Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Sixty Five

She looked into the mirror. It was so hard to believe. For a moment she closed her eyes and could almost smell her mom in the room, hear her soft voice as she oohed and ahhed over the gown. "Wish you were here mom."

She turned and smiled as Dot and Stephy walked in with her flowers, and started helping adjust everything just so. She managed to Nod as Dot asked if she was ok. The "ya sure." had her giggling. Dot sounded so much like mom when she caught her out in a lie. "Ok ok Dot, scared to death, what if I trip?"

Dot grinned, "honey Jon wont let ya, don’t you worry."

Frankie smiled. It was good seeing the pinched look gone from Jon's face the last day or so. Seems he and Dot had talked long into the night the day they all ended up in Jersey, and she was sure a certain angel in heaven had earned a new set of wings that day.

As the music started she took a deep breath and nodded to Dot. "Ok send the old man in."

Dot laughed softly as she stepped to the door. "Honey don’t ever call him old to his face he'll just say..."

Frankie snorted and finished the sentence with Dot, "not old just older."

Dot stepped out and nodded to Jon, "She's ready baby."

Jon nodded and stepped through the door and had his breath taken away. She was a vision and looked just like a princess in her ivory dress. "Honey you're gonna kill him before you even marry him."

Frankie laughed, "and ain’t that the point Dad?" She linked her arm through his as they stepped out into the hall and walked to the beginning of the aisle as the wedding march began to play.

Jon’s eye teared up and one managed to track along his face. She'd called him Dad, on this day, after all that had happened she'd finally called him dad. His smile grew into its mega watt brilliance as he started with her down the aisle.

Richie stood at the altar as the music began to play, it was hard to believe that they were just here days ago for CC's funeral, Frankie still insisted that she wanted to get married here and Richie agreed it was just perfect.

Frankie had of course had a rough few days but she was better, Richie knew every once and awhile she was off thinking about her mom, but it was natural and would take time. Between him, Jon and Dot, she had plenty of support now, Richie was so pleased Dot came around and could sense her motherly instinct to Frankie now, she would never replace CC but just be a friend to her when she needed it.

As the doors opened to reveal his bride and now proud father, Richie forgot he was standing in front of anyone, as the vision in white stole his heart away, she looked like a real life princess, the flowing gown and the little tiara to match, her hair all piled on her head cascading in ringlets around her face, Richie had never see something as beautiful since Ava was born.

Tears swelled to his eyes, his princess was finally here, and he felt like the luckiest man alive right now.

Jon escorted her down the aisle, fighting the tears that threatened. He glanced down and saw Richie's stunned face and bit back a grin. Man he looked totally stunned, not something you saw every day. As their walk ended he turned to Frankie and kissed her cheek then turned to Richie.

Before putting Frankie's hand in Richie's he grinned wickedly, "Are ya sure man? I hear she's a handful."

"Yeah I am sure, although I hear her father’s worse," he grinned as he took her hand.

Jon stepped over to Dot and watched as the minister spoke of the responsibilities of marriage. Although Richie had been there before, he knew this time he wouldn’t have to worry, this one was destined to last.

As they came to the I do's everyone rolled when Richie did his I do before the preacher was even finished saying the words. With a shrug and bashful Grin the man of the hour turned to the people assembled and quipped, "Whaaaa? I’m eager, there’s a wedding night to get too."

With the final words spoken they turned as the minister shook his head, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Richie Sambora." with a wince that spoke volumes the preacher continued. "Yeah you can kiss the bride now."

Richie smiled and leaned in to his princess "No turning back now Princess," his lips met hers in a sensational kiss, as he dipped her in his arms and took her breath away before standing her upright and kissing her gently on the lips.
"Hello Princess Sambora" he teased lightly as his forehead pressed against hers.

She winked up at him and smiled and placed her hand in his. "Hello Husband."

Richie took her hand "You know she'd be damn proud of you today don't ya" Richie whispered.

Frankie smiled and leaned close. "I know she's here, watching over us."

As they walked down the aisle and into the reception area Frankie grinned. The wedding was just the start. Now came the time for celebration. They stood and greeted all their family and friends and laughed as the party turned into one loud boisterous party.

From the cutting of the cake, where Richie ended up with cake on his face and she didn’t, to the throwing of the flowers and garter, everyone was in high form. As the dancing started, Richie reluctantly let her go for the traditional father-daughter dance.

As that dance ended Jon walked up and with a chuckle handed Frankie back over to his best Friend. "Is this what your looking for?”

Richie grinned widely "Too right I am, thanks Frank about time," he winked at him as he took his new bride back into his arms. In his arms she was, and he didn’t intend to ever let her go.

