Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter Twenty Four

Richie led her off stage as fast as he could and into the awaiting car that was always on standby to take them back to the hotel. He grunted the name of his hotel room and immediately pulled Cesca onto his lap, his strong arms circling around her neck as he kissed her hard sucking every breath out from her being. “God it’s sooo good to see you princess. You have fuckin no idea just how much I missed ya.”

She wiggled back onto his lap her hands winding around his neck again, intense blue eyes searching his face. "I thought...."

“I know baby, I know, I coulda taken you right back there , but I want you where no one can hear you scream,” he murmured as his lips found her neck and kissed down tugging her dress strap off her shoulder and kissing tenderly down it his lips went further over the lace and his mouth found her nipple waiting her him hard against the soft lace as he chewed on it lightly.

Her back arched as fingers tightened into his hair. "Jesus Richie." She whimpered as his teeth grazed from one nipple to the next. She slid slowly, moving her legs to straddle him on the limo seat and began to rub against his crotch gently.

He groaned as her heat washed over his heat a sharp hiss escaping his lips as he continued to assault her breasts. Moving her down he placed her on the limo floor before lying on top of her, making sure the privacy divider went up before he devoured her like a wild beast.

“Hope you don’t like this dress too much” he whispered between nibbling down her neck before sinking his teeth lightly into her as some of the fabric began to rip. His hands slid up her legs aching for her wetness, he needed her now and nothing else mattered to him in this moment, not even where they were.

She bucked up against him, her eyes wide and wild with passion. Shoving her hand up under his shirt, she began to push it upwards and over his head, her head lifting to catch a taste of his sweat, scent and skin. With a soft moan she latched onto a hard pebbled nipple and began to nibble.

“Jesus, Fuck” he spluttered as he felt her warm lips on his nipple. “You feel so good, you smell so good, god I bet you taste good too” he said as he left her, there was nothing smooth about his movements as he slid off her thong and discarded it on the floor, lifting her skirt up he and pressing his face into her heavenly bundle he breathed in. “Good god, I have missed you,” he said as he dove in with his tongue licking her slippery folds.

Soft sighs soon turned into full throated moans as his tongue flickered and swept along her lips then inside, followed by his long lethal fingers that managed to press and wiggle along her ever tightening inner walls. "Richieeeeeeeeee!" She sobbed as she reached out to hold onto his hair, her body totally at his tender mercies.

He continued licking her as his thumb to circled her clit softly. With each lick he tasted heaven, she tasted that good. He sped up his movements as he realized they would be reaching the hotel soon and he wanted her release before that. He found her bead and massaged it lightly, feeling her buck and her screams were driving him wild calling to his cock like a moth to a flame.

Her body began to shudder as he teased her clit. She wanted to beg, to tell him exactly what she wanted but was unable to frame the words in her mind as he pushed her into desperation with just the flick of his tongue.

As the limo began to slow Richie knew they were at the hotel, he hurried his movements, his tongue, his thumb all working in perfect motion to deliver the perfect orgasm. “Come on baby, cum for me, please cum” he whispered into her bundle of nerves.

She was lost, lost in the sensation of his lips and tongue, her mind centered only on what he was doing. It was indecent, randy, forbidden with a risk of being caught that somehow had her flowing even more than usual. As his soft whisper coaxed a response she tensed and cried out from the pure fury of her orgasm.

Richie felt her buck and her juices flowed, lapping them like a hungry wolf he sat her up and pulled her dress down dragging her to the seat as the limo stopped and the driver promptly opened the door. Richie slid from the limo and turned, his hand reaching out for her. So intent was he at getting her into her arms so that her ripped dress wouldn’t be viewed he missed the paparazzi standing to his left clicking away. As he pulled her into his arms he held her close to his chest and began to walk swiftly into the hotel calling out a fast “Thank you kind sir.” Neither Frankie or Richie remembered his tee-shirt or her thong laying entwined on the limo floor.

Richie carried her swiftly into the hotel and past reception and into a secluded lift.
“You reach into my pocket for my keycard darlin?” he asked, his smirk widening into a naughty grin.

She glanced up at him a devious glimmer in her blue gaze. Reaching into his pocket she slowly moved her hand around for the elusive keycard, her fingers managing to brush over his steel hardness in the process. Ever so slowly she pulled the card from his pocket and smiled. "Got it."

Richie shuddered at his touch, one part of him wanted to slam the emergency stop button on the lift and take her right her and right now. As they reached her floor he carried her quickly out into the hallway and to her room. “Swipe us in darlin” he said wiggling his eyebrows.

She reached over and swiped the card quickly through the slot, then reached and opened the door as a grin began to play on her lips. "Eager are we?"

Richie snorted “I should get a medal for not fucking you on that stage back at the venue darlin, you have NO idea” he said as he hastily took her inside and slammed the door behind them. He placed her on the bed and looked at her flushed form. “Nope don’t need this any more” he said as he ripped the rest of the lace right off her leaving her naked underneath.

Her gaze slowly traveled along his form, from face to bare chest then down along his long length, stopping a moment to lick her lips at the obvious bulge. "And yet you still have clothes on."

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Lori said...

Love your story! Is there a "miracle cure" somewhere down the road, I hope?