Friday, June 20, 2008

Chapter Fourteen

"God yes, GOD FUCK FUCK yesss," he screamed, Richie reached over and took the pillow and pulled her hips up placing the pillow underneath tilting her that little bit more so he could reach even deeper inside her. He grabbed her hands and kissed them before pinning them above her head. Leaning over her, sweat dripping from his forehead falling onto her ravaged body below be began to drive her home. Thrusting, panting and growling all the way to the bank.

A sharp wild scream left her lips in a whoosh of fire as her head lolled side to side. "Yesssss Prince, yesss. Please baby, Fuck me.. god yes.. " She didn't exist anymore, she was lost inside the exquisite pleasure he was meting out with each thrust, her body was no longer hers, but his, inexorably as the connection they had formed earlier now coalesced into a raging intense bond of want and need.

Jon's eyes shot to the bedroom door as the obvious thumping began. His lips tightened as the thumping turned to intense screams in both male and female voice. A shiver raced over his skin as the sounds called to him, in a ages old dance of need and want. "Goddammit."

He tried to look away, tried to concentrate, but the sounds of obvious sex were washing over him as Richie drove the female into some mindless realm of pleasure. Wait, fuck.. not some female. HIS DAUGHTER! "God fucking DAMMIT!"

His eyes shot to CC's, his pained blue gaze taking in her beautiful face. "This is fucking insane."

CC shook her head as the sounds grew louder accompanied by the thudding of what she could only assume was the headboard against the wall.

"Oh dear" she managed to say, she couldn’t help but crack a smile at the sheer horror that was on Jon's face.

He stood and started to pace as his eyes kept slipping to the door. God he hadn't heard Richie that energetic since the fucking 90's, before Heather even. He groaned softly as the sounds kept washing over him as he felt his pants tighten.

Shifting uncomfortably he glanced back at CC. "This is fuckin' unreal babe."

CC nodded and then chuckled "They kind of remind me of a pair of young folk I used to know" she said winked. She had to admit hearing Richie's groans and cries were starting to stirr feelings in her she had banished long ago with her illness.

Jon moved to stand in front of her, his eyes sparking with memory. "Yeah we did break a few headboards didn't we?" His gaze shifted to the door as another loud scream was followed by more rapid thumping. "He's gonna be sorry in the morning, the old fucker ain’t gonna be able to move. Damn."

Jon started to laugh, it was too much, Richie was acting like a kid again and here he was being pissy about it. "She's something else isn't she?" He grinned for the first time as the sounds and sensations from the other room washed over him and had him hauling his CC from the couch. His arms wrapped around her as his nose slid into her every fragrant hair. Damn she smelled the same as she did all those years ago. "Damn but you still smell like sweet surrender Ceece." Before he knew it his lips were pressing to hers, as he finally tasted again that one thing that could always wipe away all his worries. "Ohhh Ceece."

CC breathed in his sweet spicy scent that was still the same after all these years. It was still the same Jon as he held her close to him. It was like taking a time warp back to 1984. She felt his lips on hers and she closed her eyes and imagined that silky flowing mane around her face just like all those years ago but when she opened her eyes it wasn’t a mane, it was a man who had aged and aged beautifully, displaying all the goodness in life in the soft lines of his face and in his gorgeous blue eyes. Everything always looked better back then and they did again now. "Jonyyyyyy," his name was but a whispered sigh as her lips found his.


Richie drove into her deeper and harder leaving her wrists he grabbed her hips again to drive into her. "Goddddddd Ces, FUCK ME" he screamed his senses building and growing, his pleasure building threatening to blow in one simple moment.

A scream undulated in her throat as her nails raked desperately along his chest, her eyes wide and unseeing as he drove her into insanity. There was no her, no him, just the intense pleasure that was them. As he thrust even deeper she screamed out as her body stiffened, her inner walls clenching around his steel shaft. "Princeeeeeeeee," she gasped, "I can't hold back, I can't. I gotta.. PRINCE!!"

"Let it go, god I am going to... fuck, shit GODD baby......CESSSSSSSS," he growled like a wildcat about to descend on his prey. She was clenching all around him and milking him dry, he couldn’t hold on much longer the sheer velocity of the moment had taken them to a place that had never existed before, a place far from here where only pleasure was. "FUCCCCCK," he grunted as he spilled into her.

She screamed as she shattered beneath his touch, her soul bleeding into his as her body went into full shut down. Inner walls clenched like a raging vice around him as her eyes closed and her body went slack.

Richie watched her roll back and collaspe under him after she came. "Well fuck me" he chuckled as he realized she had passed out. He lay here back softly and slipped out of her and lay beside her pulling her in close to him. "Sleep well my sweet Cess" he whispered as he kissed her gently on the forehead and pulled the covers up around them.

Shudders raced over her body as she started to come too, her body still twitching. She snuggled closer to his warmth, his own body seeming to mimic the shudders she still felt to her very toes. "Ummm Richie??" Startled blue eyes looked up into soft brown eyes that were watching her even as she had laid there. "What the hell just happened?"

Richie chuckled and kissed her on the lips. "You passed out darlin, its what the french call La Petite Morte, passing out after sex" he laughed a little.

She laughed softly, "Le Petite Morte eh? The small death? Damn sure felt like going to heaven. Remind me to wake you up like that more often." She snuggled deeper into his arms, her eyes closing with the exhaustion of their exertions.

"You have my full permission to do that," he said as he closed his eyes relishing the stillness while his body tried to recover from the Olympic sized work out it had just experienced.

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