Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty Nine

Richie eyed her and sat down on her chair in the room and picked up some hair magazine and flipped the pages nonchalantly.
"SO what ya doing?" he teased

She stretched slowly in the chair, her back arching slightly, "Nothing."

"Same, just sitting here and reading" he said holding all self control deep inside him as he crossed his long legs. His heat beginning to ache, as he could see the lacy skin from the corner of his eye.

She lifted her leg and propped it over the chair arm. "Finding anything good there?" Soft blue eyes turned smoky as she watched his long fingers flip through pages.

He gulped as naked leg came into view. "Yeah, thinking about getting a hair cut, there are some wonderful styles in here" he said flicking through the woman's magazine.

She stood slowly her thumbs sliding into the waistband of her panties teasingly pretending to slip the strips of lace down. "Cut your hair, get cut off from all things good."

Richie bit back a gasp as he could clearly see what she was doing so he took a new approach. He stood up and stripped his clothes off leaving himself standing naked. He walked over to her and leaned across her, his cock brushing along the top of her thigh, he grabbed the lotion and stood back squirting some into his palms.

She glanced back over her shoulder, a slight smile on her lips. "Changed your mind about the hair cut?"

"Nope" he said as he rubbed his arms to smooth the lotion down them.

She pulled her thumbs from her panties and grinned. "We can have it done the same day. I'm thinking of cutting mine for the wedding." She lifted her arms slowly and held her hair up to a short page boy length. "Bout this short."

He leaned over her growling in her ear "You know, you are never cutting that hair off, ever" he purred into her ear as he licked the lobe. His self control just like that went up in a cloud of smoke. He picked up one of her small hands and placed her thumb in his mouth and sucked gently on it, just the hint of her taste was there and sent him wild.

She whimpered softly as his tongue teased her finger. "Soo that means you're keeping yours long."
He nodded and released her thumb. "I think you like long things " he whispered as he pulled her to her feet and pushed her down on the bed followed by himself, his mouth pressing hard on her lips.

Her arms wound about his neck as her tongue flickered along his. "Mmmm, something like that."

His lips tasted her lips before sampling her neck as he tickled kisses all the way down her silken valley to her breasts. Still taken in by the glorious sight he reached behind her and freed them from their lace captive, his mouth finding the rosy tip and licking appreciatively like the cat that got the cream.

She tilted her head and slowly licked along his neck, her hands roaming from his hair down along his back as she arched and wiggled against him. She groaned as his hands, still slick with lotion began to glide over her skin, heating her up and driving her shit bent crazy.

Richie left her breasts and floated his mouth across her skin down her bikini line licking along the curve he tugged with his fingers her panties as they slipped off her thighs and down her legs he followed them with his mouth, kissing, nipping and licking as he went.

She lost herself in the sensation of his lips and hands as her eyes closed, her ever present need raging to near out of control bounds. As his hands slipped up along her inner thighs only to teasingly brush over her mound she bit her lip and groaned.

His tongue found her burning heat as he lapped it up like fire on his tongue licking and teasing his way up her slick lips to her bud teasing and sucking gently., as his hands roamed across her body finding her breasts caressing, tweaking and brushing his thumb across her nipples he began to beg her body to cum.

She tumbled into the abyss, her soft whimpers turning to cries as his mouth drove her towards the place that held only them. Her hands lit down on his head before holding him tighter to her. "Please.."

He moved away from her mound and trailed back up her body to slide on top of her, his ever growing need of desire was at breaking point. "I cant hold much longer, you make me crazzzy" he whispered as he slid into her and wrapped her legs gently around his waist.

Shudders began to race over her body as he wrapped her legs around his waist, his lips tormenting hers with gentle kisses as his hands paid homage to her skin. "I never can around you either." Her moans fell from her lush lips as she felt him begin to move.

Rolling into deeply he felt himself begin to penetrate her walls, "God damnn" he muttered as he continued to thrust, every inch of himself going into her and back out, his mouth hungrily invaded her wanting more, as his tongue danced over hers, his moans became whimpers as he began to build.

She arched against him, one leg sliding up a bit on his back causing a deeper thrust as she whined against his lips. Slender hands slid along his back to cup his ass before roaming back up into his hair.

He drove into her harder and faster, grunts filled his throat as he his body began to surge in the swell only she could cause. "Ces, god, baby.........fuck" he bucked as his need took over sending him to another zone.

She screamed as he filled her and spilled into her, her body responding to him with a overwhelming tight pulsing. "Oh god."

He panted as he relented his need, deep shaky breaths echoed onto her lips as he slumped down on her. "Jesus, I may need to take life insurance out, you're gonna kill me Princess"

Glazed blue eyes focused on him, "YOU need it?? Hell so do I."

"Well we can get a two for the price of one" he chuckled as he rolled onto his back taking her with her settling her into his chest.

She lay her head on his chest and sighed softly. "I do love you."

"I love you too Princess, now and forever" he whispered as he pulled her tightly.

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