Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter Eighteen

She smiled at his genuine concern "I am good Jon, what about you? You ok?" she asked as she looked over at Frankie and Richie whispering about something. Jon followed her gaze.

"Yeah, fuck I guess so" Jon said still tone of uncertainty but he tried to hide it.

"At least you're trying right, that’s the main thing, come on then" she said as she hooked her arm through his as they started to follow Frankie and Richie.



Her hand slipped to ride his hips as they walked amongst the people. "So tell me Prince, what is that devious mind of yours plotting that I have to deal with HIM?"

Richie chuckled "Now what would make you think that I had a ploy to oh I don't know get you alone for a few minutes" Richie nodded in the direction of the ride that had just come into view. The tunnel of love was a small boat ride through a darkened twisting cave with soft romantic music playing.

"Smart man." Frankie began to grin as she lightly pinched his ass. "Lets ditch the parental units."

Richie looked behind him but noticed that CC and Jon were too busy talking so they slipped into the queue.

Frankie turned around to watch her mom a moment as they waited in line. She frowned slightly as she watched an older woman walk up and start talking rather fast and seemingly furious at Jon. "Hey Prince baby??"

"Yes my little princess?" Richie asked brushing her hair back from her face.

"Whose that lady talking to Mom and Jon? Do you know her?"

Richie turned around and felt his heart pick up the pace. "Ah that's Dorothea, Jon's wife" Richie said

"She's not looking too happy." Frankie frowned a moment as the conversation seemed to heat up. "I better get over there. Don't want mom getting upset."

"Ok, I will come along too Princess" Richie said, and if she was right Richie had guessed that Dorothea was wondering what the hell was going on and why her husband was here with another woman.

Frankie walked back quickly, taking in her mom's suddenly pale features. "Ok what the fuck is going on here?" Crystal blue eyes blazed as she turned to Jon, "Wanna explain that one.. Dad?" Her tone was sarcastic, the word aimed just so to hurt.

Dot's eyes arrowed at Jon, "What the fuck did she just call you?"

Jon cringed, this was soo not how he saw this turning out. Dot was furious and rightly so, he should have told her from the get go what was happening but words had alluded him.

"Ah baby, its a long story, but it seems I have a daughter, Frankie, she's twenty four" Jon said trying to read Dot's eyes but all he was getting was fire and anger.

"I was meant to tell you, hell I was going to explain this all tonight, I just didn’t have the words" he said

"Your fucking kidding me Jon. To be sure you can come up with a better excuse for a vacation fling than that." Dot's eyes blazed with fury. How dare he?

Jon saw the fire in her eyes and knew he was in deep shit. "A vacation fling? This is not a vacation fling Dot, I just was trying to find out who my daughter was and it got complicated, she's dating Richie, but that was before I found out that she was my daughter" he tried to explain.

Dot's gaze centered on the young woman whose arm was firmly wrapped around Richie's waist. She took in each inch of her and could swear she was looking at Jon from twenty five years ago, and dating Richie? If she was Jon's daughter she'd lay money on Jon having shit fits over that one.

Turning back to Jon she spat out, "Hotel, NOW," Before turning to stalk away.

Frankie started to laugh, "Ohh god, polite much huh?"

Richie tried to control his snort but he couldn't "Cesca" he said quietly as he watched his best friend watch in horror as his wife walked away from him.

Jon turned around looking sheepish, "Fuck, well I better go, I will catch up with you later on" he said as he turned to CC. "So sorry you had to see all that, it's all my fault for not telling her sooner" he said to her.

Frankie glanced up and shrugged, "What? She was fucking rude." She glanced at Jon, "Sorry bout that."

Jon shook his head "It's ok she has every right to be" Jon said quietly knowing that what awaited him was going to be worse than any argument that they had ever had before.

Frankie reached out to tap his shoulder, "If its worth anything at all, I hope it goes ok for you. And thanks for trying to be understanding."

Jon smiled warmly "No problem, and thanks we soon shall see, catch you later" he said about to leave but CC stood forward.

"If you need anything, or somewhere to get out later, just call around ok?" she asked

Jon smiled and nodded "Sure thing, thanks Ceecee," he said as he took a deep breath and walked off into the fire.

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