She wrapped her arms around her husband and turned back to Jon. "Thank you so much, for everything."

Richie smiled, couldn’t believing ever in the 25 odd years he'd known Jon what he was about to say. "Yeah thanks DAD," he winked.

Jon blinked a moment and shook his head. "This ONE time I won’t kick your ass for that one Dean."

Frankie shook her head and started to laugh. "Umm guys? Really calling him Dad just ain’t gonna work."

Richie snorted "And why not, he is my Dad now you know."

Frankie grinned, "You might wanna get used to calling him something else."

"Oh trust me I call him a lot of things" Richie teased still not getting what she was on about.

Jon's gaze flickered between them, "Ok other than God, Boss, Jon, Frank and Oh shit, what can this damned idiot call me Frankie?"

Frankie grinned and winked, "Grandpa."

Frankie's laughter echoed in the room as two jaws collectively dropped.


Chapter Sixty Four

Frankie sat and placed her hands on the table, "Mom died. We buried her today, and well, I wanted to thank you I guess."

Dots heart wrenched, no wonder she looked terrible. "I'm sorry to hear that honey, but thank me for what?" she asked confused. What was she doing her on the day she buried her mother she wondered.

"You could have made the last few months horrible, but you didn't. Jon, Dad," she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "He risked it all and you could have just taken it all from him. He made it better you gotta know that. I think him being there kept her alive longer."

Frankie glanced up as the tears started to fall. "He risked everything to get to know me, to make Mom's final days good. He’s a great guy and I know he loves you too. I've seen him sometimes, when he thinks no one is looking?? He’s always staring at this picture. I saw it once, it was of you and him. He risked losing you to help my mom though."

She stopped and studied Dot intently, "You can't hold it against him, I mean I know he’s been a dog in the past, hell anyone that knows the band knows that, but its sorta an odd situation, and well I guess I wanted to know if you could forgive him. He's hurting Mrs. Bongiovi, and I think you could help that."

She started to sob softly, "He knew he was gonna lose Mom, he risked you to give her peace. Don’t make him lose you too."

Dot watched her as she explained the whole thing to her. Her husband, the one she knew she still loved and adored, did risk everything for Frankie, and her mother, and it seemed it was the right thing to do in this instance.

"Oh honey" Dot said as she reached out her hand to hers. "I am glad he was there for you both, I really am, it seems me to now that it was the right thing in a very odd situation to do, and maybe I should have given him a better chance to explain, I knew about CC, that was before he met me, and I know how much he loved her, she was his first love, and I need to thank your mother because she pushed him to be who he is today" Dot admitted.

Dot knew that she couldn’t hold this over Jon, she hadn’t been entirely convinced it was the right thing to do in the first place and now seeing his daughter, here defending him, she knew what she had to do, she missed him like crazy and so did the kids, she had to forgive him for having a heart, and that was the end of it.
"Joanna, I will talk to him, I promise you, I will"

"I do miss him a lot and I still love him" she admitted.

Frankie smiled. "I'm getting married, in two days believe it or not. I'd like for you to be there." She glanced up as she heard the cab take off. "Well hell he didn’t wait." she glanced up at Dot, a rueful look on her face.

Dot smiled "Wow, congratulations, who’s the lucky guy?" she asked, there was something about this girl Dot liked, something good.

Frankie grinned and brightened, "You won't believe me, but its someone you know."

Dot shook her head, the brief vision of her back at the amusement park in the Bahamas with Richie crossed her mind."Its not!" she exclaimed erupting into a laugh.

Frankie started to laugh. "Well if by its not you mean Richie?? Then yeah It is."

Dot shook her head "Sambora the devil eh, well all I can say is he’s a crazy man, but he has the purest and biggest heart, oh wow, Jon must of freaked at this," she said her eyes widening. "Now I am sad I missed out on all that" she teased

Frankie managed a blush, "Well lets just say he's getting a crash course in adult daughters who have boy friends with rather active libidos?"

Dot laughed "Oh no, well that’s Richie for you, that is so Richie, and if Jon allows me, I would love to come to the wedding," she smiled "I better give these guys a call to come and get you, do they know you are here?" Dot asked.

Frankie blushed, "Umm, well no, I sort of slipped away from the funeral to come here."

Dot shook her head "Determined aren’t you just like someone else I know well" she smiled as she flipped her cell phone open and dialed Jon’s number.

Jon flipped his cell open without checking the ID. He and Richie had looked every where for Frankie and Richie was starting to get worried. "Talk to me."

