Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Ten

Blue eyes sparked with passion's flame as she leaned forward to capture his lips with hers. Lifting her ass she angled and slid home in one long slow fluid move. "Thought you'd never ask Prince." Flexing against his hardness she began to move, as her hair whispered over his skin and her breasts teased his.

The sight he now had as his eyes roamed all the way over her curves to her blue piercing eyes that were now ablaze with fire and lust. His hands settled on her hips as he rolled into her feeling himself travel inside her tight confines. "Godd Cesca, soo tight" he moaned. His eyes kept firmly on her breasts as they bounced with her movements. His body was on fire and he ached for release into her so bad.

She was close, so close to plummeting off the edge of reason as his hips bucked up to meet her downward thrusts and when his hand slipped up to tease her clit she screamed as her walls clamped around him with a ferociousness that had her eyes crossing. "Prince.... Richie... YES!"

"Yes, Cesc, yes.. god cum with me darlin" he moaned his senses reeling into overdrive as he felt her walls milk him hard as she came "Oh fuck yessssss" he droned feeling the sweet feeling of release.

She spasmed one last time before slumping over his chest, soft gasps whispering over her lips. She slipped her hands into his hair, and held on tight. Hell if she didn't she was gonna float away and she knew it.

"Gawd darlin, you're gonna send me into an early grave, I am sure of it" he chuckled as he calloused hands ran down her back drawing soft circles across her flesh.

She shivered at the touch of those silky sandpaper finger tips, her walls tightening in response. Goddamned he was still half hard after that. She bit back a giggle and tilted her head to study his contented face. "Does it ever go down?"

Richie chuckled "Not when you do that it doesn't darlin" he said as he lifted her gently off him and smothered her into his chest. "I don't want to let you go, ever" he whispered into her curly locks of hair.

She snuggled into him a sweet, innocent and somehow sultry smile plastered to her face. "I can handle that."

Richie closed his eyes feeling for the first time in the last year content. Thoughts raced through his mind of Jon and of her mother, if she'd be wondering where she was.

"Darlin, should I be getting you home soon?" he asked

She lifted her head and groaned, "Damn, mom's probably wondering where I got off too, so yeah, but I don't wanna."

"Ok I will walk you back its getting late out there, I guess we lost track of time" he chuckled innocently as he got off the bed and threw some jeans and a tshirt on.

She slipped from the bed and stood, ready to move to her clothes when her foot refused to hold her wait. She yelped softly and sat down on the bed suddenly as her foot began to throb like a set of African drums. "Fuck."

"What's wrong Darlin?" Richie said quickly at her side as he looked down into her pain filled eyes
Soft pained eyes glanced up at him as she bit back a groan and winced. "I dunno, foots really throbbing."

"Oh darlin, look its bright red, it's infected, I need to take you to the doctors before home" Richie said

She hated doctors these days. They were all full of knowledge and unable to do shit. "Fuck, I hate the prima donnas that put that damn MD after their name. Do I have to?"

"I'll come with you darlin, I promise, otherwise I don’t want you getting sick or them having to cut off your foot or something , you trust Prince don’t ya?' he asked his concerned puppy dog brown eyes wavering at her.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "You I can trust, fucking doctors I don’t." She winced, "They didn't catch stuff with mom, can't seem to figure out anything other than how to charge more and more crazy rates for the treatments she needs. It’s just insane. She won’t even try anymore, says its ok to die." She looked up at Richie and fought back the tears, "It’s not fair."

"Heyyyy" he said as he pulled her in close to his feeling his heart strings tear. Richie was no stranger to illness and death having lost his father to cancer last year.

Her hands fisted into his shirt as the pain in her foot combined with the pain in her heart. Leaning her head on his chest she inhaled deeply, refusing the tears their exit. Pulling back she forced a smile to her lips. "I'll go on one condition..."

"Shh, what's that darlin anything?" Richie said honestly.

"I get to wear your shirt." She grinned, the glimmer of tears in her eyes washing away with a small glimpse of mirth.

He chuckled and stroked her cheek with his thumb "Absolutely you can darlin."

She smiled as he handed her his shirt, and the rest of her clothing, then turned to finish dressing himself. With a wicked grin she slipped on his shirt and her shorts, forgetting anything related to panties or bras. "Well I'm ready; I think I'll just leave my shoes off."


Richie laughed as he carried her into the night and finding the medical unit of the resort that they were on. After waiting and she was seen to by the doctor he administered her some antibiotics to stop any infections and a painkiller that would take the sting away until they kicked in. As the doctor walked back out after dismssing them Richie held her close to his chest.

"Are you ok darlin?" he asked as she seemed sleepy.

Her head rolled slightly as she glanced up at him with sleepy eyes. "Ohhh hell, for someone who got poked prodded stitched and bandaged I am ooooooooooooook!" She giggled, "what was in that stuff anyhows?"

Richie laughed "Why darlin they just bottled me and made it into pills" he chuckled. "Come on I need to get you home its late your mom might be wondering where you are" he said as he walked back out into the night.

She giggled softly, "Let's see you were in 3044.. HEY we're in 3042 that makes us neighbors!" She shook her head, "Damn I listened to Mom for a change. She told me to fall for a nice boy next door, and ooooh boy did I Fall or what?"

Richie snorted "Darlin I am not your average boy next door, I am your extra large boy next door." He winked and continued, "And yeah you fell alright, fell right onto it" he grinned

Her tongue flickered out and slowly slid along his neck, her giggles whispering out over her lips. "Mmmm was a nice hard landing too."

"Likewise" he chuckled as they finally arrived at the villa noticing that there were lights still on Richie opened the large wooden door to the living room and didnt see what he expected to see. Jon was sitting in the living room with CC and he pulled away as the door opened like he'd been caught in the cookie jar. Richie managed a small smirk as he carried her in.

She was finally home, finally managed to pull herself from Richie's grasp. Jon turned ready to at least try to give his daughter a reasonably friendly greeting when his blue eyes encountered his friend carrying the little minx. "well well well."


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Awesome! Keep it coming!

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And the brilliant thing is, this one is finished, sixty odd chapters :) So will get chunks up every day.