Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Four

Jon walked back to the shared room where his wife had been reading a book. She was standing up with a bag over her shoulder now however, as if she planned on going out.

"Going somewhere?" he asked as he grinned at her admiring her long slender legs in the slip dress she was wearing.

"Just going out for some food and things hun, then we don't have to leave the room later" she said with a wink. Jon grinned. "Don't forget to pick something up for Richie as he'll just hassle us for it," he joked as he kissed her on the cheek and watched her disappear down the beach.

Jon sat down on the patio chair and stared out at the beach. This trip was long over due after the business of the kids, recording, all of Richie's shit, hell everything . He rubbed his neck feeling the tension there as he propped his feet up on an ottoman and closed his eyes. Silence, fuck if that wasn’t even better than gold right now.

He wasn't aware that someone had walked onto the patio from the beach until he looked up to find a woman in a large sunhat that shielded most of her face standing in front of him.

She handed him a letter. "Ah thanks, who sent this?" he asked but she had turned and left disappearing into the crowd on the beach. How odd was that? He noticed that the letter was addressed to him, just as Jon. He frowned as he opened it and started to read it, not believing what was being revealed to his astonished eyes.


I know it's been a long time, but not a day has gone past that I haven't thought about you and the time we had together over that summer. Things have changed so much and time has run away on us, but I am writing to you now to let you know that our love that summer created something far greater than a memory to last me a lifetime, our daughter Frankie. Frankie is 24 and deserves to know who her father is.

Jon I didn't want to tell you and ruin your life back then, you had so much promise and I was right, look how far you have come. Thing is Jon, I’m dying of cancer and I don't have much time left. No don’t feel sorry for me ok? I just have one request left, for Frankie to know who her father is. That's all she will have left in the world of her heritage.

I don't want money or anything of the like, I just want someone there for her when she needs it, a young woman going off into life without parents is a scary thing Jon. She's stubborn, cute and gorgeous like you were, you'd be so proud of her.

Jon, I do understand if you want nothing to do with her, I really do, I made a huge mistake keeping this from you for so long so if you honestly don't want anything to do with her just throw away this letter and carry on your life as it is. We're staying here in Villa 3042 if you want to see her. We're here till Friday.

Take care Jon,


Jon just stared at the letter "Well I'll be god damned" he said aloud. She'd finally decided to contact him. Thoughts and memories whooshed through him like a bullet train, back to the time when he realized why she'd done a runner. He'd tried to find her but it was like she'd vanished off the face of the earth. For years he'd tried, after learning that her name was Francesca, and again in 2004 after the song Lonely at the Top had been chosen for the compilation album, only to find they had moved, CC had always been one step ahead of him. He'd never told Dot, he had just assumed he'd never actually find her.

He wasn’t sure what to do, but he couldn’t tell Dot until he knew if this letter was fact, if the girl really WAS his Frannie. Fuck why did he think of her as Frannie?? He knew he wanted to see her, he had to be sure it WAS the baby he’d always known of but never had been able to find. God, what did she look like? What did she do? Did she look like him?

He knew he'd go insane thinking like this. He had to talk to someone and he just who would understand. Richie. He grabbed his cap and shades and headed down the beach.


Richie dragged his lips away from her as a moan fell from his lips. He lifted her down from the warm shower wall that she had been pressed firmly against, "God Darlin," his soft words vibrated along her lips.

She gasped as the now cool water sluiced over her feverish skin, her crystal blue eyes as hazy as a misty morning. "FUCK Prince, you’re insatiable." She giggled as she managed to arch against him; her legs still firmly entrenched at his waist. "Not that I'm complaining mind ya." Her head dipped in to capture his lips in a scorching kiss. "Not complaining at all."

He watched her naked form glisten with the beads of water than ran down her gorgeous body. He kissed her gently before stepping out of the shower with her he winked at her. "I certainly am not complaining," he joked as he wrapped a towel around her body. From her wet curly hair down to her piercing blue eyes she was every part as sexy as a woman needed to be.
She leaned into him, her lips sliding over his chest before nipping lightly at the patches of fur on his chest. "Just like Campbell’s soup Prince, your mmm mmmm good."

Richie chuckled, God the youth and exuberance that shone through was injecting a new found youthfulness with him, Damned if he didn’t feel alive again. "What flavor am I?" he teased kissing her nose lightly.

She dropped to her knees, her hand reaching to cup his sac as her lips whispered over his semi hard cock. “Chicken Noodle Prince, cuz Fuck me if this noodle ain’t fine.." She licked along the thick hardness before dragging her teeth lightly along the vein that throbbed along its length. "Definitely noodle."

He stifled a laugh that was more a growl than a laugh as the warmness of her mouth whispered across his shaft. "Cessssca," he groaned as he braced himself when she took him in.

He sauntered up to the door and knocked loudly. "HEY DEAN YOU IN?" He stood there a moment and heard a rather loud groan whispering from the open window to his right. OH FUCK to be sure not!! Well Richie would just have to stop jerking off, he needed to talk.

"COME ON DEAN open the fuck up!!" Jon yelled through the door.

She glanced up at the yelling and giggled softly as she let his hardness fall from her lips. "Prince baby I think your being paged."

"Fuck!! Its Frank, he has the most impeccable timing," he said as he picked up a towel and loosely knotted it around his waist. He wrapped Cesca's towel more firmly around her before dipping down to kiss the tip of her nose again. “I’ll get rid of him quick Lil Darlin. Be right back.”

He stalked to the door, nearly tempted to punch out his friend. "What?!" he yelled as he flung the door open, his eyes getting a good view of a very disturbed Jon.

Jon's brow arched as he moved past Richie into the cool interior. "Man I need to talk."

Richie saw the seriousness in his friends eyes. "Shit what’s wrong bro? Trouble on the home front?" He stood aside and let Jon walk in, concern written in his eyes.

Jon thrust the piece of paper out to his friend. "Fuck if it won't be bro. Remember what I told you about the summer of '84?"

Richie nodded as he recalled something about a child Jon may have had. His eyes widened as he read the letter. "Nooooooooo," Richie said looking up at his friend. "She's really here?" he asked.

Jon managed a shrug, a half sick look in his blue eyes. "It's what the letter says. Man what am I gonna do here? I hunted for CC and that kid for years, finally gave up and now?? Fuck me and Dot finally have gotten things settled, all the years of me dicking around resolved. NOW? SHIT man, what am I gonna do?

"Kidd, man this is HUGE. First you gotta see if it’s really her, I mean she must resemble you somehow ya know... if not get one of those DNA testy things done to prove it. You don’t have to tell Dot till we know for sure, we can cross that bridge when we come to it. You're gonna have to face it Kidd, it’s the only way, I know you won’t ignore it, its not in your blood" Richie said

Jon sighed softly and nodded. "I loved her man, shit, why now? And she’s dying? I'm the only thing LEFT of this kid’s, fuck this young woman's family? Shit Man, just fucking shit."

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