Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Six

Richie looked up with a jolt then looked at Cesca sharply. The resemblance that had been plaguing him rang true. Oh god, she was spitting image of Jon at his age. Holy Shit! He backed away quickly, his big brown eyes shining with shock. What the fuck had he done. "Kidd, man I had no idea," he stuttered.

Cesca's brow rose, "Are you fucking insane man? I don’t HAVE a father, never have." She turned and moved to Richie, her soft blue eyes troubled. "Why'd you move??" Her soft blue eyes shone with confusion and hurt. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Darlin, you haven’t done a thing wrong," god damnit he wanted to comfort her but with Jon standing right there he couldn’t, could he? Sure he could, she deserved that much. He put his arm across her shoulders comfortingly only to receive a blistering glare of anger from Jon. Damn if Jon's glare couldn’t fire right through you.

"Frankie you need to read this," Jon said handing her the letter trying to ignore Richie's arms around his daughter. His daughter who was obviously fucking his best friend. God damned.

She whirled on Jon her temper firing, "You fucking walk in here and say shit like that and have a man I actually LIKE backing off me then dare ask me to read some stupid piece of paper? Who died and left you God man?" She twisted around and lay her head on Richie's chest. "Is your friend delusional or something?"

Jon raised his eyebrow, sure that he just saw himself in her eyes as she spat at him. He was renown for his short temper. "I don't appreciate being talked to like this Frankie," Jon said sternly, not been able to help the Dad tone slip thorugh.

"No hun, he's not, please you need to read the letter," Richie soothed. "Trust me, I'll be here though I promise."

She wrapped her arms tighter around Richie and muttered under her breath, "don’t wanna read no fucking letter."

"Cesca, Jon is your father," he said as his hand ran down her arm softly. "We think," Richie quickly added.

She turned then, her blue gaze spearing Jon with its intensity. "So your the fucking rock and roll star my mom supposedly fucked around with to get me? I don't believe it." She tilted her head her eyes gleaming with unshed tears. "I know who you are, I'm not a fucking idiot. Took me a few to equate my Dark Prince with his name though," she managed a shrug, "Not that his job mattered to me. "But man you're famous for being a family man and you LEFT her to chase a fucking dream. Why would I even wanna acknowledge you? HUH?"

Her tears started to fall as she studied the man in front of her before turning to bury her head in Richie's strong chest praying against prayer that he wouldn't ask her to leave now. She had wanted to see where this led, and now a man with blue eyes was shooting down her chances at..." She whimpered softly. "Fuck this ain’t fair and I DON’T believe you. I won’t let you fuck this up, I won't!"

Jon watched her mouth off at him "Hey that’s not fair, I didn’t even KNOW you existed. Your mom left me and I spent YEARS trying to find you, fuckin years!!! And every time I was close she moved so don't give me that shit young lady, as you don't know what you are talking about." As one Bongiovi temper matched the other, Richie saw it was time to step in as Cesca buried herself into his chest. He looked at Jon and shrugged. "Kidd man, I think you need to leave" Richie said softly.

"Fuck off, I am not leaving now that I found my daughter and if you think I am going to leave her here to screw you, you've got another think coming," Jon ranted on, the fire in his eyes uncontrollable.

She whirled, her eyes blazing. "Listen here, I'm an adult woman asshole!! I can fuck who I please, when I please as OFTEN as I please. And it PLEASES me to no end to fuck this gorgeous man behind me as often as I get a chance too. Maybe all we'll be is a vacation fling. But honey I'm gonna FLING for all I’m fucking worth. He kept me from getting hurt, he is my PRINCE so you can just shut the fuck up about who I let fuck ME. Ass-wipe you aren't gonna dictate shit to me."

Jon watched her fire it right back to him, god damn if he had any doubts she was his daughter he didn’t now. he shook his head. "Frankie you have no idea what your doing, Richie is TWICE your age, fuck he could be your father he’s that old, and you don’t need to be fucking him, trust me, you can do bet…" Jon stopped realizing what he was just about to say.

Richie's eyes flared "Oh so now I am not good enough for your daughter Kidd? Well fuck thanks a lot, get out and get out now till you calm down" Richie ordered. In 25 years he had never told Jon to get out of his face.

She drew herself up to her full 5 foot 5 inches and glared at him. "Age is a fucking number. Oh sure let me go find some mealy mouthed fucking inexperienced 24 year old to fumble his way into a orgasm while I lay there wanting. NO FUCKING WAY! So what if he’s older than me? I DON’T FUCKING CARE!!"

She turned and pressed against Richie, "Don't you listen to him. I like the way you are, I LIKE the skin you’re in. Hell I've only known you a few hours I know, but dammit all Prince, Your younger at heart than any damned piss-ant 24 year old I know."

Jon just watched in horror as his best friend and his daughter were hell bent against him. Jon shook his head knowing that he shouldn’t leave them here but she was hell bent on staying put and it seemed Richie was the same. Jon looked up at Richie. "Thanks a lot King, thanks a fucking lot" he said as he spun on his heel and stormed back to his villa.

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