Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Two

Richie reached the small rock face and was about to make a flirtatious comment about the way her ass was sticking out to him but he didn't have time as he watched her curse and begin to fall, reflex guided him to manage to catch her before she hit the ground.
"Woah lil lady, you right there?' he asked as he caught her and regained his balance checking for signs of damage.

She huffed out of shock and exasperation as her gaze flickered back up to the flower. Turning her head she was stunned to find the sexiest set of brown eyes staring down at her, a wickedly flirtatious gleam shining in their depths. "Uhh yeah, I'm just peachy keen. Thanks for catching me." She winced slightly as her foot started to throb. "Well mostly ok I guess."

Richie lost himself in the deep crystal blue of her eyes. Fuck they were the bluest he'd ever seen. They were vaguely familiar, Their shape and color were strangely familiar to him somehow.
"Oh shit" he said as he laid her gently down on the rock and assessed her foot. Slipping off her sandal he saw she had a sharp cut that was bleeding profusely.

"Hold tight lil darlin," he said as he jogged back to his things on the beach grabbing the blue hand towel he had and jogging back to her, he picked up her foot and gently wrapped it in the towel.

"What were you trying to do?" he chuckled as he couldn't help but appreciate her fine creamy jaw line that lead down to a black tight tank top paired with a set of white short shorts that showed off her slender long legs. He could appreciate a nice set of long slender legs that was for sure.

"You'll laugh." She half grimaced half smiled as she again looked into his kind face. "It was stupid of me I guess."

Richie chuckled at her cuteness. Her smile reached her baby blues and teased his heart. "No I won't. Nothing is ever stupid unless you were pretending to be superwoman," he smiled sweetly, "then I might laugh."

"HEY NOW! I just happen to BE Supergirl. I even have the cape." She gave a husky chuckle and winced again as he wrapped her foot. "Seriously though, I was trying to snag that pretty yellow flower up there."

Richie laughed and swore her laugh sounded familiar. The brightness that danced from her eyes did too, but he dismissed it and focused on her. "I don't doubt darlin you're a Supergirl but hell don't you know when you look like you do, you ask men to those sort of things for ya?" He winked, a wicked smirk on his lips as he stood and reached up to the flower promptly picking it and handing it to her. "For you sweetheart."

She blushed to the roots of her wavy brown hair and started laughing hysterically. "Well thank you Sir Galahad for the flower. Men don't usually pay much mind to me, must be the tropical sun in your eyes."

Frankie shook her head. Why did people always think she was something that pretty? She felt all at odds with herself, nothing ever seemed to match up on her, too white teeth and a patrician nose with brown hair and odd blue eyes. She was odd, she knew it and accepted it. To hear a guy even insinuate she was pretty was damned funny.

"You're very welcome darlin and I highly doubt that you don't get much attention" he amused as his eyes ran briefly down her body. He wondered what it would feel like to have those slender legs wrapped around him but forced himself back to the situation at hand.

"That still looks really sore, can I get you somewhere to get some antiseptic on it?" he asked her

"Your not some weird stalker or rapist are ya?" She laughed again at that thought. You could tell in his deep brown eyes that he was just a nice guy. "Name's Joanna. Joanna Frances Benson, and I'll gladly accept your offer of antiseptic."

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Joanna Francis Benson, I am Richie, Richie Sambora" he said as he scooped her up in his arms. "But for today you can just call me Prince" he chuckled as he walked towards his villa.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and couldn't resist laying her head on his broad shoulder. Fuck all he smelled good, like spice, the ocean and coconuts all rolled into one. He had damn strong arms too, the type she wouldn't mind having wrapped around her, not that THAT would ever happen.

She closed her eyes as he carried her to his small villa, her mind working over the name he offered. Why did it sound so familiar?? She'd heard it somewhere before, she just knew it. As he entered his small villa her eyes glanced around and rested a moment on a guitar. Guitar?? Sambora.. Holy fucking hell, she'd been rescued by... Naah it couldn't be, He'd be too famous, rich or snooty to take the time to rescue an idiot girl.

As he stood in his living room seemingly lost in thought she grinned, her blue gaze searching his face. "So tell me Dark Prince, do you make a habit of rescuing fair maidens?"

Richie laughed scrunching his nose "No you're the first, today at least," he said throwing a wink her way.