"Hey babe its me, how you holding up"

Jon's eyes widened as he stopped dead in his tracks. "Dot?"

She chuckled "Yeah its me, surprised huh? I was just as surprise to get a visit this afternoon from a very familiar looking young lady, she’s right here, we've been having a good talk."

Jon's brow winged into his hairline. "Frankie's there?"

"Yeah she is, she came here after the funeral to tell me all about how her father looked after her mother and her so well in the last month or so, and risked all he had for that, and how possibly he was feeling very lost now, and missed his family," her voice broke a little as she got it out

Jon's eyes closed as he gripped the phone tighter, his voice going hoarse at what he heard. "She said that huh?”

Dot smiled "She did babe, seems that Bongiovi heart of gold runs deep. I miss you so much, and I'm sorry"

"Are you saying what I think you're saying Dot?" He closed his eyes and prayed for absolution, that she'd forgive him this one time meant more than he'd admit.

Dot smiled feeling her own tears "I'm saying we have a lot to talk about for sure, but I'm saying its time for you to come home Jon, it sounds like you will need it having Sambora as a son in law" she snorted lightly.

Jon snorted then started to laugh, "Oh god babe, don’t remind me of that one."

"I am still reeling myself, but how about you both come and pick her up and we can introduce her to her new brothers and sister huh"

Dot smiled at Frankie.

"We'll be there as fast as possible babe, and Dot? "

"Yeah babe" she said

"Thanks." Jon smiled as he closed his phone and looked up, "YO DEAN!"

Richie looked up at Jon who had a shit eating grin on his face. "You just win the lottery?"

Jon nodded, "Something damn near close. Come on we're going to Jersey."

"Jersey? Is this really the time Frank, I mean I need to find Frankie," Richie said confused that Jon seemed to damn happy all of a sudden.

Jon walked up and grabbed his friend by the arm. "Well considering she’s in Jersey Richie, ya might wanna ride along with me. Seems my girl, your bride took a little trip to Jersey today."

"What in god’s name is she doing there?" Richie asked confused

Jon snorted, "Repairing my marriage bro."

Richie raised his eyebrows "Well I'll be god damned she did huh, its about bloody time, leave it to us, we'll sort ya love life out Kidd, Jeesh" Richie rolled his eyes with a grin.

Jon laughed, "She's a surprise a second that girl. Now come on. We got a ride ahead of us."

"And she's all mine" Richie said proudly.

Jon shook his head, "She was mine first man, I helped in the production."

The two men laughed as they strolled to the car, their destination a home by a river that held both their futures.

Chapter Sixty Three

She stood looking at the window, her normally vibrant face pinched and tight. Instead of last minute wedding preparations she was dealing with a funeral. God life just wasn't fair. She turned a moment and saw Jon enter the living room, his normally pleasing looks as pinched and drawn as hers. Hell he even managed to make all black look good. her blue eyes lifted as she fought back the tears.

He looked at her and his heard twisted. She looked like a lost little girl instead of the lively adult he'd grown to know. "It'll be ok baby girl, really. I know it doesn't seem so, but it will."

Frankie twisted her ring as the tears threatened again. "Yeah, so you and Richie keep telling me." She shivered as her gaze turned back to the sunny day outside. "Shouldn't be so fucking cheerful looking should it?"

He walked to stand beside her, his blue eyes taking in the day. "Well the heavens are rejoicing baby girl. They have a new angel today."

"And the Good lord wont know why he waited so long to have her there" Richie chimed in as he walked all clad in black with a black Stetson on his head, he stood between them both and wrapped an arm around both of them. "This is a day to celebrate, not mourn, your mother was a beautiful human being and we need to honor that, not by crying, she would hate it, you know she would. We've got so much good to look forward to, and its all because of her" Richie said as they all stood watching the day.

Frankie managed a smile. "You always do know what to say Prince." She looked up at the Stetson and shivered. "Shit you both do black way too well."

Richie laughed "Yeah but I look better don’t I darlin?' he teased

Frankie laughed, "Naturally, but then I’m biased."

Jon rolled his eyes and turned, "Come on you two. Let’s get this party started."

The afternoon passed, as friends came together to say goodbye to a woman all agreed had been an angel on earth. Frankie, constantly flanked by Jon and Richie managed to hold up til the very end, her tears seemingly misplaced during the entire procession.

As things came to and end and each person walked forward to place their rose on the coffin she smiled at them all and agreed it had been a lovely service, but in a quiet moment, when the eddy of people surrounded Richie and Jon she slipped away. There was something she had to do, something her mom had whispered to her had taken root. She had to take care of Jon.

