at me, I’m dating you" he started to roar with laughter.

Frankie's gaze flickered over to Jon and Richie her brow arching when Richie's laugh began to roar. She glanced at her mom a moment and shook her head before turning to move to the men. "Safe to come back now I guess?"

Richie smiled at her warmly "Yeah it is, Jo- your Dad and I here were just sorting some things out" Richie said

A suspicious glimmer began to shine in her eyes. "Oh really now?" She turned to Jon, "what the hell did you say this time?"

"Hey he was just apologizing Cesca, that's all, we're good" Richie said rubbing her back gently. "He wants to tag along for a bit if you don't mind" Richie lowered his voice "Maybe he can keep your mother occupied while we do other things" Richie whispered

Her brow flicked upwards as she studied the men in front of her. Well this was interesting, he'd apologized so he was gonna be ok with things?? Why did she doubt that? She tilted her head as her blue eyes lazered straight at Jon. "So you're gonna shut up about who I date huh?"

Jon nodded not a hundred percent sure but he had to try "Yes Frankie, I will" he simply said. "Now where are you all headed?" he asked looking over at CC.

Frankie started to laugh, "Well we were about to see if the fucking guitarist could become a baseball player."

"Well then, this I have to see then," Jon snorted softly as he walked over to CC. "How are you feeling?" he asked

Chapter Sixteen

"MOM!! COME ON!! He'll be here before you know it." Frankie darted into the bedroom and into the shower quickly washing the beach from her skin. She stepped out and spritzed her after bath spray over her skin before moving to the closet. Now what to wear to make Richie nuts? She stood there a moment, indecision coloring her blue eyes until she begin to grin. THAT would do just perfectly for a day exploring the seaside amusement park.

Quickly dressing she ran a brush through her hair and cursed the unruly waves before shrugging. He liked those any ways, kept wrapping her hair around his fingers at the oddest times. Slipping her sandles on, she raced to the living room to still not see her mother. "MOMMMMMM!"

CC sat there as she strapped her sandal on, she was looking forward to a day out and away from things, and Frankie seemed so excited to have Richie coming along with them. She’d spent a lot of time with Richie over the last couple of days as he’d stayed firmly beside Frankie most of the time. It was like watching puppy love. She smiled as it reminded her a lot of how her and Jon used to be back them, always laughing and not getting enough of each other, whether they stole glances or soft touches when they thought that no one was looking.

She also knew Richie was well aware of the age difference to her as a mother; he’d always respected and asked so often if things were ok for him to stay and eat and help himself to their food, which he ended up replenishing so often and buying them luxurious take outs.

She smiled as she remembered Richie and her own talk bout the cancer, he’d confessed and laid all his anguish out as he told her about losing his father to the disease and he understood so much now, more than ever life was so precious.
Convinced that he really did care for their daughter she had given him her official blessing to be with her but warned him that if he hurt her Jon would come looking for his blood.

She hadn’t seen Jon since that day he was in her bedroom but had to assume that he was busy with his own family, which was only right, he had said he’d give Frankie a few days before coming to see her again, and time for him to gain a calm head on all things.

She picked up the bag she had packed and walked into the living area. “I’m here, don’t bust a gasket dearest daughter” she teased seeing her excitement so obvious through her bright blue eyes.

Frankie twisted around and laughed softly, "That obvious huh? Well, dammit Mom, I can't help it.. I want you to like him, well I mean cuz of him now not some memory. I want you to approve, see that what the papers were writing the last few days aren't true." She shook her head slightly, "I don't want you to worry cuz of well things." She didn’t add things like a stubbornly anal new daddy figure or age or all the other things Jon kept slipping into the conversations when he was around.

“You know I like him hun, he’s very sweet, its not me that needs to be convinced” she paused but continued “And as for the papers, don’t worry about that, Richie already told me he’s dealt with that crap for years after his divorce etc. You know what’s the truth and so do I and that’s all that matters.” She eyed her daughter up and down.

“Frankie, Jesus girl,” she laughed.

Frankie's brow arched slightly as she turned around, "Yes Mom?"

“You trying to send the man to an early grave?” she chuckled

Frankie began to grin, "Ahh the reaction and the look on his face will be worth it Mom." She giggled as she looked out the window again. "The later will be too."

CC shook her head. Like mother like daughter she thought to herself. Her mind briefly wandered to Jon again, wondering what he had been doing these past days. She often wondered if she regretted putting a stop to their interlude but she knew it was the right thing to do. A girlish squeal interrupted her thoughts as Frankie must have seen Richie arrive.

Richie strode up to the villa looking forward to a good day out. It had been a nice few days alone with Frankie and CC, he'd taken the time to get to know his love interest's mother and found she was such a strong woman still filled with the joys of life, even in her situation. The more Richie knew her the more he knew that Jon and her would have been perfect as life partners. Jon. He'd been around to make his presence known when CC hadn’t been, more or less his silent way of saying I am watching you. The two men hadn’t resolved their words, sticking with polite pleasantries, which killed Richie. Jon was his best friend and always had been and it killed him not being able to share one of the best things that was happening to him in life.

As Richie approached the villa he sighed remembering the youthful explosion of love and lust that he had now firmly under his skin, Cesca, his princess. She was insatiable, she was insane, she was just perfect. He knocked on the door.

Frankie quickly moved to the door, pulled it open and fairly hopped up into Richie's arms before plastering her lips to his in a heated kiss. "Fuck it’s been so long Prince!"

He chuckled "Yes those two hours just dragged on by," he said as he met her in a slow kiss. "Hey CC" he said throwing her a wink.

