Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter Twenty Three

CC soon walked out to see the reunion and smiled at her daughter back in the arms of her man and saw Jon standing there. "Hey you," she said as she snuck up behind him.

Jon turned around and swallowed hard. Goddamned she looked so fucking frail, yet there was an ethereal beauty to her that he couldn't deny. "Hello baby." He nodded over to Richie and Frankie, still onstage, still deeply involved in a marathon kiss. "I think we did a good thing."

"You did a good thing my love, she'll thank you in years to come, I’m sure they both will. Thanks again for doing this Jon" she said placing her arm on his.

David's brow arched. Well this was interesting. The woman looked vaguely familiar some how. Turning his gaze back to Richie he nearly choked. "Hey Jon!"

"What man?" he asked David as he put an arm around CC.

David pointed to the entire crew that had stopped to watch Richie and the girl. His blue eyes were just as transfixed at what was happening in front of them. Richie's hands had slid up under the girls dress and she was.. no she wasn’t.. yes she WAS literally moving like she was in the middle of sex. "Jon you might wanna go tell him to get a room man."

Jon pulled his attention from CC and turned towards Richie and Frankie his blue eyes wideing in shock. Hell he knew the those two had it bad, but this was plain ridiculous. As he started towards Richie, David turned to the woman. I KNOW I know you, but HOW do I know you gorgeous?"

CC smiled "David, David, how could you have forgotten me, who used to drive all you drunken boys home from those garage gigs back in '84 huh?" she teased

David's eyes grew wider. "CEECE?? Oh my god. Its been ages.. What brought you here?"

"A few things, that for one" she said pointing to the display about to be broken up by Jon. "That's my daughter, Jon's daughter" she finished softly.

David shook his head. Well well this was an interesting twist. Jon's daughter. .. Jon’s.. wait.. daughter?? and she was damned near fucking Sambora and Jon wasn't on a heart monitor?? his DAUGHTER?? David turned back to the display and started to laugh. "Well fuck me."

Jon tapped the shoulder, no response.. Shaking his head he pulled back and jabbed his guitarist’s shoulder HARD. "Dean..."

Richie’s attention was pulled away from the squirming woman whose lips were raining fire into his very being. "Huh? What Frank?" he asked dazed

Jon started to laugh, "Man where are you? "

Richie laughed as he finally lifted Cesca back down onto her feet, still keeping her firmly pressed against him. A small hint of red flushed into his cheeks. "Ah guess I forgot for a minute" he laughed.

Jon shook his head smiling. "It’s been suggested you get a room." He turned to Frankie and saw the dazed and brilliant expression in her eyes. "Hello Princess."

Frankie choked. "Ummm could ya not call me that? She blushed to the roots of her hair. I mean, well, that’s what he calls me and it just feels weird to hear it from you."

Jon chuckled, "Ok baby girl. I will NOT forget that one."

Frankie reached out and pulled Jon into a hug, before kissing his cheek. "I think I just forgave you for everything, but damn try to not need to pull out all the stops again. I hear our temper is a pretty even match.”

Jon’s laughter rang out over the stage. “Doubt I forget that either Frankie.”

"Well if you'll excuse us, I have been given a leave pass" he said as he clutched her hand. He tilted his head to CeeCee to say hi, and then swiftly dragged Frankie off the stage. "See you later boys," he chuckled

As Jon walked back up to CC he saw the gleam in David's eyes. "Well well well, Jonny boy. A daughter huh? One thatnot only looks just like you but acts just like you too. How'd you manage to keep THAT secret man?

Jon shook his head and stared at David. "Not now man, I got other things to do. " Taking CC's hand he began to walk along the hall. "Me and Ceece got some reacquainting to do."

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