She quickly moved to the cars and slipped into an awaiting cab. Giving the address she was gone before anyone noticed her leaving.

Jon glanced up as the first group of family members moved down the line, his eyes squinting in the afternoon sun. "Dean."

"Yeah Frank" he said as he watched on.

"Where’s Frankie?"

Richie looked around and he was right, she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.
"Maybe she just wanted some time out, its been a big day, she promised me she wouldn’t hide from me today so she just must be talking to someone" Richie was a little confused though.


The cab stopped at the gates of the estate on the Navesink River she shivered. This was not going to be easy, but it had to be done. Rolling down her window she pushed the button on the call box.

Dorothea had just finished her afternoon training session when the gate buzzer went. "Hello?" she asked

"Hello, This is... Joanna Benson, I need to speak to Dorethea Bongiovi. Is she in?"

"This is she, Joanna? Jon's daughter?" she asked

"Yes, I.. well I need to speak with you. Is it possible?" Frankie closed her eyes and prayed the woman would be accommodating.

"Sure come in" she said politely as she buzzed the gates to open. She walked outside to meet her, what could she possibly want? Jon and hers contact had been strictly related to the kids in the past month, she hadn’t been ready to hear him out about this.

She watched as the young woman dressed in a black dress, the spitting image of her husband walked up the driveway.

Frankie stopped and stared into the eyes of Jon's wife, and tried to smile. "I guess I don't need to introduce myself, but, I'm Joanna Frances Benson."

"Pleased to meet you Joanna, I am Dot, is everything ok?" she asked noticing the girls pale expression and tired eyes.

"Not really, not yet. I gotta fix something, and well, only you can fix it I think."

Dot led her to the patio and showed her to a chair. "Fix what exactly?"

Chapter Sixty Two

Richie walked into the room and closed the door, CCs pale complexion haunted him. He perched on the edge of her bed and took her hand. "Hey lil darlin" he gently said as his tears built in his eyes.

CC smiled "Richie my love, I just wanted to thank you for coming into Frankie's life, you've changed her for the better and in 24 years I have never seen her so damn happy, ever" CC wiped her tears and closed her eyes and took a sharp breath.

"CC its my pleasure, she means the world to me, and I promise you no matter what happens I will never hurt her, ever, and I will be here for her for the rest of her life, I mean it, I would die for her before I let her get hurt" Richie vowed.

CC nodded and smiled "I know you would, Richie, you've been a great friend to Jon all these years and now you are marrying my daughter, I couldn’t ask for more, you gotta take care of both of them for me, they will need you" she bit back a sob. "I wish I could see Frankie attempt married life with you, god I wish that" she chuckled through her tears. "But in all honesty Richie Sambora, I couldn’t have hoped for a better man to love my baby girl," she said honestly.

"Oh CC darlin" Richie embraced her tightly "I will take care of them I promise, I promise" he murmured "You'll kick my ass from up there if I don’t, I know ya will" he joked.

"Damn right I will, I worry about Jon, just make sure he's ok, I know he'll pretend he is, but you know him" CC smiled.

"That I do, that I do, rest well CC, you'll soon be at peace and just your beautiful soul will remain as it was meant to be" he kissed her forehead and stood up and walked back out to the waiting area. The pained look on Jon and Frankie’s identical blue eyes greeted him. He just nodded and stroked Frankie’s cheek, "Its all you Princess, we'll be right here if you need us"

She pulled from Jon's arms and with a quick swipe of her hand wiped tears from her face. Taking a deep breath she reached up on tip toe for a gentle kiss from Richie, more for strength than anything else. Closing her eyes she turned and slipped through the door.

Making her way to the bed she reached out to take her Mom's hand. "Hi Mom,"

CC smiled at her beautiful daughter, her whole life's meaning wrapped up into this beautiful girl. "Hey baby" she smiled as she took her hand in both of hers.

"Frankie I want you to listen to me ok baby, just listen to me and come here" she pulled her in close to her chest. "Lie with me"

She slipped onto the bed and curled up next to her mom, her hand twisting into her hair just like she did as a baby. "You gotta get better Mom. You can't miss the wedding doggonit."

CC smiled "I'm not going to be there baby, and I am so sorry, I wish more than anything that I could, I really do" she sobbed but just held her daughter closer to her body.

"He don’t know anything about dresses or hair. Whose gonna do all that? See ya gotta be there. Frankie shivered and forced herself to stop, Mom didn't need this, not now. "What did ya wanna tell me mom?"

