Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty Six

Richie watched as the familiar streets of NY went rushing by on their way to Jon's penthouse which would be Frankie's new home. She was apprehensive, he knew, but he knew that in time it was the right place for her to be, she needed to be with family, and Jon was all she would had, apart from him. A small smile slipped onto his lips as he remembered he was now an engaged man.

The limo driver pulled into a parking space downtown Manhattan, Richie turned to face Frankie "I just need to grab something out of here Princess, I won't be five minutes darlin" he kissed her gently as he climbed out of the limo and quickly concealed himself as he walked into the jewelers.

He knew as soon as Frankie had accepted his proposal what ring he was going to buy her, it was perfect just like her and he couldn’t wait for her to see it, but he wanted to ask CC officially for her hand in marriage before doing so, and Jon, he shuddered at the thought wondering how his best friend would react to the news as he paid for the jewelry and slipped back into the limo discretely.
She glanced up as he slipped into the limo. "Get your business taken care of Prince?"

He nodded trying to hide the knowing smile escaping his lips.
"All sorted Princess, all sorted" he smiled as he took her hand as the journey continued to the apartment complex.

As the limo pulled up to the building Frankie looked out the window and winced. "Please tell me it’s not the penthouse??" She was a simple girl, the thought of living somewhere ritzy or rock-starrish was making her even more antsy.

Richie snorted "Its Jon, its the penthouse, relax its kinda homely, for a penthouse, its got everything"

She shook her head as they exited the limo. "It wont have you." Her words were muffled as she pressed closer to him. "I can't see you staying over constantly, no matter how I might want ya to."

He hooked his arm around her and pulled her closely. "Ah but I do have a plan Princess, you see there is this little thing called a wedding, and once that happens, you ain’t stayin with Daddy, so consider your rescue from the Evil tower not too far away," as he led her into the lift.

She snorted softly, "Only to be holed up in YOUR Philly tower.. right?" She winked his way as she stepped into the elevator.

Richie's mind calculated "We'’ll see, when we go back on the road, I want you there Princess but as a band we decide things like that, so I am sure I can win over Teek and David" he chuckled.

"Oh glory, traveling non stop with the male parental figure. Sounds like fun Mr. Sambora." She took a deep breath as the doors opened to the Penthouse. "Holy shit, its huge."

"Honeys we're home," Richie announced to the room to see if CC and Jon were around.

Frankie punched Richie's shoulder lightly. "Only you." She walked in and glanced around, "Mom? Jon?"

Richie looked around and noticed Jon's bedroom door closed. "Wait here Princess, just in case, you know" he chuckled as he went to the door and knocked lightly.

Jon glanced over to CC and groaned, "He has the fucking timing of a dodo bird."

CC laughed as Jon pulled away from her and pulled his jeans back on.
"Well it makes a change ya know, its usually you catching him," she laughed as she snuggled back down into the bed. The new pain treatment was working a well and she felt better than ever.

Jon stomped over to the door and whipped it open. "Ok your home so?" Blue eyes raked over a foolishly grinning Richie. "What break the fucking plane or something?"

Richie's gaze skittled past Jon to CC in bed and looked down Jon’s half naked body. "I just knew it" Richie said with a cheeky grin. "You dirty dawg"

Jon shook his head, "Takes one to know one Bro."

"Well your daughter is here safe and sound but listen I need to talk to you both for a minute if that's ok" he said seriously.

Jon's brow arched slightly, "Well I know you aren’t gonna ask me if you can fuck in MY house right?"

Frankie wandered around the living room shaking her head at the immenseness of the place before moving to the balcony. Shit for a average Jersey guy he sure knew how to live rich.

Richie snorted, he was almost tempted to say that he wouldn’t bother asking him for that permission but he thought best not to considering what he was about to do. He walked in and closed the door and sat on the edge his bed by CC. "Well, I just thought since you are the parents I need to tell, sorry I need to ask you... for Frankie's hand in marriage" he said as he took CCs hand in his own "I love your daughter like no one I have ever loved before, and I would give my life to protect her in a heartbeat" he solemnly swore.

Jon shook his head slightly, "If you think that’s gonna get you my permission to pollute my house with noise your sooo wrong Dean."

CC looked at Richie, and saw the love and adoration for her daughter there, she knew he was serious, and she knew how Frankie felt about him, she waited for Jon to continue.

Richie looked at Jon "Frank, I am not talking about sex here, I am talking about taking care of your daughter for the rest of my life, yes we will be having sex but it goes deeper than that," Richie shook his head, he could be such as ass sometimes.
Jon grinned his mega watt grin. "WOULD YOU wanna hear Ava having sex non stop man?"

Richie shook his head "Well no, I wouldn’t, but I have to learn that she will... one day.... twenty, thirty years from now I hope," he laughed but then continued "I will be discreet, we both will, when you are here, and besides once we are married, she'd be living with ME" he pointed out nodding.

Jon closed his eyes. He knew this was a deal breaker. If he EVER wanted Frankie to see him as more than the man who disrupted his world he had to be agreeable. "Well If CC gives you her blessing, then I can do no less, but Dean? I'll stomp your ass into next year if she’s not happy all the time."

CC watched as Richie looked at her with his big puppy dog brown eyes, a light smirk on his lips. "God how can I say no to that?" she laughed, she put her hand on Richie's knee. "Of course you can Richie I would be so happy for her to end up with someone like you but a Jon said if you ever hurt her, I give him full permission to kick your butt ok?" she asked, Richie smiled and embraced her

"You won’t regret it CC, I promise, she's my princess now and I will take care of her forever" he whispered. He got back up off the bed and held his hand out to Jon. "Thank you Kidd" he said putting it out to shake his hand.

Jon reached out and grabbed his hand then pulled him into a hug. "Your a lucky fucker you know that?"

Richie snorted "I do know that but not as lucky as your daughter, ya know" he said wiggling his eyebrows. He decided it was time to give her the ring that he'd just picked up, he opened the door back to the apartment and called her.
"Come in here darlin" he winked.

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