Friday, June 20, 2008

Chapter Fifteen

He pulled her in tight and fit her lips onto hers securely. When her lips parted allowing his tongue access and her sweet flavor burst onto his tongue he groaned aloud. His hands slowly roamed lower to cup her ass as the kiss intensified. The taste and feel of her sent his mind soaring. Even after twenty four years she still set fire to his body with a simple kiss.

Her hands roamed into his now short brown cropped hair pushing it back from his forehead. Stroking his chest softly with her palm she entwined her finger in the little bit of fur that was peeking out the top of his shirt. She softly gasped as his hands hit her ass. “Jon,” she murmured between kisses. This feeling felt like coming home.

"I wish you still had the long hair" she whispered with a grin.

He chuckled softly, "You and about a million other women." His lips grazed over her cheek, along her neck before nibbling at her shoulder. "It's just hair babe."

“Yeah but all those other woman never got to do this” she moaned as she felt her hands slide down his still perfectly refined back and settling on his ass. She chuckled.
“Yip still got it” she teased.

His brow arched as he did a slow swivel up against her. "Still got what babe?"

“Those buns of steel you had all those years ago” she said patting them as her hands left them and slid onto his hips. “You still taste so good”

He wanted her, wanted her as much now as he did then, and the need was driving him to the point of no return. He captured her lips again, his tongue sliding against hers teasingly as his hands slowly slid the straps of her simple tank from her shoulders. "God Ceece, so sweet."

CC had given no thought to rhyme or reason why she was doing this now, he was married and she could only assume happily, and had four kids, but here she was as if nothing had changed. Her hands slipped to his shirt and began undoing the buttons. Slipping her slender fingers across the fur there she smiled, it felt just the same now as it had then, all soft and crinkly and warm. Bongiovi fur, it had always made her whimper.

He slipped his arms under her knees and back, scooping her up into a tight hold. Turning he began to walk to the bedroom he knew as hers, trying to not stare dagger into the now silent room beyond the other bedroom door. He nodded down at the knob, his eyes centering on hers. He wanted her now, he'd deal with all the rest later.

As Jon carried her to the bedroom she buried herself into his chest, god it felt so good to be in another man’s arms again, especially his. Her worries from the last year or so had melted away and all the questions that plagued her mind did as well, about Jon and his motives for doing this, all that mattered was them, here and now. His blue eyes warm and heavy with desire as he carried her to the bed were about to be her undoing.

He laid her on the bed gently, his eyes blazing to a smoky blue as he took in her reclining form. She was thinner than she used to be, but it seemed to add a certain something to her, the hollows of her shoulders beckoned to him. Stepping back he stripped his jacket and shirt off before crawling onto teh bed and over her.

Dipping down his lips began the trek from lip to collar bone to the pulse point in her neck, as soft rumbling growls fell from his lips. "I Missed this baby, I really did."

Her eyes watching him recline over her she shuddered, his now bare torso exposed to her and still in perfect form as it was all those years ago, her eyes closed as his warm heat from his lips hit her shoulders and traveled up to her neck and took in the sensation of those soft lips laying sugar down on her. “Jon baby, so have I… so have I” she murmured as she began to slip away into a pleasure enthralled coma.

He reared back into a kneeling position and watched the flush that crept into her skin, a wicked smirk shining in his eyes. There was no today or tomorrow, no worries outside of this room. It was if the had rose up and taken over. Reaching forward his hands slipped the skirt from her hips, his hands slowly trailing up along each calf and inner thigh with the lightest brushes of his fingertips.

Sliding his hands underneath her hips he lifted her slightly, opening the gates of heaven to his view before nuzzling in and getting the first scent of her. Brushing his cheek over her thigh slowly his tongue flickered out the trace along her outer lips, the taste of her rocketing through him like blue fire. "Fuckkk Ceece..."

“Jon!” she whimpered as she felt his tongue hit her flicking across her tenderness. The familiar feeling of him at her very core sent shock waves pulsating down her spine as she remembered the times in the back of the broken down Chevy, the times behind the diner, the times anywhere they could just be alone to be like this. Her soul ached for her to be taken back there with every stroke of his tongue. “Please Jon, baby……..” she gasped as the feelings were driving her senseless.

His lips wrapped around her bundle of nerves as two fingers slid deep and began to wiggle slowly before scissoring inside of her. Suckling gently he started to pump in and out slowly, her taste driving him to the brink of forgetfulness as the memories overrode every other thought, the nights on the beach, the picnic that ended with her slender form shiny and wet with the rain that fell.

He groaned as his cock pulsed from the pleasure of her taste as his fingers continued their teasing assault. "God Ceece baby, your so wet and tight, so beautiful...."

As Jon’s fingers protruded into her, her body welcomed his slow movements.
“God Jon…. Pleassssssssseeeeeee” she groaned, her brain buzzing with the overwhelming waves of pleasure he was washing over him, always so experienced and pleasing Jon, he hadn’t changed from then till now, all these years he must of – Shit, Dorothea! She jolted up on the bed which forced his fingers out of her.

“Jon, shit, no we can’t do this” she stuttered realizing exactly now what they were doing. The passion faded away leaving her mind to calculate exactly what they were about to do.

He shook his head, reason returning. "Fuck, Ceece, I'm so sorry baby. I just...." There was no explanation, no reason good enough to allow for what he'd just done. "It's just that, fuck, .." He sighed softly and moved to sit on the side of the bed, his head dropping into his hands. "I really am an Asshole."

CC scrambled to reclothe herself and sat next to Jon on the edge of the bed.
“Hey its ok, I understand, we just got caught up in the moment and the past, how many people don’t want to revisit the past every once and awhile” she said as she put an arm across his shoulder.

“You’re no asshole, you’ve had a lot to deal with in the last twenty four hours Jon, its natural your brain wasn’t thinking, I should have stopped you right from the beginning but forgive me for almost wanting to see what I missed out on” she sighed.

“And Jon, maybe it’s a good thing as I know once I had you again, it would be so hard to give you back up” she said softly rubbing his shoulder.

He shook his head, "Still no excuse, you arent a toy to pick up at whim."

“Its ok I know that’s not how you think of me Jonny” she said stroking his head.

He sighed and pushed his mind back into what he should be worried about, "Ceece what am I gonna do?"

“You mean about Frankie and Richie?” she asked quietly. “Maybe you just have to put that big pride of yours away for a little bit and just see how things go, I don’t know how serious it is, but you don’t know that it wont be all over when we leave here, and just a summer fling, but knowing my daughter and the way she looks at Richie, I have never seen her look at a man like that, ever” she said.

He groaned as his eyes moved up to her gentle gaze. "Shit, I know and Richie deserves to be happy.. now above all else, its just.. dammit.. I wanna protect her."

She chuckled and took his hand in hers. “You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t want to do that. But Jon, sometimes they have to learn these things for themselves. The worst thing that can happen is she will get her heart broken, and you can’t stop that in any way, as it’s only hers to give to someone. You just have to be there for her if that time comes, and try and ignore that part of it, as hard as I know it is for you that its Richie, but just try and get to know her. I need you to do that as I just don’t want to leave” she stopped. “You know”

He turned and wrapped his arms around her, "I Know Ceece, and I'll try, God knows I will. But dammit I know what a force of nature Sambora is. " He shivered slightly and swallowed hard. "The fucking mental pictures are gonna kill me."

She breathed him in as he embraced her just enjoying his warm body one more time.
“Well now you have the sounds to go with that picture” she cringed chuckling.

Jon fell back on the bed his laughter stifled by a groan. "CEECEE!"

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