"Hey Rich, come on in hun" CC said

Frankie slid from his arms and turned while grabbing his hand to walk into the living room. "So what’s the plan Dark Prince? What new thing have you found for us to do?" She glanced back over her shoulder and winked, "That a parent can attend that is."

Richie took in her as she walked away from him taking him inside God damned what she was doing to him! Holy mother of all things, slender long legs in short tight leather purple shorts complimented with a purple lacy top that hugged every curve of her womanly body.

“God you look……….” Richie knew what he wanted to say but because her mother was in the room he refrained.

“I thought we’d go down to the seaside fun park, could be fun” he said winking at the ladies.

Frankie turned and grinned, "God I haven’t been to a place like that in ages. It should be fun."

Richie grinned "Hell yeah I haven’t been on a good ride in ohh about three hours" he grinned out of ear shot from CC.

Frankie moved in closer and pressed her body tight to his "and I'm sure we'll see plenty of rides right Prince?"

CC shook her head and took her best mom tone "Now now you kids, you can wait till later for that sort of behaviour or I will enforce a one foot rule" she winked

Frankie turned to look at her mom wide-eyed as she pressed her hips against Richie. "Mommmmm!"

She laughed "Have some sympathy for your poor ol mom here" she teased

Frankie reluctantly took a step forward, never releasing Richie's hand. "Damn pull that one on me why dontcha." Her eyes sparkled as she winked at her mother. "Can you blame me?? I mean LOOK at him."

CC laughed at her daughters insistent manner "Just be thankful he's not my type or I'd steal him" she said with a grin

Richie just snorted. "Hey I feel like a piece of meat here ladies" he pouted.

Frankie begin to grin, as she turned and let her gaze roam along his body slowly. "Ahh prime grade A Beef too. Tasty, succulent, and ...." her voice trailed off a moment, "Ranks right up there with Campbell’s Chicken Noodle."

Richie burst out laughing and CC just shook her head "I don’t want to know, and lets get out of here" she said taking the lead.

Richie hung back and whispered into her ear "You are so bad princess.".

Frankie laughed and winked his way, "And you so love it too."

He spanked her backside lightly "That I do" he said as he led her outside.

She gasped slightly as his palm connected to her ass and enjoyed the frission of desire it created.

Chapter Fifteen

He pulled her in tight and fit her lips onto hers securely. When her lips parted allowing his tongue access and her sweet flavor burst onto his tongue he groaned aloud. His hands slowly roamed lower to cup her ass as the kiss intensified. The taste and feel of her sent his mind soaring. Even after twenty four years she still set fire to his body with a simple kiss.

Her hands roamed into his now short brown cropped hair pushing it back from his forehead. Stroking his chest softly with her palm she entwined her finger in the little bit of fur that was peeking out the top of his shirt. She softly gasped as his hands hit her ass. “Jon,” she murmured between kisses. This feeling felt like coming home.

"I wish you still had the long hair" she whispered with a grin.

He chuckled softly, "You and about a million other women." His lips grazed over her cheek, along her neck before nibbling at her shoulder. "It's just hair babe."

“Yeah but all those other woman never got to do this” she moaned as she felt her hands slide down his still perfectly refined back and settling on his ass. She chuckled.
“Yip still got it” she teased.

His brow arched as he did a slow swivel up against her. "Still got what babe?"

“Those buns of steel you had all those years ago” she said patting them as her hands left them and slid onto his hips. “You still taste so good”

He wanted her, wanted her as much now as he did then, and the need was driving him to the point of no return. He captured her lips again, his tongue sliding against hers teasingly as his hands slowly slid the straps of her simple tank from her shoulders. "God Ceece, so sweet."

CC had given no thought to rhyme or reason why she was doing this now, he was married and she could only assume happily, and had four kids, but here she was as if nothing had changed. Her hands slipped to his shirt and began undoing the buttons. Slipping her slender fingers across the fur there she smiled, it felt just the same now as it had then, all soft and crinkly and warm. Bongiovi fur, it had always made her whimper.

He slipped his arms under her knees and back, scooping her up into a tight hold. Turning he began to walk to the bedroom he knew as hers, trying to not stare dagger into the now silent room beyond the other bedroom door. He nodded down at the knob, his eyes centering on hers. He wanted her now, he'd deal with all the rest later.

As Jon carried her to the bedroom she buried herself into his chest, god it felt so good to be in another man’s arms again, especially his. Her worries from the last year or so had melted away and all the questions that plagued her mind did as well, about Jon and his motives for doing this, all that mattered was them, here and now. His blue eyes warm and heavy with desire as he carried her to the bed were about to be her undoing.

He laid her on the bed gently, his eyes blazing to a smoky blue as he took in her reclining form. She was thinner than she used to be, but it seemed to add a certain something to her, the hollows of her shoulders beckoned to him. Stepping back he stripped his jacket and shirt off before crawling onto teh bed and over her.

Dipping down his lips began the trek from lip to collar bone to the pulse point in her neck, as soft rumbling growls fell from his lips. "I Missed this baby, I really did."

Her eyes watching him recline over her she shuddered, his now bare torso exposed to her and still in perfect form as it was all those years ago, her eyes closed as his warm heat from his lips hit her shoulders and traveled up to her neck and took in the sensation of those soft lips laying sugar down on her. “Jon baby, so have I… so have I” she murmured as she began to slip away into a pleasure enthralled coma.

He reared back into a kneeling position and watched the flush that crept into her skin, a wicked smirk shining in his eyes. There was no today or tomorrow, no worries outside of this room. It was if the had rose up and taken over. Reaching forward his hands slipped the skirt from her hips, his hands slowly trailing up along each calf and inner thigh with the lightest brushes of his fingertips.

