Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter Twenty

"Chicken Noodle Soup" he said proudly.

She couldn't help it, she started to laugh. "So its good for what ails you huh? "

"Very good, and for you today my princess its just what the doctor ordered" he said as he leaned over and kissed her before rolling her onto her back, bringing his mouth down her neck he grazed along her jugular with his teeth.

She whimpered softly as her hands wrapped around him to slowly brush along his spine. "Who is this doctor? I need to thank him."

He continued to kiss down her neck onto her chest, but stopped and looked up at her. "His name is Dr Magic Fingers" he said as he wiggled his fingers before letting them roam down her body.

She groaned and arched against him, wanting to be one with him, wanting to sink so far inside of him she'd never find a way out.

He ran his fingers all the way down her body and down her slender legs, his fingers dancing across her velvety skin and up to her apex, but he just let his fingers trail loosely across the outside of her mound as he reached her nipples with his lips and kissed her pink rosy nub ever so gently and then sucked lightly on it swirling his tongue around it.

She groaned softly, her nails starting to graze along his back. "Baby, please...."

He shivered as he felt her nails graze his back but contently he moved to the other nipple paying it equal attention as he licked and kissed it. Finally leaving them he inched down to her thighs where he was face to face with his heaven, his gate to paradise as he slipped his tongue across her aching folds.

She shuddered at the first hint of his tongue, her hips flexing as his hands slid under her to open her wider. "Jesus Richie!"

Flicking and teasing her moved inside her and slow strong strokes engulfed her as he slipped one finger then another in and began to slowly pump her.

Shivers raced along her skin as his touch began to build the banked flames of desire. Slender fingers twisted into the sheets as her head arched back a warbling moan falling from her lush lips. "With just a flick of his tongue she sighed, the twist of his fingers had her moaning, the combination of both had her at fever pitch and ready to scream.

"Sweet jesus you taste like honey princess" as he lapped up her juices like it was what he needed to live, hell it was. He continued to pump, lick, tease every bit of her that he could making sure no part of her was untouched by his lips or fingers, he wanted to breathe in every part of her scent, hell he wanted to bottle her and take her home if he could.

She gasped until her breaths were hitching in her throat, her inner walls clenching against his fingers as she free fell into the flames. "ohhh god.. please.. please.. " She was lost in the sensation, time and place ceased to exist, and when he reached to lift her legs onto his shoulders she screamed. His tongue teased her with the memory of how he cock would feel, and she wanted every bit of that and more.

Richie licked harder and could feel her walls clenching around his fingers so he kept going, licking her and sucking her for everything that she was worth. He wanted to make her cum for him now.

"Cum for me baby," he whispered.

Her system went on overload and shut down. There was no control, no thought, just him and his touch. As she arched upwards she clinched, her entire body tightening as a scream ripped from her throat. She began to sob as the orgasm blistered through her, leaving her shaken and hungry for more.

Opening her eyes she glanced down, and cried out softly as he rubbed his nose lightly over the bundle of nerves there.

He crawled back up to her kissing along his path. Meeting her in a blinding kiss he pinned her to the bed with his hands on each of hers, his desire for this woman was raging out of the stratosphere. "I need you so much princess, I really do" he panted as he parted her legs with his knee and took his position slipping into her he felt at home as he filled her once again.

Her legs slipped up to wrap tightly around his waist as he began to pump into her depths, her hands sliding up to tangle into his hair. A softly hissed yes filtered from her lips as she gave herself up to him body and soul.

"Cesca, god Ces........" he pumped her harder pistoning his hips in full swing into her. "God, I love ya baby, I love you so much" he shouted as he continued to drive into her.

She met him thrust for thrust, her legs quivering as tears streamed from glazed eyes. "I love you.. my Prince.. "

"God" he grunted as he clenched his ass and gave her everything he was worth, everything he had was now hers now and forever as he doubted any other woman would make him feel like this every again. "Cessssss" he cried as he spilled into her.

She tightened around him and felt his orgasm blend into hers. "Richieeee..." She held tightly too him even when it was over, she didn’t want him moving, didn't want to break the connection. She never wanted it to end.

He rode out the waves of pleasure with her until they were both spent. He rolled back on his side taking her with him. "Oh God, baby girl, my sweet Ces," he murmured as he stroked her sweaty forehead and brushed back the curls from her face.

She curled up on top of him hanging on to him for all she was worth. She knew it was just a vacation thing, it had to be, he'd not mentioned the future at all. She was going to have to straighten herself out and give him a casual good bye, and let him know things were ok. She knew that, she just wasn't sure how.

Richie sighed, how did he tell her that he wanted more of her, and how would he even make it work? They lived so far away from each other as well which made it worse. Would what they had even survive in the real world? So many questions plagued his mind. But he knew one thing, and that was he loved her and didn’t want to let her go.

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