Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter One

CC sat overlooking the large pool area that was swarming with families and young couples alike. All were here for the same reason, to escape reality. She closed her eyes, but only for the briefest of moments as she enjoyed the sunlight too much, and her days of sunlight were numbered now. The cancer had come quickly and without warning, so she had not had much time to react and cope or accept her fate. At forty-six years old she knew she should have felt short changed in life, but then she remembered Frankie, her twenty-four year old daughter. Frankie was the pride and joy of her life. Without Frankie her life wouldn't have felt half as fulfilled as it did. She was fresh out of college and already junior teacher, which gave CC many moments of pride. The illness had hit her hard, but as Frankie so often did, she remained strong for CC, this trip to the Bahamas was the last trip they probably would take together in this life, but they both needed the break. They needed to just enjoy themselves away from the sickness and away from the struggle for money for treatments. It was their getaway from all things that were wrong in this world.

Smiling, she recalled just five minutes earlier ago telling Frankie to go off and enjoy herself as this was her holiday too. Frankie had laughed that musical laugh of hers and had teased her for wanting to find a boy toy to take back to their villa. She wanted to make sure Frankie had a decent break and secretly hoped she would meet a nice young gentleman to court her. She deserved the very best. CC’s sunglass tinted gaze wandered out to the beach area where a solitary man was walking and enjoying the simplicity of the day. Her gaze wandered down his finely tuned body noting how his black board shorts hung around his hips so very snuggly. His chest was buff and covered in a decent amount of fur. She chuckled as she remembered the only man that she ever knew that had a decent supply of fur on his chest, Frankie's father, who she had last seen when she found she was pregnant with his child. She had vanished after finding out she was pregnant. They were far too young and he had everything going for him, the promise of a great career in music, and CC has been right, he was now the front man of one of the biggest rock bands to walk this earth.

As her eyes completed the journey up this middle aged man's body, it stopped at his face, short dark hair, framed a strong jaw line and long neck. His eyes were shaded but she bet anything they were pretty like the rest of him. As he came closer there seemed to be a familiarity about him she couldn't quite place.

"Oh my god it’s Jon Bon Jovi! LOOK!" CC heard the squeal as someone interrupted her thoughts. She turned around as two teenage girls were busy pointing to the beach. CC's heart stopped beating and she swore as she followed their fingers in the direction where the man she was just admiring was. It was Jon.

It was Jon, as sure as the sky was blue. It had been 24 years since she had seen him in person and there he stood just feet away from her. She knew he'd married and had children and obviously his life had moved on from their summer’s romance. The summer of ’84 had been filled with garage concerts and fun in the sun. Her heart was racing in her chest as if it was wanted to escape. All the feelings she had buried had come rushing back like a tidal wave off the beach she had been staring at.

The decision to keep Frankie from knowing her father was now a question as he walked towards the girls who were waving him down. She watched as he sauntered up bare inches from her as he talked to the girls and had his picture taken with them. His rich Jersey accent still prevalent and husky. Something deep inside of her wanted to reach out and touch him and as she started to entertain the thought another voice sent her back into her shell. A handsome brunette lady had walked up to sling an arm around Jon, while giving the giggling girls a smile. Well that had to be his wife she thought disappointedly. No matter what, she had a choice to make, and now more than ever Frankie had a right to know who her Dad was, especially if he was right here. It seemed too much like fate not to take the chance.


She wandered along the beach, a slight frown worrying her brow. Mom just didn't get it. This was THEIR time, their FINAL chance to spend quality time together, but no, just like Mom she had to push her off to go enjoy herself on this silly tropical beach.

She sighed as her eyes studied the water. Even now she could see the signs of the illness working on her mother. She tired so easily. Oh she tried to hide it of course, she didn’t wanna worry her daughter, but Frankie could see it. She wasn't blind. "Get out there Frankie. Find a nice guy Frankie. You’re in the Bahamas for God sakes, what girl your age wants to be stuck up under their mom the entire time?"

Frankie sighed softly and looked at the blue blue water, "I do Mom, dammit I DO!"

She reached down to adjust her gauzy sarong that hid her short shorts more securely around her lithe hips and continued to walk, unmindful of the man lazing away his day on the beach blanket to the left of her. Looking up, her eyes caught the brightness of an unusual flower hanging about half way up a piece of rock that littered the beach.

Mom would like that. Frankie grinned and began to make her way towards the rock. It wasn't that too high up and she'd taken a few free climbing lessons. One tropical flower would soon be hers.

She placed her hands into a small indentation and began the climb, her blue gaze centered on that vibrant yellow tropical flower. She winced once as a sharp piece of the rock dug into her hand, but she kept at it hand over hand, reaching for that piece of beauty to take back to her mom.

"FUCK!" She expelled the curse on a frustrated breath, it was still just out of her reach dammit. Carefully placing her foot on the next outcropping of rock she pulled herself a tad bit higher.

"God, heavenly sun," Richie breathed as he lay back and baked in the strong rays, admiring the odd girl that walked past. Hey I can look right? He chuckled to himself at the thought. Lying back, he remembered what Kidd had told him. "Relax Richie this is your holiday too." Why on earth did he decide to come on an holiday with his Best Friend and his WIFE? Hello, third wheel much? But Jon would never make him feel that way, and he knew he had his best interests at heart.

After his Dad's death, the rehab and everything else that had went to goddamned shit in his life in the last couple of years. He sighed and sank back down in to the warm sand that held his troubles and worries at bay. Looking up he noticed a pretty young thing climbing a rock to get to what looked like a flower. Girls, he thought, as he watched her slender form arch up the rock. Fuck him she was gorgeous with dark flowing curly hair that cascaded down her back, just like a goddess. She looked really awkward, and being the gentleman that he was, he couldn't resist helping out a damsel in distress. Richie hopped up, brushing the sand off his black shorts and off his chest before adjusting his sunglasses. Walking across the sand to where she was still desperately trying to reach the wildflower.

"FUCK! Just another inch, COME ON you freaking flower!" Frankie stepped up and yelped as the rock cut through her sandal into her foot. With eyes widening in shock she began to fall.

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