Sliding his hands underneath her hips he lifted her slightly, opening the gates of heaven to his view before nuzzling in and getting the first scent of her. Brushing his cheek over her thigh slowly his tongue flickered out the trace along her outer lips, the taste of her rocketing through him like blue fire. "Fuckkk Ceece..."

“Jon!” she whimpered as she felt his tongue hit her flicking across her tenderness. The familiar feeling of him at her very core sent shock waves pulsating down her spine as she remembered the times in the back of the broken down Chevy, the times behind the diner, the times anywhere they could just be alone to be like this. Her soul ached for her to be taken back there with every stroke of his tongue. “Please Jon, baby……..” she gasped as the feelings were driving her senseless.

His lips wrapped around her bundle of nerves as two fingers slid deep and began to wiggle slowly before scissoring inside of her. Suckling gently he started to pump in and out slowly, her taste driving him to the brink of forgetfulness as the memories overrode every other thought, the nights on the beach, the picnic that ended with her slender form shiny and wet with the rain that fell.

He groaned as his cock pulsed from the pleasure of her taste as his fingers continued their teasing assault. "God Ceece baby, your so wet and tight, so beautiful...."

As Jon’s fingers protruded into her, her body welcomed his slow movements.
“God Jon…. Pleassssssssseeeeeee” she groaned, her brain buzzing with the overwhelming waves of pleasure he was washing over him, always so experienced and pleasing Jon, he hadn’t changed from then till now, all these years he must of – Shit, Dorothea! She jolted up on the bed which forced his fingers out of her.

“Jon, shit, no we can’t do this” she stuttered realizing exactly now what they were doing. The passion faded away leaving her mind to calculate exactly what they were about to do.

He shook his head, reason returning. "Fuck, Ceece, I'm so sorry baby. I just...." There was no explanation, no reason good enough to allow for what he'd just done. "It's just that, fuck, .." He sighed softly and moved to sit on the side of the bed, his head dropping into his hands. "I really am an Asshole."

CC scrambled to reclothe herself and sat next to Jon on the edge of the bed.
“Hey its ok, I understand, we just got caught up in the moment and the past, how many people don’t want to revisit the past every once and awhile” she said as she put an arm across his shoulder.

“You’re no asshole, you’ve had a lot to deal with in the last twenty four hours Jon, its natural your brain wasn’t thinking, I should have stopped you right from the beginning but forgive me for almost wanting to see what I missed out on” she sighed.

“And Jon, maybe it’s a good thing as I know once I had you again, it would be so hard to give you back up” she said softly rubbing his shoulder.

He shook his head, "Still no excuse, you arent a toy to pick up at whim."

“Its ok I know that’s not how you think of me Jonny” she said stroking his head.

He sighed and pushed his mind back into what he should be worried about, "Ceece what am I gonna do?"

“You mean about Frankie and Richie?” she asked quietly. “Maybe you just have to put that big pride of yours away for a little bit and just see how things go, I don’t know how serious it is, but you don’t know that it wont be all over when we leave here, and just a summer fling, but knowing my daughter and the way she looks at Richie, I have never seen her look at a man like that, ever” she said.

He groaned as his eyes moved up to her gentle gaze. "Shit, I know and Richie deserves to be happy.. now above all else, its just.. dammit.. I wanna protect her."

She chuckled and took his hand in hers. “You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t want to do that. But Jon, sometimes they have to learn these things for themselves. The worst thing that can happen is she will get her heart broken, and you can’t stop that in any way, as it’s only hers to give to someone. You just have to be there for her if that time comes, and try and ignore that part of it, as hard as I know it is for you that its Richie, but just try and get to know her. I need you to do that as I just don’t want to leave” she stopped. “You know”

He turned and wrapped his arms around her, "I Know Ceece, and I'll try, God knows I will. But dammit I know what a force of nature Sambora is. " He shivered slightly and swallowed hard. "The fucking mental pictures are gonna kill me."

She breathed him in as he embraced her just enjoying his warm body one more time.
“Well now you have the sounds to go with that picture” she cringed chuckling.

Jon fell back on the bed his laughter stifled by a groan. "CEECEE!"

Chapter Fourteen

"God yes, GOD FUCK FUCK yesss," he screamed, Richie reached over and took the pillow and pulled her hips up placing the pillow underneath tilting her that little bit more so he could reach even deeper inside her. He grabbed her hands and kissed them before pinning them above her head. Leaning over her, sweat dripping from his forehead falling onto her ravaged body below be began to drive her home. Thrusting, panting and growling all the way to the bank.

A sharp wild scream left her lips in a whoosh of fire as her head lolled side to side. "Yesssss Prince, yesss. Please baby, Fuck me.. god yes.. " She didn't exist anymore, she was lost inside the exquisite pleasure he was meting out with each thrust, her body was no longer hers, but his, inexorably as the connection they had formed earlier now coalesced into a raging intense bond of want and need.

Jon's eyes shot to the bedroom door as the obvious thumping began. His lips tightened as the thumping turned to intense screams in both male and female voice. A shiver raced over his skin as the sounds called to him, in a ages old dance of need and want. "Goddammit."

He tried to look away, tried to concentrate, but the sounds of obvious sex were washing over him as Richie drove the female into some mindless realm of pleasure. Wait, fuck.. not some female. HIS DAUGHTER! "God fucking DAMMIT!"

His eyes shot to CC's, his pained blue gaze taking in her beautiful face. "This is fucking insane."

CC shook her head as the sounds grew louder accompanied by the thudding of what she could only assume was the headboard against the wall.

"Oh dear" she managed to say, she couldn’t help but crack a smile at the sheer horror that was on Jon's face.

