Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter Three

"I don't intend to lil darlin, not for an instant," he said as he started to kiss down her neck leaving her lips wanting more of his flavor. He moved the tank up and found her bra clasp. Undoing it swiftly he exposed her perky breasts to his view. Perfectly formed breasts with rosy nipples that puckered in the air conditioned air and begged for his attention. Licking his lips in anticipation he stole a glance at her face before burying his face in her softness, his tongue flicking, nipping and gliding across her. Feeling her buck gently as he did so, he slid one hand south and slipped into her shorts, and easily past what felt like a lacy thong.

Sliding a finger into her awaiting wetness only served to spur his desire further, she was hot and ready for him. "Cesca....." he moaned into her nipple.

She arched against the fingers that were teasing her as her head tilted back on the pillow; she couldn’t stop a soft moan from slipping past her lips. Fuck it felt good as his fingers tapped against her mound before sliding along her lips. She was hotter than hot, on fire and wetter than she'd ever felt before. "Jesus Prince.. fuckkk..."

One slender hand slid over his skin, down to his shorts and dipped inside to capture his hardness in their gentle grasp. A shudder raced over her flesh as her hand began to pump his hardness lightly. Fuck he was big, this was gonna be glorious.

Her hand connected with his heat and god damned if she didn’t know exactly what to do with it, "God damned," he muttered as he moved up along her body, his fingers were busy inside her tight wetness as he pressed his lips firmly against hers letting his tongue eagerly exploring every cavern. "God that feels soooo good," he muttered as he moaned into her neck as she continued to pump him.

"I can’t wait much longer for you darlin, I neeed you." he purred into her ear.

She opened her eyes, blue eyes dazed with need and desire and smiled. Her hands moved to his shorts and gently undid them before pushing them over the taunt muscles of his ass, her teeth nibbling his lower lip slowly. "Don't wanna wait either Dark Prince."

Richie kicked his shorts off and to the side of the bed; he needed her naked so he could take in every inch of her glorious flesh. Lifting her top over her head and discarding it on the ground, he soon slid her shorts, sarong and thong off, tossing them to the same fate.

He slipped on top of her gently before spreading her legs. Hissing her lips he growled, "Are you read for me princess?" He raised his eyebrow and cocked a sexy as hell smirk her way, already knowing her answer.

One slender leg slid up along his side before moving up to wrap around his waist, her hips flexing upward. One finger slid over his lips as she whimpered her need. "Pleaseeeee."

"I am never one to deny the need of a pretty woman," he chuckled as he slowly inched forward into her wet depths slowly. God Damned she was tight. Richie gasped at the tightness as he eased forward until he was fully seated within her. He paused a moment, his eyes nearly crossing at how insanely good she felt wrapped around his cock.

"God you feel so deliciously tight," he breathed as he began to pump into her slowly his hands running lightly down her sides as he held her hips firmly. With gentle care he began his slow but poignant movements.

Her fingers slid along his shoulders before her nails grazed slowly down his spine, her hips arching up against his driving need. Fuck he felt like heaven and filled places inside of her that all the boys she'd known in her life would never even begin to reach. She wrapped her other leg up the other side of him and tightened her hold as gasped moans began dripping from her lips.

"God yes, just.. like.. that.." She cried out as he rotated slowly within her. Her hands couldn't be still as they roamed back up his spine to again tangle in his hair, her need to kiss him rising within her like a wild tropical storm.

He was thunder and lightning, a storm of sensation and feeling as he took her body and bent it too his will. "Prinnnnnnce!"

Her cries were like sweet music to his ears as she bucked under him. Fuck if he didn’t want more and more of her. As he drove deeper into her, his eyes glazed over, she was so fuckin tight and her skin and touch were setting him alight. He laid sweet kisses along her neck as his hips pistoned away at the feeling of tightness he cried her name in deep grunts. "So fuckin beautiful Ces, so damn beautiful" he groaned

She whimpered as her hands tightened in his hair. She was lost in the maelstrom of his hips as she met his thrusts with intense need. "God yes, more Prince.. more!" The slip and slide and the friction of their movements was driving her into deep frenzy as she moved against him, her whimpers changing into deep seated moans.

"That's it baby lose yourself in me, lose it all, I won't hurt ya........ I need to hear you call me darlin, say my name," Richie demanded in a deep husky voice that was full of need. His hips bucked more, driving her into the brink of sexual oblivion.

She gasped out softly, her eyes opening to look up into his, her throat working to make some semblance of sound that wasn't a moan. He wanted his name, he wanted, and all she could do was give, "Richieeeeeeeeeeeeee. please... "

"Goddddd Cescaaaaaa" left his lips in a deep hum as he rolled his hips one more time feeling her clench under him, thrust upon thrust he delivered like the experienced embodied soul he was until he drove her over the edge, her scream piercing his ears matched his grunts and guttural moans as he spilled into her.

She fell straight into the abyss, her hands tightening around him, her legs frozen as she screamed her release with just his name. As he stilled, his head dropping to her chest she whimpered softly, her hands moving to soothe along his spine. "FUCK me Jesus, gawd."

"Just Prince will do" he chuckled as he kissed her lightly on the lips and then the tip of her nose, seeing her flushed face he rolled gently off her and slipped out of her pulling her into him. “How's the foot baby?"

Dazed eyes turned his way, confusion riding high; she was still lost in the sensations singing along her veins. "What foot?"

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