Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Five

Richie put his hand on his shoulder "I know you did man, I was there when she left ya, and you were a mess. And they really don’t want anything else like money from you? I mean CC that we knew wouldn’t do that to ya back then, but now she must know how much you’re worth Kidd" he said as a word of caution.

"Yeah but I been worth that for a lot of years Bro. Shit she could have come crawling for money any time, and she didn't. " Jon glanced up at Richie, the hurt in his eyes rolling like a thundercloud in its intensity. "It's my kid man, one I never got to see grow up. Fuck 15 years ago it wasn't such a thing, but now?? Shit, I know what I missed with her. I KNOW, and I can't leave her out there alone."

Shaking his head he finally took a good look at Richie, the towel that mysteriously tented in the front, the beads of water still on his skin. "God I interrupted your umm, shower?" He shook his head and managed a grin.

Cesca sighed, sitting in this room was fucking boring. What was Prince doing any hows? Glancing around, she saw a gaily designed silk shirt hanging over a chair and began to grin. Standing, she moved over to the chair and grabbed the shirt and slid it on, buttoning it securely. It only served to reinforce just how big Prince was in relation to her, damned shirt fell to her knees and acted like a mini skirt.

Grinning she walked to the door and opened it, then stepped through into the living room. "Prince baby, its getting all boring in here!"

Richie looked sympathetically at Jon, he had a lot of things to think over and sort out in the next few days "Well man whatever you need I'll do anything you need, anything," he said not getting to finish his answer to Jon's question. Spinning around he winked at his new bed partner. "Ahh Cesca, come and meet Jon, my dearest and nearest friend" he said proudly.

"Kidd, meet Cesca" he said wiggling his eyebrows at Jon knowingly.

She wandered over to Richie and wrapped an arm around his waist before turning her blue eyes on Jon, her brow arching slightly. "Hi there Jon." Her hand slid lower along Richie’s back to cup his ass as she watched the man in front of her. Damned if he didn’t look familiar. "It's nice ta meet ya."

Jon nodded taking her in, she had to be a lot younger than Richie, but that didn’t surprise him in the very least. Her dark mop of curls fell around her face and over her eyes. Her eyes were like bright blue beacons that shone through him. "Cesca? Nice to meet you too, is that short for anything?" His eyes trailed down to where her hand was firmly squeezing Richie's ass before moving back to her face. God young women these days were brazen.

She laughed softly as she bumped Richie's hip. "Dark Prince here calls me Cesca, most folks call me Frankie, but my mom? She stuck me with Joanna Frances. That's Joanna Frances Benson to ya Jon." She laughed softly and squeezed Richie's ass, "I hear you have impeccable timing too."

Jon's eyes widened, it couldn’t be, what were the chances of that? But her eyes were a mirror image of his goddammit, and Benson? CC Benson? He shook his head. "Ah yeah impeccable timing, that's me" Jon stuttered as he watched Richie drape his arm over her shoulder and slide it down to her ass before leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. Good lord the man was besotted with his - Fuck me, no way. The color started to drain out of his face and all he could manage was "CC?"

Her eyes shot up to his face curiously as her head tilted to the side to allow Richie's lips easier access. She forced herself to not moan as she watched the man in front of her pale. "Dude, you ok?"

"CC?" he just said again simply not being able to string words together.

She managed a grin as her eyes crossed. Fuck Richie's lips were lethal. "My mom's name is CC, well her nickname is any hows. Hey, do you know her?" She closed her eyes a moment as a sparkle of need began to flutter deep in her belly as Richie's hands continued their teasing assault on her available flesh.

She shook her head as a curious thought hit her. "How'd ya know my mom's nickname man?"

Jon's eyes grew wide with horror as this unfolded in front of him, his horn-dog best friend was fucking his daughter, no fuckin way man, this was not happening. "Holy shit," was all Jon could manage

She slipped in front of Richie and managed to not wiggle as his arms wrapped around her from behind. "Never thought of shit as holy." She winked over at Jon, "Man you look like someone just shoved raw fish down your throat, and I ain’t talking the delicacy some idiots call sushi."

Richie looked up at his friends face, chuckling at Cesca's teasing Jon. "Kidd you ok? It’s not like you haven’t seen me with a girl before." Richie laughed and winked at Jon.

She flexed her hips against his towel, her mind skittering around the fact that she was never this brazen with a guy, and NEVER ever in front of someone. Richie was lighting fires she couldn't put out or handle without moving however.

Jon breathed in and took a deep breath "No Rich, its not, but one's never been my fuckin daughter before," he spat.

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OMG!!!! I can't believe this! This is great so far! I can't wait to see how this unfolds as I read more chapters!