He stood and started to pace as his eyes kept slipping to the door. God he hadn't heard Richie that energetic since the fucking 90's, before Heather even. He groaned softly as the sounds kept washing over him as he felt his pants tighten.

Shifting uncomfortably he glanced back at CC. "This is fuckin' unreal babe."

CC nodded and then chuckled "They kind of remind me of a pair of young folk I used to know" she said winked. She had to admit hearing Richie's groans and cries were starting to stirr feelings in her she had banished long ago with her illness.

Jon moved to stand in front of her, his eyes sparking with memory. "Yeah we did break a few headboards didn't we?" His gaze shifted to the door as another loud scream was followed by more rapid thumping. "He's gonna be sorry in the morning, the old fucker ain’t gonna be able to move. Damn."

Jon started to laugh, it was too much, Richie was acting like a kid again and here he was being pissy about it. "She's something else isn't she?" He grinned for the first time as the sounds and sensations from the other room washed over him and had him hauling his CC from the couch. His arms wrapped around her as his nose slid into her every fragrant hair. Damn she smelled the same as she did all those years ago. "Damn but you still smell like sweet surrender Ceece." Before he knew it his lips were pressing to hers, as he finally tasted again that one thing that could always wipe away all his worries. "Ohhh Ceece."

CC breathed in his sweet spicy scent that was still the same after all these years. It was still the same Jon as he held her close to him. It was like taking a time warp back to 1984. She felt his lips on hers and she closed her eyes and imagined that silky flowing mane around her face just like all those years ago but when she opened her eyes it wasn’t a mane, it was a man who had aged and aged beautifully, displaying all the goodness in life in the soft lines of his face and in his gorgeous blue eyes. Everything always looked better back then and they did again now. "Jonyyyyyy," his name was but a whispered sigh as her lips found his.


Richie drove into her deeper and harder leaving her wrists he grabbed her hips again to drive into her. "Goddddddd Ces, FUCK ME" he screamed his senses building and growing, his pleasure building threatening to blow in one simple moment.

A scream undulated in her throat as her nails raked desperately along his chest, her eyes wide and unseeing as he drove her into insanity. There was no her, no him, just the intense pleasure that was them. As he thrust even deeper she screamed out as her body stiffened, her inner walls clenching around his steel shaft. "Princeeeeeeeee," she gasped, "I can't hold back, I can't. I gotta.. PRINCE!!"

"Let it go, god I am going to... fuck, shit GODD baby......CESSSSSSSS," he growled like a wildcat about to descend on his prey. She was clenching all around him and milking him dry, he couldn’t hold on much longer the sheer velocity of the moment had taken them to a place that had never existed before, a place far from here where only pleasure was. "FUCCCCCK," he grunted as he spilled into her.

She screamed as she shattered beneath his touch, her soul bleeding into his as her body went into full shut down. Inner walls clenched like a raging vice around him as her eyes closed and her body went slack.

Richie watched her roll back and collaspe under him after she came. "Well fuck me" he chuckled as he realized she had passed out. He lay here back softly and slipped out of her and lay beside her pulling her in close to him. "Sleep well my sweet Cess" he whispered as he kissed her gently on the forehead and pulled the covers up around them.

Shudders raced over her body as she started to come too, her body still twitching. She snuggled closer to his warmth, his own body seeming to mimic the shudders she still felt to her very toes. "Ummm Richie??" Startled blue eyes looked up into soft brown eyes that were watching her even as she had laid there. "What the hell just happened?"

Richie chuckled and kissed her on the lips. "You passed out darlin, its what the french call La Petite Morte, passing out after sex" he laughed a little.

She laughed softly, "Le Petite Morte eh? The small death? Damn sure felt like going to heaven. Remind me to wake you up like that more often." She snuggled deeper into his arms, her eyes closing with the exhaustion of their exertions.

"You have my full permission to do that," he said as he closed his eyes relishing the stillness while his body tried to recover from the Olympic sized work out it had just experienced.

Chapter Thirteen

Her eyes fluttered open slowly, a grin sliding onto her lips as she took in the man asleep next to her. He was dead to the world, and still fully dressed. Damn he was such a sweetie too. She couldn't figure out how a man like him was so alone, he had so much to offer a woman.

Her eyes started to sparkle as a thought wound its way through her mind. She needed him, god she did, even after all they'd done that day she was still hungry for his taste, his skin, his very essence.

Shifting slowly she turned on the bed until she was facing south and giggled softly. She stilled suddenly as he grunted softly and threw a arm over his eyes. Damn he was so cute asleep.

Slipping her hands over to his waist she very carefully undid his belt, then ever so carefully popped the snap of his jeans and lowered his zipper. Shifting closer she reached in and gently released that gorgeous piece of flesh from its cloth prison. Her head dipped as she ran her tongue along the underside, teasing the vein there before moving upwards to slowly pull the head into her mouth.

Her tongue swirled along the head and dipped into that little slit, a murmur of appreciation vibrating in her throat. Fuck he tasted like sin, sex and something darker. She slowly lowered her lips over his length as one hand encircled the base.

Richie shifted in his sleep, a warm pleasurable feeling settled around him. "Mmmmm" he groaned opening one eye he soon became aware of exactly what was happening. Her soft warm lips radiated pleasure all along his cock as she took him over and over. "Oh godddddd, darlin, what are you doing to meee?" All he could do was growl softly and try to not move as her lips and throat hummed along his rapidly hardening length.

Her gaze flicked upwards as she slid lower and took him deeper into her throat before humming softly. Her hair fell around her face, caressing his thighs as she continued her bobbing motions. One slender hand slid up over his belly and under his shirt, her nails grazing lightly over the muscles there. "Mmmmmm.."

