Friday, June 20, 2008

Chapter Seventeen

The next few hours were spent in enjoyable companionship as the threesome roamed the park. No ride was left unridden as masculine snorts and female screams joined in with all the others around. It was a perfect time, from the smell of food wafting on the beach air to the sounds of tinny ride music set to tease and thrill.

CC and Frankie's laughter rang out often as Richie tried repeatedly to win them some stuffed animal or another from the myriad of games littering the boardwalk and park. After supporting the next game masters youngest child's college education he threw up his arms and growled out a loud, "Im a fuckin’ guitarist, not baseball player."

Frankie started to titter, then laugh at his infuriated look. "Aww Prince you know the games are rigged right?"

He sighed "I know but I wanted to win you something pretty darlin" he chuckled pulling her in for a kiss.

"Anyone want some drinks or cotton candy? My treat, "he said

Frankie grinned, "something cool to drink for me. Mom?"

"Same here, root beer will be fine Richie" she said watching him saunter off.


She wandered the park deep in thought. Jon had been so scarce lately. Something was bothering him and she knew it, but what? Whenever she asked him about it he just shrugged and said Richie was having a rough time.

She rolled her eyes at the thought. He'd been Jon's best friend since the early 80's had known him as long as he knew her. Sambora was the damned devil that kept luring her husband off into God knows what on a regular occurrence, but this was supposed to be their little get away, and then suddenly Richie was invited. Jon had promised it wouldn't interfere, but damned if it wasn't.

She glanced up and sighed. That's where he was right now, off with Richie somewhere, some new writing spree he had claimed. As she turned to head back to the hotel she caught wind of a tall dark headed figure. Richie? What the hell was HE doing here?

She watched as he walked over to two women and handed them a drink, watched as he laid a rather heated kiss on the younger one. The YOUNGER one?? She shook her head. Typical, 49 acting like 25 as usual.

Her brow furrowed as she noticed someone walk up to the threesome, another man in a baseball cap and large sunglasses. A frown marred her handsome face as she recognized exactly who it was. JON!
She trailed behind them, her dark gaze centered on her husband. What the fuck? Was he cheating on her AGAIN? She thought they'd resolve those issues.

A soft growl hummed in her throat as the urge to use every little black belt secret she had rose up inside of her. Goddamned man acting like she wasn't even on the island.


He had followed them around like some second rate private detective for days, just watching how she related to him and how he treated her. The more he watched the more his belly coiled with worry. This wasn't some little fling, Not on his daughters part, and certainly not on his friends part. Richie was besotted, there were no if ands or buts about it.

Sighing softly he decided to shove his fear down and start making the best of things. As he sauntered up he began to smile and gave a shout out. "Helloooo!"

Richie turned around surprised to see Jon there. "Hey Kidd" he said quietly "Good to see you man"

CC smiled "Hi Jon" she said as she was secretly pleased to see him again and hoped he was here to not ruffle feathers.

Frankie's brow arched slightly as she moved closer to Richie and wrapped a slender arm around his waist. "Fancy meeting you here Jon."

"What brings you down here Kidd?" Richie asked

Jon glanced up at his friend and managed a smile. "Crow brought me here."

Richie looked confused "Crow?" he asked

Jon nodded and sighed, "It's time to eat a little crow and apologize. Man, things were just too weird that day; I didn't handle it all that well. Shoulda trusted ya Bro." The apology was in his gaze, in his stance, he knew he didn't need to put the words out there, unless they were requested.

Richie smiled "I should be the one that’s apologizing Kidd, I know that in a normal circumstance this wouldn’t have happened and I maybe should have had more self control but now I am in way too deep man" Richie looked at the ground, usually he had no worries telling Jon that he was head over heels with another woman but this time it was different so he left it at that.

Jon's gaze moved from his friend to his daughter and back again. "In deep how man?" His brain derailed right into trouble of the pregnant kind as he took a deep breath and pushed the thoughts back. "Wanna explain that one?"

Richie shifted uneasily noticing that Cesca was out of earshot talking to her mother about something. "I mean as dumb as it sounds and you know me, I have fallen for her, man, really hard" he said quietly.

Jon snorted softly, "Fucking figures." He punched Richie in the arm and started to laugh. "Had to find the female version of me to make life complete or what?"

Richie laughed at his friends irony "I know man, sometimes I fuckin hate you and now look at me, I’m dating you" he started to roar with laughter.

Frankie's gaze flickered over to Jon and Richie her brow arching when Richie's laugh began to roar. She glanced at her mom a moment and shook her head before turning to move to the men. "Safe to come back now I guess?"

Richie smiled at her warmly "Yeah it is, Jo- your Dad and I here were just sorting some things out" Richie said

A suspicious glimmer began to shine in her eyes. "Oh really now?" She turned to Jon, "what the hell did you say this time?"

"Hey he was just apologizing Cesca, that's all, we're good" Richie said rubbing her back gently. "He wants to tag along for a bit if you don't mind" Richie lowered his voice "Maybe he can keep your mother occupied while we do other things" Richie whispered

Her brow flicked upwards as she studied the men in front of her. Well this was interesting, he'd apologized so he was gonna be ok with things?? Why did she doubt that? She tilted her head as her blue eyes lazered straight at Jon. "So you're gonna shut up about who I date huh?"

Jon nodded not a hundred percent sure but he had to try "Yes Frankie, I will" he simply said. "Now where are you all headed?" he asked looking over at CC.

Frankie started to laugh, "Well we were about to see if the fucking guitarist could become a baseball player."

"Well then, this I have to see then," Jon snorted softly as he walked over to CC. "How are you feeling?" he asked

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