She laughed as her mind curled around Jon running around on their wedding day.
"He'll do just fine, you will see, and I didn’t tell you because I wanted to you to enjoy every moment of this, you've been so happy and so have I, happier than I have ever been in a long long time, and your father did that, you need to know that, he’s risked everything for us Frankie, his marriage, his kids, but he hasn’t regretted a second of it, he's made of gold and in time I know you will see why I loved him so much and you will too"

Her voice was husky with tears as she looked up into the eyes she'd miss more than life. "Hell Mom, I already know that. But its so much fun to give him grief. He's so funny when he looks like he's swallowed sour milk."

"Just like someone else I know" she chuckled "I don’t doubt you and Richie will give him a lot to cringe about, and make you sure do, he loves it really" she pulled her daughter tighter. "Frankie I need you to know that you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I never regretted one second of having you and raising you the way I did. I only regret not telling you about your father, but I hope in time you can forgive me for that as you now know, and make sure you ask him about the song, he wrote about you, Frankie, I am so proud to be your mother and you are a wonderful wonderful human being in this often cruel world"

CC bit back more tears as she stroked her Frankie’s hair and breathed in the smell of it one more time.

She held tight to her mother as the tears began to flow in earnest. "I love you mom. I'll miss you forever."

"I will miss you too honey, and I love you more than life itself, and if someone told me at the beginning of all this I would only have this much time with you, I would take knowing that. I have had a wonderful life and been so blessed with you, but now its time for you to start yours, and you have a wonderful loving man to do that with, don’t be afraid to ever lean on him, as he's ready for you and he's so strong, and Frankie, my god he loves you so much and he's going to make you so happy, I know he is"

Frankie leaned in for a moment her lips brushing close to her mom’s ear. “I’ll remember that mom, but I need to tell you something, I NEED for you to know.” She leaned into her ear and whispered softly. “But shhhhh is a wedding gift.”

She looked up into her mom's eyes, ready to say more when she saw her eyes close. Somewhere deep within her a wail built as monitors started to screech. "NOooooo!" She wrapped her arms tighter and started rocking. "ohhhh mommie, Noooooo!"

Richie jolted when doctors and nurses scrambled into the room and the familiar heart wrenching sound of life support stopping filled the air. He looked up at Jon.
"So sorry bro" he said as he hugged him hard.

"Always Frankie love you always" CC breathed her last words in this life as her body gave way and she found peace at last.

Chapter Sixty One

When CC had slumped Frankie had went to the floor with her, her hands reaching for her mom as tears began to trace her cheeks. Her soft voice quavered as the "No!" went from soft moan to heart rending cry. She watched as the attendants rushed in and bundled her mom into the ambulance, watched as Jon crawled in behind her and she couldn't move. Before she knew it she was bundled into Richie's arms and taken to a car, and on their way to follow the ambulance to Sloan Kettering.

Screams, they seemed to come from everywhere, the ambulance as they raced through the night to follow it, her head as she kept screaming no internally. Not now, not so close to the wedding. God please, let this just be a small hiccup, something medicine can fix for the wedding.

A small shaking hand reached out to grab onto Richie's as her tortured blue gaze was focused on the flashing blue lights only paces ahead of them. "She's gotta be ok, she's gotta...." Tear filled eyes managed to rip themselves from the streak of white racing through the night. "Tell me she’s gonna be ok."

"She's going to be ok, she’s a fighter your mom, shhhh darlin" he clung his hand onto her own. Richie's gut wrenched as he wasn't totally convinced of this, he had a bad bad feeling, this was all too familiar to him.

Her eyes turned to the screaming flash of white and began to shake as it pulled into the hospital, Richie's car rigth behind it. She inhaled sharply, not wanting to go in, not wanting to face what she knew was coming. "Its' not fair, we only had a couple more days til teh wedding, she should get to be there dammit."

She held tight to Richie as he helped her from the car and walked her into the hospital. Before she knew it they were in the hall with Jon, three sentinels awaiting the moment the doctor finally exited the room.

The Doctor came out and cast his eyes on to the three of them. "CC Benson's family?" he asked

Richie took charge "Yes we are, how is she doc?" Richie asked as Frankie clung onto her.

The doctor's expression didn't flicker "She's relapsed, and she's been heavily sedated for the pain, so she's more comfortable now, but now would be the time to go and see her, her body has come to the end of its fight, and its just a matter of time, I am so sorry, but your all most welcome to stay as long as it takes, she asked to see a Jon first" he said.

Frankie’s eye's closed as heart wrenched into two pieces. She glanced up at Jon and bit back a soft cry. "Go on, make her feel better dammit, that's what superman does."

Jon winced and pulled Frankie into a hug. "I'll do my best baby girl." As he turned to walk into the room he watched Richie pull Frankie into a hug. The final sounds he heard as the door closed was Frankie’s soft broken hearted cry.