Richie felt himself lose himself in her mouth, she knew exactly what she was doing, and it felt fucking incredible, the soft feel of her hair all around his thighs tickled him.

"Cesca... goddddddd" he moaned loudly. "You feel so goodddd." He reached down and lost his hands in her hair, soft curls fell around his fingers as he urged her on. Pleasurably insanity started to wash over him.

He shouted, unmindful of where he was, "Yes, baby fuck me! FUCK ME YES!"

She giggled around his hardness. He wanted to be fucked? She could handle that. Reaching down she quickly unsnapped the buttons on her shorts and pushed them down over her hips before moving up to undo the buttons on his shirt.

She slowly moved her mouth upwards before slowly letting him fall from her mouth as she slid upwards, her hands tugging his jeans over his firm thighs before moving upwards to undo the few buttons he had buttoned earlier. As she slid upwards she straddled him a wicked grin playing about her lips. "Did I hear someone request a fucking?" She laughed softly as her hips rose only to plunge downwards taking him fully inside her heated core.

"Oh lord give me strength!!" he shouted as she slid her sweet lips from his shaft and surrounded him with her entire being. Filling her once again he gripped her hips as she began to move on top of him. His hands roamed up her soft sweet skin to her breasts where his thumbs roughly rubbed her nipples hardening instantly under his touch, her skin aglow with sex and glistening with tiny beads of sweat, he grunted as this goddess was sending him to abyss.

Her hips rose and fell as she leaned over him, her lips sliding over his chest before reaching their target. She bit down gently on one hard pebbled nipple as her fingers played with the patch of fur there before sliding to the next. "Mmmmm nice."

As her lips glided further north she captured his lips in a deeply searing kiss, soft whimpers increasing to simple moans of pleasure.

Kissing her deeply as her lips swept on by, his guttural moans were growing louder and louder, his need for her was raging out of bounds, he took control and flipped her onto her back in a simple motion, causing him to drive himself deeper into her. Wrapping each slender leg around his waist to position himself better he increased his thrusts.

"Hold on Princess, and I mean HOLD ON," he grunted as he drove into her with a force that he didn’t think he had before, his hips pistoning as he pulled out all the stops. He drove deep inside her with a loud primal grunt.

She arched against him, thrust meeting thrust as a moan floated into the room. Her hands slid up along his insanely muscled forearms and grasped him there as she shuddered out a soft cry. "HARDER PRINCE! God, yes.. Like THAT!"

As he pistoned into her, the headboard began to rock against the fragile wall, its sounds beating out a static rhythm to mesh with their concerted grunts and moans.

Chapter Twelve

Jon dialed back his anger as she shouted into his face. "Young lady you will not shout at me like that, I don't care if you think that I am not your father but you will show me some god damned respect.t" Jon breathed deeply trying relentlessly to calm down.

CC just shook her head as Bongiovi vs Bongiovi had began.

"I give respect to those that EARN it, those who respect me. Right now you aren't even on my list." Frankie muttered and closed her eyes. Damn the room was beginning to tilt.

"Darlin are you ok?" Richie asked as he grabbed her by the shoulders as she was unsteady "You shouldn’t be on your feet after that painkiller.

Jon fumed feeling his blood rush to his head "God damn you WILL respect me, and you will not talk to me like that, I gave you fucking life and this is how you treat me?" he spat ignoring that Richie was fussing all the fuck over her again/

She smiled, a simple sweet smile that screamed Bongiovi to all who watched. "NOPE. You don't deserve it." She opened one eye and glanced at her mom. "YOU LIKED THIS GUY?"

She inhaled sharply and muttered as the room swam in and out of focus, the only thing keeping her upright was the man standing firmly at her back. "Jesus save me from jackasses!"

CC couldn’t watch anymore. "Jon, calm down NOW, and Frankie go back to bed, Richie be a doll and take her there, I need to talk to Jon" CC said as she glared at Jon.

Frankie shuddered at the mom tone. "Mommmm you don't need this shit. YOU KNOW what the doctors said." She took a deep breath and pulled in her rage, leaving it simmering just under her skin. "Besides if we go in there, he ain’t coming out til morning."

"Frankie, I am fine baby, I need to talk to your fath- Jon. And take Richie in there, he can stay with you if it will calm you down" she said

"Come on princess lets go" Richie said trying hard not to catch Jon's fiery gaze as he knew he would be fuming right now, and the only thing that would be stopping him from dealing to Richie would be the two woman present in the room. Richie scooped her up and carried her back in and as expected she was dead to the world when they got there, Richie laid her down and snuggled in beside her, a million thoughts running though his mind.


She turned and snuggled into him, her legs tangling into his, one in between and one on top. Miraculously she had managed to prop the injured foot up on top. Slender hands reached up to twine into his hair as a satisfied lil whimper whispered from her lips.

CC looked at Jon shaking her head "I see you still have that temper of yours" she chuckled.

Jon sighed and studied the woman in front of him. "So that part of the note wasn't a pity ploy." He winced as he finally noticed the pallor beneath her Bahama tan. "What's wrong?"

"No it wasn't Jon, I never wanted pity and definitely not from you" she sat back down and sighed. "I have terminal cancer Jon, started as pancreatic cancer and spread to my kidneys and liver. So once that happens, not much you can do about it" she said.

He moved to her and knelt in front of her. "Dammit, why didn't you contact me sooner?? I have resources, we could have gotten you the best doctors."

She looked into those steel blue eyes that she once adored so much, and hell she still did. Just like the old Jon he always wanted to make things better for someone if he could. "Jon, I hardly was going to contact you and ask yu for that after what I did to you" she said softly.

"Why the fuck not? I coulda helped dammit." He took a deep breath and dialled the anger back further. "I coulda helped."

