Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter Twenty Two

She stared out of the plane window as it taxied into the new airport and sighed. Of all the fucking planes they had to use to get here it just HAD to be this one. She fancied at times during the flight that she could actually smell Richie, so strong was his presence in the Jovi Jet.

Goddamned but the man owned a fucking jet. She glanced over at her mom and shook her head. She wouldn't have even come had it not been for the fact there was a doctor here.

As the plane settled they were escorted out and to a waiting limo, a very nice stretch limo. Well Jon went all out when arranging something as simple as a doctor's visit she supposed, but Mom was worth the comfort of the limo. Hell Mom was worth her discomfort of being on that jet.

As the limo pulled out the driver glanced back at the two women. "Ma'ams, sorry bout this, but I have an errand to run for Mr. Bongiovi before we head to the hotel, some paper work he requested I pick up at the venue. Hope you don’t mind that."

CC and Frankie shook their heads. What was a few minutes considering?

Thirty minutes later the limo pulled up to the venue and parked. "If you'll both accompany me you can wait where the air conditioning is. I was told the papers might take a few minutes to be processed. He led them through a door and down a hallway, before opening a door and settling them inside. "Hopefully Ma'ams it won’t be but a moment or two."

Frankie sighed and drummed her fingers on the arm rest of the couch. Shit the driver had been gone a fucking hour. Mom needed to rest and resting here was out of the question.

She glanced up as a knock sounded on the door. "Yes?"

A man stuck his head in and grinned bashfully. "You ladies the Benson ladies?" At Frankie’s nod he started talking. "Well your driver is stuck in the office, but he asked special if we'd let you watch the band that’s getting ready to play. Dunno if it’s your kind of music, but heck its gotta be better than sitting around here right?"

Frankie glanced over at her mom who waved her on with a "Go look if you want to honey, I'm just gonna rest here." Standing she moved over to the gentleman and gave him a friendly smile. "Sure might be fun. I’ve never really been backstage before."

The man led her down a hall and took a left, leading her to the left side of the stage. "Enjoy ma'am," he whispered as he walked off.

Richie sighed, another fuckin concert, just fuckin perfect, what was the point? He walked out on stage and the guitar tech gave him the guitar. His heart felt heavy with the void in his soul. God Sambora, you're such a sap, he shook his head. The sound check was about to begin so he had to be on his game, or Jon would get all pissy and start his “have you been drinking too much again” schtick. God he was sick of that speech already on this tour. Jon himself had been a tyrant as well thanks to the separation with Dot. All just good fuckin times, Richie thought to himself as he adjusted his sunglasses.

She stood and watched as technicians settled cables and equipment and shook her head. There was so much stuff to be done before a concert. She'd never have thought so much stuff went on. She jumped when a hand cupped her shoulder. Whirling around she came face to face with Jon and her jaw dropped.

"Hey sweetie," Jon smiled at the stunned girl. "Listen I've been a jerk and this is my way of making things up to you." He held up his hand, stalling the brewing storm about to break. "He didn’t call because he didn't have your number, I never gave it too him like the ass I am. But I’m gonna fix that right now."

Jon reached out and turned her around to face the stage and leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "He's been miserable without you honey."

Frankie looked up, her eyes widening as tears began to shine in the blue depths. He looked so damned sad, so unhappy. She took a step forward and stopped, her heart twisting at the achingly sad sounds pouring from the guitar in his hands. "Ohhh Prince...."

Richie strummed his guitar "Fuckin stupid piece of crap," he swore as it was so out of tune again, he stood and ran his hand through his hair, he turned about to yell at the guitar tech to bring him another guitar but he stopped dead in his tracks. This had to be a dream, she was here, she was really here. She looked every bit as beautiful as he remembered she did, her hair cascading over her shoulders, and her eyes that shone so true to him. The lacy dress she was wearing clung to that beautiful curvy figure of hers. He was speechless, fuckin speechless, even as his heart began to soar. "Princess?" His voice cracked as he felt his eyes mist up with tears.

Her smile broke through as she ran and launched herself into his arms, her lips pressing to his with an urgency that rose like the ocean at high tide. "Prince! Oh god, I've missed you!"

He grabbed her as she flung herself into his arms, and wrapped her insanely long legs around his waist. Holding her close to him he began to return her kiss with all the passion he’d held pent inside for weeks. "Oh god Cesca, its sooo fuckin good to see you, you have no idea," he said as he hugged her tight to his body, afraid she would disappear again.

Her kisses rained down upon his face, his neck and along his shoulder before returning to his lips. Her fingers slid into his hair as she pressed even closer, wanting to feel his heart against hers again. "I thought I'd never see you again."

He breathed in her scent, that sweet smell so familiar to his senses "I was such a fuckin idiot, I never got your number, can you ever forgive me Ces?" He continued to meet her kiss for kiss, as his hands ran through that heavenly hair.

She whimpered softly as his lips continued their assault on hers. "Always Richie, Always."

Jon watched and breathed a soft sigh of relief. The light in Richie's eyes when he saw Frankie was all he needed to set the demons to rest. They'd figure a way to break the news she was his daughter, then Richie's girl. They'd find a way somehow."

David sauntered up his eyes widening at the show on stage. "Hey Jon, why's Richie trying to swallow that girl whole?"

Jon glanced over at David and grinned, "I hear it's cuz Bongiovi’s are just that good man."

David blinked and turned back to the show, shit Richie was damn near dry humping the girl. "Say that again man?"

"Ya heard me the first time Joker." Jon laughed, "I'll explain in detail later dude.

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