Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Nine

Richie awoke slowly to a movement on the bed he looked over to Cesca who was securely still in his arms, but a flash of anguish rolled across her face.

"What's wrong baby?" he asked as he brushed her hair away.

She winced slightly as she curled back into his heat. "Nothing really, just moved my foot wrong." Her head tilted up as she pressed a light kiss to his chin. "Sleep well?"

Richie looked over at the bedside clock and realized they had been dozing for nearly an hour. "Are you sure its ok, it looks kinda swollen" he said as he tilted her chin and placed a kiss gently on her lips.

She whimpered into the kiss and forgot her foot. "Hmm yeah, its ok, really." She arched against him as her hands slid up through his silky hair.

"Good" he replied as he continued kissing down her neck, there was something about this woman that he couldn’t get enough of, her scent, her very being intoxicated him to his very inner core. Richie knew now that the thought of her being his best friend's daughter should stop him doing this, Jon was so angry with him, but he couldn't bring himself to stop, he lost himself in her beauty, her innocence topped off by a sultry laugh.

He slid his hand down her body and pulled the towel away. exposing her soft cleansed body to his hungry gaze. Replacing the towel with his lips he began covering her body in a blanket of kisses.

She wrapped her arms around him and stretched languidly as his lips trailed exotic fire along her skin. Blood heated as she moaned at silken glide of his lips over her taunt skin. She'd only known him a few hours and felt like she'd known him forever, her Sir Galahad, her Dark Prince, and no damned Instant Daddy was gonna take it away.

Slender fingers grazed over his muscles, before moving to tease his inner thighs with soft brushes from the tips of her fingers. "Mmmm, you feel so nice."

"Like wise darlin" he whispered as he shifted hoping she would get the hint to touch him more moving himself closer to her fingers, he kissed down her nape to her breasts, catching one into his mouth he began to suck gently on the lip swirling his tongue around teasing and nipping on it.

A gentle hand cupped his sac before moving up to encircle his engorged cock head only to slip down along its length slowly. She kept her pace slow and even as she pumped his hardness, building the friction into a steady hum of anticipation.

"Cesssss" he hissed into the skin of her breast as his heat was set of fire with her touch, she knew exactly what she was doing and god damned if she wasn’t good at it. His hand ran down her to softness below the curls as he reached in and plunged one long finger in gently, feeling her wet warm core sucking him in with its soft pulses.

She arched against him urgently as soft breathless hitches escaped her, "Jesus Prince.. " One finger wasn't enough, would never be enough. Opening passion heavy eyes she moaned softly, "more, god, please more."

His eyebrow cocked "More? Well aren’t you the little hussy" he chuckled with a wicked grin on his face. He slipped the next finger into her. "That enough?" he asked a develish grin sweeping his lips

Her head shook as she whimpered softly, "Noooooo.. please... " She cried out as his thumb brushed over the bundle of nerves so tight with need. "Please...."

His thumb tickled around her mound before settling in on her clit massaging it slowly. He reached his lips back up to hers and met her in a scorching kiss. "Harder" he demanded from her.

Her hand sped up at his urging as she held him in a tight but gentle grip as she began to intently pump his hardness. On each upward sweep, one slender finger would tease the slit before sliding away.

She was a ball of raging need, her body attuned to the man moving over her and inside of her, each kiss, his thrust, each press of the thumb jolting through her like wildfire until words were lost and all she could do was moan.

"Goddd, you have no idea what you're doing to me" he grunted as he continued to pump her for all she was worth hearing the moans and whimpers slip off her mouth was driving him crazy, he had the overwhelming desire to pin her to the bed and fuck her brains out but he forced himself to remain calm and keep the soft movements going. He continuing kissing, licking, teasing every inch of her skin until it was burning with his desire. He finally withdrew from her feeling her whimper as he did so. Rolling himself onto his back he picked her up and seated her just above his length.

"You wanna ride, Princess?" he grinned his eyes full of sparkling fire.

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Anonymous said...

Great writing. I'm not sure how I feel about Richie right now. I understand that he didn't know she was Jon's daughter at first, but now he does. Isn't there some unwritten rule that you don't doodle your best friend's daughter? Does his friendship with Jon mean that little to him, is he need for this girl that intense that it surpasses all reason, or is he in a low place right now and struggling to feel wanted/happy?
Guess I've gotta keep reading to find out. I hope his friendship with Jon can withstand this type of moral betrayal.