"You don't know that you could of Jon, it may of still been too late. No point playing the what if game now Jon" CC had never cried for a long time but having Jon, her first love in front of her right now, was just too much.

"I just worry for her Jon"

He stood then bent over and scooped her into his arms before moving to the couch to sit. "I know you do baby, I know you do. Hell she hates me right now, but I promise you I won't let her be alone. I won't."

She clung to him finally having the chance to release all her built up worry and anxiety to another grown up. She'd been so strong for so long. She was a realist and knew that there was nothing she could do about dying. She had accepted that and made peace with it, and having Frankie grow up to be where she was she couldn’t have been prouder. The one regret she did hold in life was about the man that was holding her right now. God what if she had just stayed? Things could have been so different. She let her sobs ring true into his chest, she couldn’t do anything to control it, it just came.

He held her tightly, his heart and mind aching as it finally hit him that all the hopes and dreams that he'd buried all those years ago were still as viable and real as they had been all those years ago and it was too late to do anything about it now. "I'll take care of her CC. I promise I will."

CC pulled away and pulled herself together "Sorry honey, I didn’t mean for that to happen" she straightened herself up and wiped away the tears.

"Jon, do you really have an issue with her being with Richie, look at him with her tonight, does’nt take a genius to see he's besotted with her" she chuckled

He sighed, "Looks like whether I have an issue or not I gotta shelve it. Man he’s my best friend, My brother, we've beent hrough alot, and I KNOW he'd treat a lady well, but god.. it was just finding out that way. Ya know?"

"But Jon, don't you see that he was drawn to her, the way he is drawn to you? He loves you like a brother so it really doesn’t surprise me he's drawn to a woman that’s very much like you" she said thoughtfully. "And yes I can understand the way that you found out wasn’t the best, but don't blame Richie too much for this".

He snorted. "CC we are talking about the King of Swing here. I mean hell his life went into the crapper. Heather divorced him, shit right as his dad was diagnosed with cancer. He had this really bad relationship. I worry about him, he's been drinking way too much, and for Richie, well you know him, it’s always to the excess. I'm just afraid he's rebounding, or escaping. I don't want them hurt dammit."

CC shook her head " Poor Rich, that's just awful. But maybe Jon, he is escaping, but he's escaping somewhere that's good, she's a good girl, well mostly. She needs some fun in her life too you know, things haven’t been easy for her lately either" she reached out her hand and took his "I know you're worried but maybe in this instance we need to trust them.”

Trust, that was something he'd done for over twenty years with Richie. Why was it so hard to want to do it in this instance? He shook his head and huffed out a long breath. "Guess that's all I can do, if I wanna get to know my daughter."

Chapter Elevan

Frankie giggled as she heard a voice her head twisting to see who was here with her mom. "Ohhhh Lookie, It's Mr. Snarly pants."

Richie saw Jon and noted his sarcastic tone "Hi Jon, and CC, Frankie has cut her foot so we took her to the doctors, she's fine but she's been given a pain killer to relax" she said with a wink to CC ignoring Jon's icy stare. "So I will need to put her to bed" Richie stated

Jon stood and walked over to Richie and stood there studying him. "Come on, theres better excuses for it than that." He knew Richie had been drinking a lot of late, but too be sure he wouldn't get a girl drunk, especially THIS girl. "You're not drinking?"

"Fuck off Kidd how stupid do you think I am" Richie snapped at him "CC which one is is her bedroom"

"Ah the one on the right" CC replied softly.

"Ok be back in a minute" Richie carried her into the bedroom and placed her on the bed.

She held tight to him, not wanting to let him go. "Don't leave." She looked up at him, her eyes lightly glassy from the pain killers. "Please?"

"Darlin I am just gonna go and have a coffee with your mom, I haven’t seen her for ages! But when I finish I will come back in if ok by her ok?" he said pressing his lips on her forehead

A quick pout filtered into her eyes, "Oh well alright. But if Mr. Snarly gets loud I'm gonna come kick him in the nuts. I swear I will." She giggled, "If i can hop out there in a straight line."

Richie chuckled. "Now that I would like to see." He wasn’t looking forward to going and facing Jon. He leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips. "I promise I will not leave, I will come back. Get some rest princess" he whispered before heading back to the living area shutting the door behind him.

Jon was revving up for one of their rare but semi violent knock down drag out fights. "What the fuck did you do to her man?"

"Nothing man, she fell on rock and cut her foot, thats how I found her when we met, get your mind out of the gutter Kidd, I know you're trying to make me the bad guy here so just fuck off," Richie spat.

Jon stepped back at the blazing fury in Richie's eyes. "How'd she fall from a rock man? Shit there’s no fucking rocks THAT big around here."

"Actually if you opened your fucking eyes there is Kidd, I don't need this right now, why the fuck can't you just be happy for me, I would never hurt her," he said.

CC watched on as the two men butted heads.

Jon reached up and ran his fingers through his hair, his breathing ragged. "She's my daughter man, don’t you GET IT?"

"Kidd I know she is, I'm not the devil incarnate, and you know as well as me you can't stop attraction" Richie spat back at him. He was trying to be as polite as possible but man he was pushing his luck.

"Guys just calm down, this is not achieving anything" CC tried to say but she knew it went on blind ears.

Jon growled and stepped forward his eyes blazing. "She’s young enough to be your daughter. Fuck man, you've dated young for years, but why her?? WHY HER?"

Frankie whimpered softly as the voices started to raise. God damn him he was at it again. Sliding from the bed she stood and wavered a moment. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath and with the gentlest move took a small step forward. She'd kill him, Screw who he was, the world didn’t need a rabid rock star.

