Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Forty One

She stretched, reaching out for his side of the bed only to find him not there. As her eyes opened she was still dressed. If he'd been home she'd be naked, he seemed to keep her that way. Tears welled up as she came to the conclusion taht she had dreamed his homecoming. She must have finally passed out and Jon had moved her in to her room.

Standing slowly she blinked away the tears and stumbled to her door. Mom would make it better, she always knew how to make a hurt go away. She padded quietly against the hall and opened her Mom's door. "Mom? You awake?"

CC turned and saw her daughter come in the door, she looked dreadful, disheveled and pale.

“Frankie honey I am right here, what’s going on?” she asked sitting up concerned.

She moved towards the bed and crawled up next to her mom, forgetting that she was a twenty four year old, forgetting she was independent, hell she wasn’t anymore. Sniffling she wrapped arms around her mom and bit back the tears. Trying for a light smile she whispered, "Just missed my mom is all."

CC smiled as he encased her daughter to body just like she used to do when she was little. She stroked her head of tangled curls.
“I miss you too sweetie, but I can tell something’s bothering you, what’s going on? And have you showered lately hun?” she chuckled.

Frankie managed a slight blush, "Uhh.. well.. not today." It wasn't a lie really, she hadn't showered today, but then she hadn’t showered for 3 days but she wasn't gonna tell her mom that. "Just felt lonely mom, we haven't talked in well a day or two."

Her mum stroked her hair. “I know, I just assumed you had been busy with your father or Richie? He’s back right? Things ok there?” she asked concerned

: "Richie had Ava this weekend, things are ok with Richie really." she laid her head on her mom's shoulder. "Are you feeling ok Mom?? I mean really?"

CC sighed, she knew she could never lie to Frankie but she didn’t want to worry her.
“I am good as can be, the pain medication is working a lot better, the new stuff, it’s a much higher dosage, so I guess the new doctors were worth it. And Jon’s been keeping me company, he’s been wonderful, but no one can compare to my favorite girl,” she said softly.

Frankie sighed, "So you really want him around huh?"

CC noted her daughter’s slight disgust. “Yeah he’s been good, it's been nice to have some, I don’t know male company around” she said. She looked at Frankie who didn’t look pleased.

“Ok so what’s he done now?” she asked.

Frankie's fingers played with the edge of the cover as she debated talking to her mom. "Nothing more than usual really. Just he demanded Istay inside all week .. then he got home and wouldn't let me go out.. He hasn’t fussed for a couple days though." Frankie knew she was gonna go to hell for lying. The only reason Jon hadn't fussed is cuz she had refused to talk. "It's ok mom, he’s a man, and men are just stupid."

“He was probably trying to protect you, after all the fuss, he told me about the papers Frankie, but he told me not to worry that he had it all under control. When he took me outside to the doctors we had to be extra careful, he was always making sure that there was no paparazzis around, he was very protective. Drove me crazy after awhile but I knew he was only doing it as that was how he knew to act. “Are you sure that’s all? You two haven’t been fighting again have you?” she asked.

Frankie muttered softly, "I can honestly say we haven’t exchanged words Mom."

CC shook her head "The silent treatment huh? I know you Frankie when you brood, you're just like him. You shut up and brood on it and don’t talk it out." she said.

Frankie blushed. "No need to talk Mom, He acts like I'm 15 or something, instead of an adult. Let’s not talk about that ok? You want him here that’s enough for me, really." She closed her eyes and started to doze, "Just needed my Mom is all."

CC sighed. She would have to ask Jon later about what was going on, but for now she was content enough with her daughter her. She closed her eyes and pulled her close.
“I love you baby” she said as they just dozed and enjoyed the companionable silence.

"Love you too Mom."


Richie and Jon had escaped the apartment and took a man to man walk along the beach. Richie kicked off his shoes and opted to walk on the sand in his bare feet. "So Kidd, I am the last one to tell you how to act man. But I can't believe you let her not sleep or eat for days like that, I mean, are you insane?" he asked seriously, wanting to keep it cool.

Jon's brow quirked upwards as he shook his head, "YOU ever tried to make her do anything she didn’t wanna do Bro?"

Richie snorted remembering a few instances "Ah yeah but I have other ways, but I just wish you rang me or something so I could have tried talking some sense into her over the phone at least"

"Man, you had Ava, and Heather she’s such a bitch about things, I just figured I Could handle it for a couple days. She’s so fucking stubborn. No idea where she gets it from, CC's is such an agreeable woman." Jon sighed and pushed his sunglasses back on his nose. "She’s just a fireball is Frankie."

Richie laughed "Well yeah you got that right about the aforementioned woman there" Richie looked at Jon raising his eyebrow. "Ya know I have nooo idea where she gets her stubborn fiery streak from, none at all" he said sarcastically.

Jon had the good grace to blush, "Ok so she’s more like me than we wanna admit too. Hell how did people handle me at that age?"

"They smacked some sense into you, don't you remember how many fists I threw your way" he chuckled. "But I don’t recommend that approach with her. You just gotta treat her like an adult, that’s her biggest issue here Kidd, you've taken everything away from her, her mothers sickness, her job, yeah she’s lost her job back home, you took her responsibilities away from her, but you didn’t ask her. She feels like she has no purpose anymore, and you for one should know how that has to feel" Richie explained squinting into the sun as he watched the waves roll in off the ocean.

He winced as Richie's words washed through him. He'd done that without so much as a second thought. Shit. He knew he would have responded even worse to someone taking his independence away, but as of right now he had no choice, and wasn’t sure how to fix it. "I guess, shit bro, there's no way to fix this. I can't back down, she'll never respect me if I do."

Richie looked at him as the apartment came back into view. "You can at least admit you made a mistake; I think you might be surprised how much she would respect you admitting that. I understand bro why you did it, I do but I think between you both it just got out of hand, you almost need a mediator you two" he said seriously.

"What she needs is a fucking spanking." Jon sighed as they walked onto the patio. "Or something that keeps her on a more even keel."

Jon groaned, "Man its my daughter your waggling those brows about. Cut me some slack, hearing you is bad enough."
Richie snorted "That can be arranged you know" he said waggling his eyebrows as he opened the door.

He winced then added, "Sorry man, I keep forgetting she’s your daughter, I will try and keep that in mind in future" he said as they walked back in. Richie thought it was best to go and check on Frankie, she needed feeding and a bath most definitely.

Jon slumped onto the couch and sighed. He had a lot to think about. The next leg of the tour was coming up, they had meetings coming up relating to the Soul, and there was Frankie and CC. He wondered when the stress would ever take a break.

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