Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Thirty

He continued the kiss as he propped on one hand, the other sliding up to push her nightgown strap from her shoulder. Dipping back he inhaled her scent before his lips moved to kiss first one breast then the other, his mouth pulling one tender rosebud nipple in. Sucking gently he groaned at the feel of her hips arching up against him.

As Jon kissed away her worries she sucked in her breath and arched to his sweet movements on her breast, it had been so long since any man had touched her the way he was now. She moaned as her eyes fluttered closed "Jon" she whimpered as her body became overwhelmed with something she had well forgotten, pleasure.

Her hands roamed down his back over the contours she once knew so well and through his silky cropped hair.

He nosed down along her body, pushing her gown down as he went, his tongue flashing along each rib then into her bully button with a soft moan. "You still taste sweet, just like you always did. "

"You still feel the same way that you do now" she whsipered hoarsely as her sense were starting to go into overdrive. His perfect body was still so perfect, he still made love to her now the same way as he did then.

"I need you Jon" she begged.

He grinned as he continued to move lower, his hands reaching for and removing the lacy briefs she wore. His fingers slid along her thighs and parted her legs as his mouth descended to graze along her outer lips and up to the tiny nub. Just the lightest flicker of his tongue always made her cum, and he couldn’t help but wonder if it would now.

A sharp hiss rose from her chest, he always did this to her they way he did that. "Oh goddd" she moaned as she felt the flicker of his tongue hit her and it hit her with what felt like the force of a thousand men. She bucked her hips in sweet ecstasy against him urging for more. "Jon, please, more" she started to mumble incoherently as the pleasure settled in her brain.

He continued to lick and suckle the nub as he slid a finger into her tight moistness. As his finger began to slide in and out his tongue began to flash against her skin, his mouth vibrating with his moans.

Her mind began to flash to places of familiarity with each stroke and flicker of that sacred tongue, this man was born a lover, a pleaser of woman, the Jon Bongiovi she knew and loved was here all these years later turning her into a pile of mush, the first orgasm ripped though her without warning like it always had as she cried out his name.

He reached to unzip and managed to push his slacks down over his ass, his gaze flickering up to catch hers as he pulled away from her sweetness. Kneeling he pulled her up on his fore legs and slowly slid his hardness in, a gasp echoing from his lips. She was still incredibly tight and wrapped around him like a velvet glove, her heat beginning to burn away thought and reasoning.

She groaned as she felt her walls suck him in as he entered her, her hands slid to around his neck and her lips beckoned to his own in a light teasing kiss. She couldnt help but chuckle "You remember the first time we ever did this?"

His hips began to piston slowly into her heat as his brow arched. He gasped out a soft, "How could I forget," as his thumb slowly slid around her pleasure center. Sliding one leg higher to his waist he flexed harder and drove deeper, knowing exactly how to make her scream.

All thoughts of any conversation gone as he drove deeper into her centre, her cries became more urgent and desperate as he continued to drill her. "Jonnn" she screamed as she felt herself been slipped into the abyss, how was it this one man knew exactly how to do this to her every time like no other.

He increased the pace as his thumb pressed down and held tight while his other hand slid up to twist a nipple gently. "Lemme hear that scream Ceece.. come on baby.. let Jonny hear..."

She was sure she would self combust under his pressure "Fuck, Jonnnnnnnyyyyyyy" she groaned as she felt her body let go and give in to the sweet surrender that was her Jon induced orgasm, her brain flashed white and blinded her as she folded convulsing under his every whim.

As he felt the pulsing and vicing he let go and screamed, his seed spilling deep before he slumped gently over her, his lips slowly grazing along her neck and up to her lips. "Sweet Ceece, so sweet." He rolled to his back and pulled her tight to his side. "Still so sweet."

She panted and caught her breath back her body still burning with his passion and love he had just dealt her. "Fuck me Jon, I don’t think I would have lasted the last twenty years if I had that every day" she chuckled as she buried her head into his furry mat and breahted in the warm scent of him that she wished would never go away.

He chuckled softly, "That right? Id be looking a lot older babe, you'd have run me ragged no doubt."

"You still look perfect, you are perfect Jon" as she murmured feeling sleep creep back up on her. "Thank you" she managed to squeak before closing her eyes.

He lay there holding her and watched as she fell into a deep relaxed slumber. A gentle smile played on his lips as he recognized the lack of pain in her now unlined face and he whispered, "if this will keep you pain free baby you can have it every time you ask."

He didn't over think or process that thought, or worry about how it would affect his future. She was too important to his past, to his world for that to matter. She needed, he could supply, and if Dot and the world didn't get it then fuck 'em all.

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