Walking over to the bed he leaned in and brushed a knuckle softly over CC's cheek. "Hey baby, I'm here."

CC opened her eyes and as she did she saw the face of a young Jersey boy she fell in love with many years ago, she started her life and now he was here at the end of it. "Hey you" she managed still being able to speak as she requested that to the doctors not to drug her too hard so she could.

"Jon, my baby, you risked everything for us, and I am so grateful you were here in the end for us all, especially me, Jon" she stopped as she felt tears slide down her face. "I am so sorry I waited so long to tell you about Frankie, but I have to say you gave me the most wonderful gift in the world, more than you will ever know, she made my life worth every minute of living it"

He leaned over pressing his forehead to hers as his lips traced hers gently. "Man, you've given me so much, I loved you from the first, and I can only thank God that you finally found me again."

She lifted her hand to his cheek and brushed it softly "I love you so much, I always have and I always will, your my Jersey boy and you've grown into a wonderful Jersey man and I am so lucky that Frankie will have you from now on, you take care of her Jon, she'll drive you crazy I know she will, but you hold on, as she’s worth every second of it baby, god I love you so much and I am going to miss those eyes"

He shook his head and forced back the tears and sighed, 'I'll miss yours more baby." His lips touched hers again as his fingers traced her cheek. "I don’t know if you ever heard it, but I wrote a song once, about the little girl I never got to know."

He managed a chuckle, "She'd kill me to know i always thought of her as a Frannie til I met her though."

She smiled "I didn’t know that Jon, you really wrote a song? I should have known, make you sure you tell her, it will show her that you thought about her all that time" CC managed a laugh "She hates being called that just FYI"

He leaned closer, his lips brushing over his ear as he softly began to sing.

Tell Frannie I'm sorry she didn't get to know her dad
I'll bet he's sorry he didn't get to know you too
Tell her there'll be people saying things that make her sad
How her daddy felt alone, how he was hurtin' bad
I guess that won't be too far from the truth
Yeah, it's lonely at the top
Happy is one thing it's not
I was jaded, suffocated; it got too hard to breathe
But never got as high as I needed to be
You know life becomes worthless when they steal your dreams
I just couldn't live with what was left for me
And I couldn't run far enough from the truth - what's the use?
Yeah, it's lonely at the top
Happy is one thing it's not
Before you know you find yourself alone and looking down
No one there can help you stop before you hit the ground
It's lonely at the top
Tell Frannie I'm sorry - I better kiss her when she cries
I'm sorry I left her, never said goodbye
Didn't mean to leave you all alone but then the music died
Though the song remains the same, I couldn't live that lie
You know that ain't too far from the truth
And you know that ain't too far from the truth
Yeah, it's lonely at the top
Happy's one thing it's not
Before you know you find yourself alone and looking down
No one there to help you stop before you hit the ground
Yeah, it's lonely at the top
Yeah, it's lonely at the top

He kissed her again gently. "Most of my good stuff was cuz of you. Shhh its our secret ok?" He managed to smile as a tear escaped his eye.

Tears stained her eyes as the melody flowed through her, sad that she had really kept her from him all those years but knowing now they were together and meant to be, she had no doubt Jon would grow to love her. She wiped it away with her finger "Same here, you take care Jon Bongiovi and know what ever happens, I love you"

He nodded as he straightened. "Always." He shook his head and forced the tears back again. "Want to see her now baby?"

"I want to see Richie first, and then Frankie" she winced a little as the pain was starting to seep through all the sedation. "Look after my baby"

He nodded "You know I will babe. You know I will." He turned and moved through the door and looked at Richie. "She wants to talk to you man." He held out his arms and waited for Richie to transfer his daughter into his care.

Richie took in horror Jon's tear stained face, he just nodded as he kissed Frankie on the forehead and passed her gently to Jon.

She curled into Jon’s arms and the tears wouldn't stop. "She's better right?? Tell me she’s better."

Jon bit back his tears as he had to tell his daughter the hardest thing. "I'm sorry baby, she's not this time" he sniffled trying to keep strong for her.

Frankie shuddered as her arms wrapped tightly around Jon and let the tears continue.

Chapter Sixty

Cc watched the scene around her and even though her insides were screaming, her outside was beaming watching her son in law to be, showing his new fiancee off to his band mates and friends. The last week had flown past and preparations for the wedding were all set for a few days later.

