Friday, June 20, 2008

Chapter Thirteen

Her eyes fluttered open slowly, a grin sliding onto her lips as she took in the man asleep next to her. He was dead to the world, and still fully dressed. Damn he was such a sweetie too. She couldn't figure out how a man like him was so alone, he had so much to offer a woman.

Her eyes started to sparkle as a thought wound its way through her mind. She needed him, god she did, even after all they'd done that day she was still hungry for his taste, his skin, his very essence.

Shifting slowly she turned on the bed until she was facing south and giggled softly. She stilled suddenly as he grunted softly and threw a arm over his eyes. Damn he was so cute asleep.

Slipping her hands over to his waist she very carefully undid his belt, then ever so carefully popped the snap of his jeans and lowered his zipper. Shifting closer she reached in and gently released that gorgeous piece of flesh from its cloth prison. Her head dipped as she ran her tongue along the underside, teasing the vein there before moving upwards to slowly pull the head into her mouth.

Her tongue swirled along the head and dipped into that little slit, a murmur of appreciation vibrating in her throat. Fuck he tasted like sin, sex and something darker. She slowly lowered her lips over his length as one hand encircled the base.

Richie shifted in his sleep, a warm pleasurable feeling settled around him. "Mmmmm" he groaned opening one eye he soon became aware of exactly what was happening. Her soft warm lips radiated pleasure all along his cock as she took him over and over. "Oh godddddd, darlin, what are you doing to meee?" All he could do was growl softly and try to not move as her lips and throat hummed along his rapidly hardening length.

Her gaze flicked upwards as she slid lower and took him deeper into her throat before humming softly. Her hair fell around her face, caressing his thighs as she continued her bobbing motions. One slender hand slid up over his belly and under his shirt, her nails grazing lightly over the muscles there. "Mmmmmm.."

Richie felt himself lose himself in her mouth, she knew exactly what she was doing, and it felt fucking incredible, the soft feel of her hair all around his thighs tickled him.

"Cesca... goddddddd" he moaned loudly. "You feel so goodddd." He reached down and lost his hands in her hair, soft curls fell around his fingers as he urged her on. Pleasurably insanity started to wash over him.

He shouted, unmindful of where he was, "Yes, baby fuck me! FUCK ME YES!"

She giggled around his hardness. He wanted to be fucked? She could handle that. Reaching down she quickly unsnapped the buttons on her shorts and pushed them down over her hips before moving up to undo the buttons on his shirt.

She slowly moved her mouth upwards before slowly letting him fall from her mouth as she slid upwards, her hands tugging his jeans over his firm thighs before moving upwards to undo the few buttons he had buttoned earlier. As she slid upwards she straddled him a wicked grin playing about her lips. "Did I hear someone request a fucking?" She laughed softly as her hips rose only to plunge downwards taking him fully inside her heated core.

"Oh lord give me strength!!" he shouted as she slid her sweet lips from his shaft and surrounded him with her entire being. Filling her once again he gripped her hips as she began to move on top of him. His hands roamed up her soft sweet skin to her breasts where his thumbs roughly rubbed her nipples hardening instantly under his touch, her skin aglow with sex and glistening with tiny beads of sweat, he grunted as this goddess was sending him to abyss.

Her hips rose and fell as she leaned over him, her lips sliding over his chest before reaching their target. She bit down gently on one hard pebbled nipple as her fingers played with the patch of fur there before sliding to the next. "Mmmmm nice."

As her lips glided further north she captured his lips in a deeply searing kiss, soft whimpers increasing to simple moans of pleasure.

Kissing her deeply as her lips swept on by, his guttural moans were growing louder and louder, his need for her was raging out of bounds, he took control and flipped her onto her back in a simple motion, causing him to drive himself deeper into her. Wrapping each slender leg around his waist to position himself better he increased his thrusts.

"Hold on Princess, and I mean HOLD ON," he grunted as he drove into her with a force that he didn’t think he had before, his hips pistoning as he pulled out all the stops. He drove deep inside her with a loud primal grunt.

She arched against him, thrust meeting thrust as a moan floated into the room. Her hands slid up along his insanely muscled forearms and grasped him there as she shuddered out a soft cry. "HARDER PRINCE! God, yes.. Like THAT!"

As he pistoned into her, the headboard began to rock against the fragile wall, its sounds beating out a static rhythm to mesh with their concerted grunts and moans.

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