Friday, June 20, 2008

Chapter Sixteen

"MOM!! COME ON!! He'll be here before you know it." Frankie darted into the bedroom and into the shower quickly washing the beach from her skin. She stepped out and spritzed her after bath spray over her skin before moving to the closet. Now what to wear to make Richie nuts? She stood there a moment, indecision coloring her blue eyes until she begin to grin. THAT would do just perfectly for a day exploring the seaside amusement park.

Quickly dressing she ran a brush through her hair and cursed the unruly waves before shrugging. He liked those any ways, kept wrapping her hair around his fingers at the oddest times. Slipping her sandles on, she raced to the living room to still not see her mother. "MOMMMMMM!"

CC sat there as she strapped her sandal on, she was looking forward to a day out and away from things, and Frankie seemed so excited to have Richie coming along with them. She’d spent a lot of time with Richie over the last couple of days as he’d stayed firmly beside Frankie most of the time. It was like watching puppy love. She smiled as it reminded her a lot of how her and Jon used to be back them, always laughing and not getting enough of each other, whether they stole glances or soft touches when they thought that no one was looking.

She also knew Richie was well aware of the age difference to her as a mother; he’d always respected and asked so often if things were ok for him to stay and eat and help himself to their food, which he ended up replenishing so often and buying them luxurious take outs.

She smiled as she remembered Richie and her own talk bout the cancer, he’d confessed and laid all his anguish out as he told her about losing his father to the disease and he understood so much now, more than ever life was so precious.
Convinced that he really did care for their daughter she had given him her official blessing to be with her but warned him that if he hurt her Jon would come looking for his blood.

She hadn’t seen Jon since that day he was in her bedroom but had to assume that he was busy with his own family, which was only right, he had said he’d give Frankie a few days before coming to see her again, and time for him to gain a calm head on all things.

She picked up the bag she had packed and walked into the living area. “I’m here, don’t bust a gasket dearest daughter” she teased seeing her excitement so obvious through her bright blue eyes.

Frankie twisted around and laughed softly, "That obvious huh? Well, dammit Mom, I can't help it.. I want you to like him, well I mean cuz of him now not some memory. I want you to approve, see that what the papers were writing the last few days aren't true." She shook her head slightly, "I don't want you to worry cuz of well things." She didn’t add things like a stubbornly anal new daddy figure or age or all the other things Jon kept slipping into the conversations when he was around.

“You know I like him hun, he’s very sweet, its not me that needs to be convinced” she paused but continued “And as for the papers, don’t worry about that, Richie already told me he’s dealt with that crap for years after his divorce etc. You know what’s the truth and so do I and that’s all that matters.” She eyed her daughter up and down.

“Frankie, Jesus girl,” she laughed.

Frankie's brow arched slightly as she turned around, "Yes Mom?"

“You trying to send the man to an early grave?” she chuckled

Frankie began to grin, "Ahh the reaction and the look on his face will be worth it Mom." She giggled as she looked out the window again. "The later will be too."

CC shook her head. Like mother like daughter she thought to herself. Her mind briefly wandered to Jon again, wondering what he had been doing these past days. She often wondered if she regretted putting a stop to their interlude but she knew it was the right thing to do. A girlish squeal interrupted her thoughts as Frankie must have seen Richie arrive.

Richie strode up to the villa looking forward to a good day out. It had been a nice few days alone with Frankie and CC, he'd taken the time to get to know his love interest's mother and found she was such a strong woman still filled with the joys of life, even in her situation. The more Richie knew her the more he knew that Jon and her would have been perfect as life partners. Jon. He'd been around to make his presence known when CC hadn’t been, more or less his silent way of saying I am watching you. The two men hadn’t resolved their words, sticking with polite pleasantries, which killed Richie. Jon was his best friend and always had been and it killed him not being able to share one of the best things that was happening to him in life.

As Richie approached the villa he sighed remembering the youthful explosion of love and lust that he had now firmly under his skin, Cesca, his princess. She was insatiable, she was insane, she was just perfect. He knocked on the door.

Frankie quickly moved to the door, pulled it open and fairly hopped up into Richie's arms before plastering her lips to his in a heated kiss. "Fuck it’s been so long Prince!"

He chuckled "Yes those two hours just dragged on by," he said as he met her in a slow kiss. "Hey CC" he said throwing her a wink.

"Hey Rich, come on in hun" CC said

Frankie slid from his arms and turned while grabbing his hand to walk into the living room. "So what’s the plan Dark Prince? What new thing have you found for us to do?" She glanced back over her shoulder and winked, "That a parent can attend that is."

Richie took in her as she walked away from him taking him inside God damned what she was doing to him! Holy mother of all things, slender long legs in short tight leather purple shorts complimented with a purple lacy top that hugged every curve of her womanly body.

“God you look……….” Richie knew what he wanted to say but because her mother was in the room he refrained.

“I thought we’d go down to the seaside fun park, could be fun” he said winking at the ladies.

Frankie turned and grinned, "God I haven’t been to a place like that in ages. It should be fun."

Richie grinned "Hell yeah I haven’t been on a good ride in ohh about three hours" he grinned out of ear shot from CC.

Frankie moved in closer and pressed her body tight to his "and I'm sure we'll see plenty of rides right Prince?"

CC shook her head and took her best mom tone "Now now you kids, you can wait till later for that sort of behaviour or I will enforce a one foot rule" she winked

Frankie turned to look at her mom wide-eyed as she pressed her hips against Richie. "Mommmmm!"

She laughed "Have some sympathy for your poor ol mom here" she teased

Frankie reluctantly took a step forward, never releasing Richie's hand. "Damn pull that one on me why dontcha." Her eyes sparkled as she winked at her mother. "Can you blame me?? I mean LOOK at him."

CC laughed at her daughters insistent manner "Just be thankful he's not my type or I'd steal him" she said with a grin

Richie just snorted. "Hey I feel like a piece of meat here ladies" he pouted.

Frankie begin to grin, as she turned and let her gaze roam along his body slowly. "Ahh prime grade A Beef too. Tasty, succulent, and ...." her voice trailed off a moment, "Ranks right up there with Campbell’s Chicken Noodle."

Richie burst out laughing and CC just shook her head "I don’t want to know, and lets get out of here" she said taking the lead.

Richie hung back and whispered into her ear "You are so bad princess.".

Frankie laughed and winked his way, "And you so love it too."

He spanked her backside lightly "That I do" he said as he led her outside.

She gasped slightly as his palm connected to her ass and enjoyed the frission of desire it created.

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