Unknown to most CC had felt her body start to give way, she knew it wasn’t long, but she never spoke about it. She just fought it every step way; it was not going to get in the way of this glorious night, this was all about her daughter and her fiancee and Jon, who had made the effort to bring everything together. She watched on quietly as Jon raised an eyebrow her way and came over. He could read her like a book damn it.

He slipped an arm around her and leaned closer, "You ok babe?"

She nodded "Fine baby, just tired but I will be fine" she said forcing a smile onto her lips and kissing him gently on the cheek. "Thanks for tonight, this really means a lot to her, I know it does"

He held tight to her fragile body, knowing she was lying and unable to put it to words. He chuckled softly against her ear, "You're a terrible liar. She only cares about that big guitarist and you." His hands slid over her back, able to feel the bones through her skin, "Don’t you dare lie to me, I know you’re hurting. I brought your meds just in case."

His hands sent soft shivers across her body. She knew Jon knew her too well.

"I will take some more pain killer soon, I promise after the speeches," she smiled as she stroked his face "Stop worrying" her soft eyes teasing him, as she silently held a wince of pain shooting through her.

She laughed at the jokes Richie told, her blue eyes often finding her mom and Jon. He'd been so good to her mom, and it had endeared him to her more than anything else. Her arm slid around Richie as she glanced over again. Mom was smiling, but she could see the paleness that usually said she was hurting. "Baby, let’s go over to mom a moment."

Richie excused himself from their company "Sure, Princess, everything ok?" he asked as his arm snaked around her.

She shook her head, "Not sure, she just looks kinda pale." She began the walk towards CC only to have David meet them there.

"Yooooooooo King, I have your wedding Present!" David's bright eyes and smile coasted over them all, "I hear its something you and the misses to be can't do without."

Richie just laughed "Unless you have got my cock in there then we only need each other," he winked pulling her in close but eyeing David suspiciously.

David grinned, "Maybe not that, but something just as good dude. I swear." He handed over the box and started snickering as the heavy box nearly tipped Richie over. "Go ahead, unwrap it man. You'll see its the perfect pick me up."

Frankie glanced at her mom and winked. "Well this should be good."

Richie nearly dropped the heavy box onto his foot as he lay it down.
"Jesus Joker, this your rock collection?" he asked as he started to tear the paper off the box.

"Naaah man, Its your rocks collection." David turned towards Jon and winked. "I hear its a family thing."

Richie shook his head, god knows what was in this box, as he revealed the box, Richie snorted and felt his cheeks begin to flush. "Fuck me" Richie exclaimed standing up and looking at Frankie.

Frankie took a step forward and reached into the box only to pull out a can.. "What the holy fuck?" She glanced at the label and started to laugh.

Richie roared with laughter, a carton of fuckin Campbells Chicken Noodle soup, he couldn't believe it as the whole room erupted into laughter. "I am going to kill you" he said grabbing Joker playfully by the neck and strangling him.

David squeaked and pointed at Jon, "Kill him he suggested it."

Richie released his hands and turned to Jon and laughed "You never got over finding that can of soup did ya?" he teased. "You'll always wonder what it was for" Richie teased winking at Frankie.

Jon shook his head, "It haunts me man," he shivered dramatically, "Til my dying day it will haunt me."

Richie snorted "Well thank you guys, this will keep Frankie busy when I am not at home" he joked.

Frankie managed to turn beet red, "I'll send a few with him on tour, keep him busy too." She glanced over at CC, who she'd told the secret of the can to. "Won't it mom?"

She smiled as a pain of phenomenal power slipped through her body, something was very wrong. "Absolutely baby, absolutely," she forced a smile.

Jon felt her flinch, felt her start to shake and glanced at Richie, "Bro,"

Richie saw Kidd's worried look. "What is it?"

Jon glanced at Frankie who was teasing David then back to Richie and whispered, "Call an ambulance now."

Richie's eyes widened as he realized exactly what that meant. He walked to the side and flipped open his cell phone calling one straight away as he began to feel sick at what was about to unfold.

Richie rushed to her side "The ambulance is on its way Princess" he soothed, he shook his head at David and company they politely carried on and didn’t stare.

CC felt her world spin, the pain was so excruciating she knew something was very wrong as she clung onto Jon's arms.

Frankie turned to her Mom to just in time to see CC slump in Jon's arms. "MOM!"

Chapter Fifty Nine

Richie eyed her and sat down on her chair in the room and picked up some hair magazine and flipped the pages nonchalantly.
"SO what ya doing?" he teased

She stretched slowly in the chair, her back arching slightly, "Nothing."

"Same, just sitting here and reading" he said holding all self control deep inside him as he crossed his long legs. His heat beginning to ache, as he could see the lacy skin from the corner of his eye.

