Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Twenty Five

“Not for long!” he announced as he quickly kicked off his boots and shucked his pants letting them puddle to the floor quickly forgotten. “Better?” he asked raising his eyebrow as he stood proudly with his hands on his hips as he swiveled himself around on display, his cock hard and ready for her.

She snorted loudly and reached out to grab his arm and yanked him to the bed, falling back as he fell on top of her. "Enough talking Prince."
He didn’t say anything scrambling up over her making sure that she was pinned under him, kissing her hard his lips found hers and tongue delve into her mouth tasting her and savoring her. He moved his mouth back to her neck nibbling along her neck down her jugular he kissed down her chest and found her rosy perky breasts waiting for his touch. His tongue swirled around her nipples lavishing his tongue on them lovingly, his hands gliding down her body feeling her soft creamy skin under his own hands.

Her movements were smooth but urgent as she grazed nails along his sides and up to his chest before dipping lower to enclose his hardness in her fevered grasp. His lips were driving her to the brink of insanity as he nipped, licked and suckled along each available inch. She gasped out her pleas to stop the torture, to finally complete her again. She whimpered out sighs of need along side each plea, her eyes fluttering as her hands continued to move.

He lost himself in the curves and sweet scent of this woman, his woman, her whimpers, soft moans and murmurings were driving him wild. Her soft needing touch against his rigid shaft had him cry out for her, his need and desire was growing for her, his need to be complete and be one with her once again. He spread her legs and lowered himself down and into her, groaning as he felt her familiar tight walls enclose around his cock he began a slow thrust into her. “Oh god, baby, oh fuck……….. you feel so tight, so wet….” He moaned.

Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as fingers slid along his chest and up into his hair. A soft cry echoed in the room as Richie slid her leg a bit higher and plunged deeper. "God yessss Prince... yessss."

He pulled her legs up across his hips so he could thrust deeper his eyes closing as he began to lose himself in her. This is where he felt free, and enraptured in this woman. "God Cecsa, Fuck.. you're killing me," he grunted as the sweat began to pour down his forehead.

She arched upwards, her inner walls clenching as she gasped, "We can stop....Don’t want you to die…."

"God would have to stop this, and even then he'd have a hard time trying" he panted as he continued to roll his hips heavily into her, taking in every inch of her face, the way she cried his name, the way her eyes rolled back into her head and the way her mouth fell open at every movement into her he made. "God Ces, god, fuck I'm" he let a thundering groan out in the room as he spilled into her.

The sensation of his pulses pushed her over the edge, her screams echoing as she tumbled mindlessly into passions abyss. Shaky hands reached to push sweaty bangs from his forehead as she shuddered beneath him. "Wow."

He smiled down at her as he collapsed on top of her. Rolling over he pulled her onto his chest.. "Ces, I think you broke it you know," he panted with a laugh as he closed his eyes to catch his breath.

She giggled as she wiggled to get comfortable, before nuzzling into his neck. "Well I'd just have to kiss it and make it all better then right?"

Richie laughed "Ohh really now," he said with a smirk. He reached down and grabbed his cock. "Yeah its definitely broken," he confirmed with a chuckle.

She waggled her brows and started shifting, slowly turning so that her face was mere inches from his silken length. Sliding a hand forward she wrapped around it gently, her hands moving along its resting length. She tsked softly, "Hmm it does seem to be a little limp doesn’t it?" Scooting closer her tongue flickered out and took a long slow lick, tasting them both before slipping her lips over the head, her soft mmm's and moans vibrating against the sensitive skin.

Richie hissed as he felt her warm heavenly breath and then lips descend onto his shaft. "Oh fuck Cesca, ohhh fuckk," he growled low in his throat, finding her sweet tangle of curls he twisted his fingers in them pleading her for more. He was growing hard immediately at her touch and once again ached for his release at her mercy.

She took him again and again, her head bobbing up and down as his hands gently guided her motions. When he wanted more she slowed her moves, her tongue teasing the pulsing vein on the underside. One gentle hand cupped his sac as she hummed against his length and took him fully into her mouth, her soft warm breath ruffling the crinkly fur surrounding his length.

"Fuck Ces, you're a little tease aren’t ya," he growled as she continued her assault on his cock. Her breath her touch, his senses were ready to explode. "Fuckkkkkk," he moaned.

She continued to move along his length, her lips teeth and tongue tasting, licking and lightly grazing over his length as she started moving quicker, one hand wrapping around his base to mimic her lips movements.

The urge was driving him insane, he was at her complete mercy, she could have said jump and he would have jumped. "Cessssss godddd woman, fuck....." he felt the pressure building and building until he could no longer keep it in. "Shitttttttttt" he groaned as he spilled out his seed into her mouth gripping her hair tightly under his fingers.

She took it all, swallowing around him until he finally finished. Pulling her head up and away from his delicious length she twisted her head to look over her shoulder. "All better now? "

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