"I don't fucking know do you think I just decided, oh SHIT its Kidd’s daughter let me fall head over heels for her, and in case you didn’t know, I DIDNT KNOW SHE WAS YOUR DAUGHTER AT FIRST, can’t you get that into you fuckin’ head" Richie reached forward and grabbed Jon by his collar. He didn’t mean to but he couldn’t help it.

She made it to her door and opened it, her eyes going wide with anger. Hobbling quickly to the scene she managed to push herself between the two men. Turning to Jon she glared up at him, her control on low thanks to a nice hefty painkiller. "Lookie here Mr Jon Bon Freakin' Jovi. So your my daddy. whoop dee doo! You sure aren't making much of an impression on me. "

She wavered a moment, and blinked back tears of anger. "You prance into my life, don't know me from shit, wanna tell ME how to live my life? Well lemme tell you..." Her finger arrowed into his chest; her normally peachy skin glowing red in anger. "YOU want me to even WANNA know you? Get off his back, treat me with the respect I deserve as an adult." She stopped a minute and in a move that was more Jon than anything ran her fingers through her long brown hair.

"HOW DARE you cause a scene in here? MY mom don't NEED this shit asshole. I DON'T NEED IT, I DON'T need you." She trembled as she looked up at him, "I DO need him though, so you can just back the fuck off ok?"

She winced and fell back against Richie, her blue eyes pinning the man whose genes she shared to the floor. "WHY you gotta be such a fucking Dick?"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Ten

Blue eyes sparked with passion's flame as she leaned forward to capture his lips with hers. Lifting her ass she angled and slid home in one long slow fluid move. "Thought you'd never ask Prince." Flexing against his hardness she began to move, as her hair whispered over his skin and her breasts teased his.

The sight he now had as his eyes roamed all the way over her curves to her blue piercing eyes that were now ablaze with fire and lust. His hands settled on her hips as he rolled into her feeling himself travel inside her tight confines. "Godd Cesca, soo tight" he moaned. His eyes kept firmly on her breasts as they bounced with her movements. His body was on fire and he ached for release into her so bad.

She was close, so close to plummeting off the edge of reason as his hips bucked up to meet her downward thrusts and when his hand slipped up to tease her clit she screamed as her walls clamped around him with a ferociousness that had her eyes crossing. "Prince.... Richie... YES!"

"Yes, Cesc, yes.. god cum with me darlin" he moaned his senses reeling into overdrive as he felt her walls milk him hard as she came "Oh fuck yessssss" he droned feeling the sweet feeling of release.

She spasmed one last time before slumping over his chest, soft gasps whispering over her lips. She slipped her hands into his hair, and held on tight. Hell if she didn't she was gonna float away and she knew it.

"Gawd darlin, you're gonna send me into an early grave, I am sure of it" he chuckled as he calloused hands ran down her back drawing soft circles across her flesh.

She shivered at the touch of those silky sandpaper finger tips, her walls tightening in response. Goddamned he was still half hard after that. She bit back a giggle and tilted her head to study his contented face. "Does it ever go down?"

Richie chuckled "Not when you do that it doesn't darlin" he said as he lifted her gently off him and smothered her into his chest. "I don't want to let you go, ever" he whispered into her curly locks of hair.

She snuggled into him a sweet, innocent and somehow sultry smile plastered to her face. "I can handle that."

Richie closed his eyes feeling for the first time in the last year content. Thoughts raced through his mind of Jon and of her mother, if she'd be wondering where she was.

"Darlin, should I be getting you home soon?" he asked

She lifted her head and groaned, "Damn, mom's probably wondering where I got off too, so yeah, but I don't wanna."

"Ok I will walk you back its getting late out there, I guess we lost track of time" he chuckled innocently as he got off the bed and threw some jeans and a tshirt on.

She slipped from the bed and stood, ready to move to her clothes when her foot refused to hold her wait. She yelped softly and sat down on the bed suddenly as her foot began to throb like a set of African drums. "Fuck."

"What's wrong Darlin?" Richie said quickly at her side as he looked down into her pain filled eyes
Soft pained eyes glanced up at him as she bit back a groan and winced. "I dunno, foots really throbbing."

"Oh darlin, look its bright red, it's infected, I need to take you to the doctors before home" Richie said

She hated doctors these days. They were all full of knowledge and unable to do shit. "Fuck, I hate the prima donnas that put that damn MD after their name. Do I have to?"

"I'll come with you darlin, I promise, otherwise I don’t want you getting sick or them having to cut off your foot or something , you trust Prince don’t ya?' he asked his concerned puppy dog brown eyes wavering at her.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "You I can trust, fucking doctors I don’t." She winced, "They didn't catch stuff with mom, can't seem to figure out anything other than how to charge more and more crazy rates for the treatments she needs. It’s just insane. She won’t even try anymore, says its ok to die." She looked up at Richie and fought back the tears, "It’s not fair."

"Heyyyy" he said as he pulled her in close to his feeling his heart strings tear. Richie was no stranger to illness and death having lost his father to cancer last year.

Her hands fisted into his shirt as the pain in her foot combined with the pain in her heart. Leaning her head on his chest she inhaled deeply, refusing the tears their exit. Pulling back she forced a smile to her lips. "I'll go on one condition..."

"Shh, what's that darlin anything?" Richie said honestly.

"I get to wear your shirt." She grinned, the glimmer of tears in her eyes washing away with a small glimpse of mirth.

He chuckled and stroked her cheek with his thumb "Absolutely you can darlin."

She smiled as he handed her his shirt, and the rest of her clothing, then turned to finish dressing himself. With a wicked grin she slipped on his shirt and her shorts, forgetting anything related to panties or bras. "Well I'm ready; I think I'll just leave my shoes off."