She lifted her leg and propped it over the chair arm. "Finding anything good there?" Soft blue eyes turned smoky as she watched his long fingers flip through pages.

He gulped as naked leg came into view. "Yeah, thinking about getting a hair cut, there are some wonderful styles in here" he said flicking through the woman's magazine.

She stood slowly her thumbs sliding into the waistband of her panties teasingly pretending to slip the strips of lace down. "Cut your hair, get cut off from all things good."

Richie bit back a gasp as he could clearly see what she was doing so he took a new approach. He stood up and stripped his clothes off leaving himself standing naked. He walked over to her and leaned across her, his cock brushing along the top of her thigh, he grabbed the lotion and stood back squirting some into his palms.

She glanced back over her shoulder, a slight smile on her lips. "Changed your mind about the hair cut?"

"Nope" he said as he rubbed his arms to smooth the lotion down them.

She pulled her thumbs from her panties and grinned. "We can have it done the same day. I'm thinking of cutting mine for the wedding." She lifted her arms slowly and held her hair up to a short page boy length. "Bout this short."

He leaned over her growling in her ear "You know, you are never cutting that hair off, ever" he purred into her ear as he licked the lobe. His self control just like that went up in a cloud of smoke. He picked up one of her small hands and placed her thumb in his mouth and sucked gently on it, just the hint of her taste was there and sent him wild.

She whimpered softly as his tongue teased her finger. "Soo that means you're keeping yours long."
He nodded and released her thumb. "I think you like long things " he whispered as he pulled her to her feet and pushed her down on the bed followed by himself, his mouth pressing hard on her lips.

Her arms wound about his neck as her tongue flickered along his. "Mmmm, something like that."

His lips tasted her lips before sampling her neck as he tickled kisses all the way down her silken valley to her breasts. Still taken in by the glorious sight he reached behind her and freed them from their lace captive, his mouth finding the rosy tip and licking appreciatively like the cat that got the cream.

She tilted her head and slowly licked along his neck, her hands roaming from his hair down along his back as she arched and wiggled against him. She groaned as his hands, still slick with lotion began to glide over her skin, heating her up and driving her shit bent crazy.

Richie left her breasts and floated his mouth across her skin down her bikini line licking along the curve he tugged with his fingers her panties as they slipped off her thighs and down her legs he followed them with his mouth, kissing, nipping and licking as he went.

She lost herself in the sensation of his lips and hands as her eyes closed, her ever present need raging to near out of control bounds. As his hands slipped up along her inner thighs only to teasingly brush over her mound she bit her lip and groaned.

His tongue found her burning heat as he lapped it up like fire on his tongue licking and teasing his way up her slick lips to her bud teasing and sucking gently., as his hands roamed across her body finding her breasts caressing, tweaking and brushing his thumb across her nipples he began to beg her body to cum.

She tumbled into the abyss, her soft whimpers turning to cries as his mouth drove her towards the place that held only them. Her hands lit down on his head before holding him tighter to her. "Please.."

He moved away from her mound and trailed back up her body to slide on top of her, his ever growing need of desire was at breaking point. "I cant hold much longer, you make me crazzzy" he whispered as he slid into her and wrapped her legs gently around his waist.

Shudders began to race over her body as he wrapped her legs around his waist, his lips tormenting hers with gentle kisses as his hands paid homage to her skin. "I never can around you either." Her moans fell from her lush lips as she felt him begin to move.

Rolling into deeply he felt himself begin to penetrate her walls, "God damnn" he muttered as he continued to thrust, every inch of himself going into her and back out, his mouth hungrily invaded her wanting more, as his tongue danced over hers, his moans became whimpers as he began to build.

She arched against him, one leg sliding up a bit on his back causing a deeper thrust as she whined against his lips. Slender hands slid along his back to cup his ass before roaming back up into his hair.

He drove into her harder and faster, grunts filled his throat as he his body began to surge in the swell only she could cause. "Ces, god, baby.........fuck" he bucked as his need took over sending him to another zone.

She screamed as he filled her and spilled into her, her body responding to him with a overwhelming tight pulsing. "Oh god."

He panted as he relented his need, deep shaky breaths echoed onto her lips as he slumped down on her. "Jesus, I may need to take life insurance out, you're gonna kill me Princess"

Glazed blue eyes focused on him, "YOU need it?? Hell so do I."

"Well we can get a two for the price of one" he chuckled as he rolled onto his back taking her with her settling her into his chest.

She lay her head on his chest and sighed softly. "I do love you."

"I love you too Princess, now and forever" he whispered as he pulled her tightly.