He carried her into his bedroom and placed her gently on the bed, taking time just to breathe in her scent from her hair, honey and lavender or something god forsakenly sexy.

"I'll just look for the first aid kit it's around here somewhere" he said as he looked through the drawer bending over opposite her.

Damn! She shut her eyes and took a deep breath. No man should be that fine, and if they were they should NOT stick their ass right up in her view. She shivered slightly as her eyes trailed along his back then down along his insanely long legs. Fuck.

It had been ages since she'd dated, mom's illness had taken over her entire world. Shit it had been forever since she'd felt a man anywhere near her skin, and here one was, just in reach.

Her hand reached up and slid over his ass before she could stop herself. Gods, it was so tight, so.. STOP IT FRANKI! You don't have time to be making time with any man, Mom, vacation remember? She bit back a groan as her hand slid up his side, she just couldn't stop herself. Shit he was gonna think she was some sort of floozy doing this, so why couldn't she stop her hand from wandering??

Richie rummaged through the drawer, he was sure he saw a first aid kit in here earlier so where was it? When he felt a warm feeling slide over his ass and up his side, he cocked a grin. Well well, liked what she saw did she? He turned around to catch her embarrassment as she pulled away but her eyes told him she wasn't sorry one bit. He smirked gently and sat on the end of the bed and went about applying the antiseptic, his loins starting to burn at the prospect of a lady in his bed, it had been far too long.

She hissed as the antiseptic stung the cut, her eyes squeezing shut to close out the pain. "FUCK that just stings!" Even as it stung, his hand holding her calf in a gentle but firm hold was making her tremble.

She didn't even KNOW him, had no idea of what he was like, so why was he stirring her senses like he was? Jesus was his hand creeping along her leg?? He felt like silk and sandpaper from the calloused tips of his fingers. Another shiver raced through her as a soft whimper escaped her lips. "Jesus.. that don't sting."

Richie felt her tense and after she cursed he chuckled "It's ok darlin it's meant to sting just for a little bit," he drawled as he put the antiseptic down, and ran his hand up her tanned, fine curvy leg. "Succch lovely legs," he teased running just a finger back down to where he was seated. Looking at her, his lust filled eyes shone brightly her way.

Her breathing hitched as his eyes searched hers deeply, a question riding his very gaze. When his lips quirked upwards, she groaned softly. She wanted to taste those lips, feel that body over her, wanted to lose herself in whatever he could offer. Taking a deep breath she exhaled slowly and returned his gaze with an arch of the brow.

Her blue eyes threw a question at him and he nodded. He could read the signs, He was the King of Swing after all. Leaning down he placed a gentle kiss on her foot just near the cut. But his lips left her foot and started traveling up her leg slowly and sensually as a low growl spilled from his throat.

Oh God they felt like sin, sweet soft sin. Slender fingers slid down to slid over the satin covers as she itched to feel his skin, but she was pinned to the bed, his lips setting unholy fire to her skin. "Have merrcy," her voice was hoarse as he suddenly nibbled along her calf. "Sweet mercy."

Richie looked up at her "Oh you'll have mercy darlin, when I finish with ya, you'll have mercy" he broke out in a sensational grin, he moved up her legs, his lips trailing hot kisses as he went, and he lifted her tank top up to expose her flat stomach, he raised his eyebrow at the belly ring she had there.

"Well a chew toy" he chuckled as he connected lips to skin again. Licking and teasing her soft skin, he groaned, god she smelled so good, like a sweet summer's day. He licked around her belly ring and pulled on it gently with his teeth, He was blinded with desire as his hands slid up her sides and cupped her ample breasts gently. Like soft pillows he could rest on forever, he felt her nipples harden at the touch of his thumbs gliding over them.

She gasped on the exhale as his lips teased her piercing, sighed softly when his lips slid up along her abdomen, but when his thumbs brushed over her nipples she arched lightly and whimpered aloud.

Her fingers finally slid up to tangle in the hair that had finally came into reach, her hands gliding through to tangle with the little silver dangling things that had caught her eye. Pulling lightly she urged him upwards. She had to taste those lips, just HAD to.

As his lips connected with hers she whined, her tongue butterflying over their lushness, capturing the dark flavor that was him. Words escaped her as she lost herself in his masterful moves and lips. As his lips slid from hers to nibble her shoulder she gasped out softly, "God don't stop.."

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