Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Forty Eight

Richie watched them leave and went back to the window, he could see Frankie standing up dusting herself off ready to come back. Richie looked around and cracked a smile. He quickly locked the front door, and threw all his clothes off in a pile onto the chair and kicked off his sneakers. He rushed to the kitchen grabbed what he needed and lay seductively down the couch and perfectly placing the prop that he needed awaiting her return.

She stood and brushed the sand from her clothes. It WAS the only thing to do. Time to grow up and act more like an adult, at least where HE was concerned. Things hadn't been his fault. True he hadn't handled things too well, but at least now he was trying.

Turning she made her way home, and slipped into the room before Turning. "I Just wanted to let you all know....." She turned her eyes widening at the sight before her. Richie, stark bare naked with a... NOOO he wouldnt.. yes he did.. A Can of Noodle soup resting very precariously on his crotch. "Princeeeeeeeee.."

Richie raised an eyebrow at her and cocked a smirk on his lips. "Is there a problem?" he asked as he watched her eyes roam down his own body.

"Did you want a french roll with that soup?" he teased

She walked over to him, kickign off her shoes first before slowly sliding the straps of her dress over her shoulders, her body slowly swaying to music she heard in her head. "Hmmm I dont think you want me slicing that to dip in my soup gorgeous."

Richie wiggled his eyebrows "Not a good idea true, you can butter it for me though," he snorted as his own eyes now roamed down her sweet silky body.

She moved to the end of the couch, her hands lightly beginning to massage his feet before beginning to trail up his long muscular legs. "I'll butter you thats for sure."

Richie’s eyes narrowed as he watched this beauty at his feet as her soft hands bean to set his body on fire at her simple touch. Watching her crawl up her legs like a wildcat on the prowl he let out a low growl.

Her hands slipped further, lightly teasing his cock before moving around it and further up. "Thougth you might like to know my decision."

"Mmmm. That you will be my sex slave forever and ever" he hissed as her hands touched his length.

Her head dipped as full lush lips slid over his quickly pebbling nipples, "Or you'll be mine."

"Goddd yes anything you want Princess, just don’t stop doing that" he groaned.

She bit down lightly, as her finger nails grazed the other nipple. "Hmmmm what if I wanted to stop?"

"You don't wanna be on the end of that fury love," he teased her as he inhaled sharply. Hands roamed down the sides of her body gliding till they found her breasts and lightly cupped them using his thumbs he lightly circled her tips until they became hard under his touch.

Her lips slid up to nibble along his shoulder, "What if I wanted that fury?" She moved up and straddled his waist, knocking the can of soup to the floor. She wiggled backwrds slowly, teasing him by simple touch alone as her eyes began to devour the glow beginning in his eyes. "What if I said I wasn't moving?" She smiled, a wicked gleam in her eyes. "What if...."

Richie's eyes widened and then narrowed "That right huh? no moving" he said as he watched her eyes dance mischievously. "Well then you would be banned from soup forever" he grinned as his hands continued his assault on her breasts his head nipping up and lightly licking her nipples.

She placed her palms on his chest and pushed down, her body following him before slipping lower, her lips lightly dancing over his belly. Taking a deep breath she blew a finely whispered breath of moist air over his crotch before her tongue flickered out to tease the head. "Ohh I'm so sure you'd ban me from that."

Richie let out a hiss as her warm breath whispered onto his hard length. "Ohhh fuck" he groaned as he closed his eyes.

Lips and tongue whispered over his hard length as fingers danced along his skin, first tweaking each nipple before roaming away. Soft hums vibrated her lips against his skin, yet she refused to take him into her mouth. she had the control, she wanted to see how far he'd let her go before rolling her onto her back. Giggling softly her lips slid lower, tracing the firm calves of his legs then up only to tease his balls before roaming back to his belly.

Richie let out an agonized moan. "Oh godd you're killing me Princess" he groaned as his hands soon fisted in her hair urging her back down there. Her breath, her lips, her touch were setting him alight with lust and desire.
He knew there was only so much more he could take here, and soon he'd have to push her back and take control.

Her tongue flickered out to lightly trace the vein on the underside of his cock as she inwardly grinned. He wanted her around him, she knew that, but she felt the urge to tease. One slender finger slid down to trace his length and width before moving to slide along his leg. "Something wrong baby?"

Richie threw his head back in a low purr."Ohh fuck me, just suck me godddd pleaseeeee" he begged, his last pieces of control slipping away into his ecstasy mind.

Her hand encircled the base of his cock as her lips slid over the head, ehr tongue wrapping around the tip as she began to move down along its length, silken strands of hair brushing over his calves in a teasing dance of hair upon skin.

Richie ripped out a moan, this was it; this is what was going to kill him. He always knew it would be a woman, and he should have known it would be this way. "Cess, darlin, Cess" he moaned he couldn’t take it much more as he moved her away in one quick motion and before she could say a word he had her pinned to the couch him firmly lying on top her, the heat of his body pressing against hers.

She looked up a quizzical question in her eyes. "Something wrong?"

"Not anymore" he growled as he started to devour her neck, inch by inch his lips few across her alabaster skin leaving slight nibble marks here and there. Her scent was driving his sense insane and heightening his realm of pleasure. He licked and teased down her breasts and soon engulfed one of her pert nipples into his mouth lightly sucking so she moaned in his grasp. His fingers danced down across her belly and into the valley of heaven below, finding her moist and warm for him he slipped two fingers into the promised land as he began to pump her slowly still continuing his teasing on her breasts.

She arched against him a whispered moan on her lips. Nails raked up along his spine before sliding to his waist as she dug in to tickle him.

Richie jolted as he tickled him and removed his hands to grab her wrists and pinned them over the top of her head as he moved up her. He leaned down and kissed her. "Would you stop squirming" he teased as he kissed her gently on the lips.

She wiggled slightly as she arched up against him, peals of soft laughter echoing in her throat. "Thought you liked my wiggling."

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