Richie laughed as he carried her into the night and finding the medical unit of the resort that they were on. After waiting and she was seen to by the doctor he administered her some antibiotics to stop any infections and a painkiller that would take the sting away until they kicked in. As the doctor walked back out after dismssing them Richie held her close to his chest.

"Are you ok darlin?" he asked as she seemed sleepy.

Her head rolled slightly as she glanced up at him with sleepy eyes. "Ohhh hell, for someone who got poked prodded stitched and bandaged I am ooooooooooooook!" She giggled, "what was in that stuff anyhows?"

Richie laughed "Why darlin they just bottled me and made it into pills" he chuckled. "Come on I need to get you home its late your mom might be wondering where you are" he said as he walked back out into the night.

She giggled softly, "Let's see you were in 3044.. HEY we're in 3042 that makes us neighbors!" She shook her head, "Damn I listened to Mom for a change. She told me to fall for a nice boy next door, and ooooh boy did I Fall or what?"

Richie snorted "Darlin I am not your average boy next door, I am your extra large boy next door." He winked and continued, "And yeah you fell alright, fell right onto it" he grinned

Her tongue flickered out and slowly slid along his neck, her giggles whispering out over her lips. "Mmmm was a nice hard landing too."

"Likewise" he chuckled as they finally arrived at the villa noticing that there were lights still on Richie opened the large wooden door to the living room and didnt see what he expected to see. Jon was sitting in the living room with CC and he pulled away as the door opened like he'd been caught in the cookie jar. Richie managed a small smirk as he carried her in.

She was finally home, finally managed to pull herself from Richie's grasp. Jon turned ready to at least try to give his daughter a reasonably friendly greeting when his blue eyes encountered his friend carrying the little minx. "well well well."

Chapter Nine

Richie awoke slowly to a movement on the bed he looked over to Cesca who was securely still in his arms, but a flash of anguish rolled across her face.

"What's wrong baby?" he asked as he brushed her hair away.

She winced slightly as she curled back into his heat. "Nothing really, just moved my foot wrong." Her head tilted up as she pressed a light kiss to his chin. "Sleep well?"

Richie looked over at the bedside clock and realized they had been dozing for nearly an hour. "Are you sure its ok, it looks kinda swollen" he said as he tilted her chin and placed a kiss gently on her lips.

She whimpered into the kiss and forgot her foot. "Hmm yeah, its ok, really." She arched against him as her hands slid up through his silky hair.

"Good" he replied as he continued kissing down her neck, there was something about this woman that he couldn’t get enough of, her scent, her very being intoxicated him to his very inner core. Richie knew now that the thought of her being his best friend's daughter should stop him doing this, Jon was so angry with him, but he couldn't bring himself to stop, he lost himself in her beauty, her innocence topped off by a sultry laugh.

He slid his hand down her body and pulled the towel away. exposing her soft cleansed body to his hungry gaze. Replacing the towel with his lips he began covering her body in a blanket of kisses.

She wrapped her arms around him and stretched languidly as his lips trailed exotic fire along her skin. Blood heated as she moaned at silken glide of his lips over her taunt skin. She'd only known him a few hours and felt like she'd known him forever, her Sir Galahad, her Dark Prince, and no damned Instant Daddy was gonna take it away.

Slender fingers grazed over his muscles, before moving to tease his inner thighs with soft brushes from the tips of her fingers. "Mmmm, you feel so nice."

"Like wise darlin" he whispered as he shifted hoping she would get the hint to touch him more moving himself closer to her fingers, he kissed down her nape to her breasts, catching one into his mouth he began to suck gently on the lip swirling his tongue around teasing and nipping on it.

A gentle hand cupped his sac before moving up to encircle his engorged cock head only to slip down along its length slowly. She kept her pace slow and even as she pumped his hardness, building the friction into a steady hum of anticipation.

"Cesssss" he hissed into the skin of her breast as his heat was set of fire with her touch, she knew exactly what she was doing and god damned if she wasn’t good at it. His hand ran down her to softness below the curls as he reached in and plunged one long finger in gently, feeling her wet warm core sucking him in with its soft pulses.

She arched against him urgently as soft breathless hitches escaped her, "Jesus Prince.. " One finger wasn't enough, would never be enough. Opening passion heavy eyes she moaned softly, "more, god, please more."

His eyebrow cocked "More? Well aren’t you the little hussy" he chuckled with a wicked grin on his face. He slipped the next finger into her. "That enough?" he asked a develish grin sweeping his lips

Her head shook as she whimpered softly, "Noooooo.. please... " She cried out as his thumb brushed over the bundle of nerves so tight with need. "Please...."

His thumb tickled around her mound before settling in on her clit massaging it slowly. He reached his lips back up to hers and met her in a scorching kiss. "Harder" he demanded from her.

Her hand sped up at his urging as she held him in a tight but gentle grip as she began to intently pump his hardness. On each upward sweep, one slender finger would tease the slit before sliding away.

She was a ball of raging need, her body attuned to the man moving over her and inside of her, each kiss, his thrust, each press of the thumb jolting through her like wildfire until words were lost and all she could do was moan.

"Goddd, you have no idea what you're doing to me" he grunted as he continued to pump her for all she was worth hearing the moans and whimpers slip off her mouth was driving him crazy, he had the overwhelming desire to pin her to the bed and fuck her brains out but he forced himself to remain calm and keep the soft movements going. He continuing kissing, licking, teasing every inch of her skin until it was burning with his desire. He finally withdrew from her feeling her whimper as he did so. Rolling himself onto his back he picked her up and seated her just above his length.

"You wanna ride, Princess?" he grinned his eyes full of sparkling fire.