Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Thirty Seven

She managed a nod, her gaze moving up to anchor herself within his burning gaze as her hands slipped around his neck. She needed the reason, but she needed what he was doing more, she was empty and needed to be filled, and only he could fill the empty places that called just for him.

He slid into her gently his cock gliding into her as she encased him wrapping her walls tightly around her he stifled a moan. "Ces" his words flew off his lips with a whisper. He pulled her long legs and wrapped them around his waist and sat there, not moving or flexing. His smile teased her eyes as it settled firmly onto his lips.

A pouting frown coasted over her lips as she whined softly. "Dammit Richie... please..."

He leaned over her and kissed her gently "Reason Four....." he breathed as he started a steady pace of grinding into her, his mouth filled with moans of desire and passion as she felt so damn tight and wet.

She arched up to meet him, her body locked within his moves. With eyes closed she felt his scent and soul surround her marking her, changing her, completing her like never before. Here was her salvation, here was her answer.

Higher and Higher he climbed the steps of unrelenting pleasure, each thrust, each movement soaring him higher with her into the depths of the abyss that he was seeking, seeking release with her, aay from all this in a place where it didn’t matter who he was, who she was, just them and just each other. " Ces, darlin," he groaned as he continued to piston his hips in a hard rocking motion grinding into her.

Her nails slid along his spine only to dig into his hips pulling him closer, her back arching to take him deeper, her moans turning again to screams as she hurtled over the edge and into the abyss again.

His body relinquished a hiss as he felt her nails sink into him only to spur him on further, his own moans became cries of need and cries of pleasure as he felt himself clench and then spill into her with a roaring heated thrust. "Oh fuck" he cried as he sent them both to the ends of the earth and back before coming down to catch his breath. Her eyes were shallow pools of lust now filling with contentment as he flopped down pressing his sweaty body against hers, he inched in to kiss her gently.

She curled into his heated sweat slicked chest, her tongue lapping at the salt there as she panted. "You're gonna win a lot of arguments that way Prince.”

He chuckled against her lips "Ah yes, it's my secret weapon" he said with a grin as he lazily rolled off her bringing her in close to him. His mind still filled with the worry that she was still not going to cope the long road ahead and what Jon had in mind for her etiquette.

She shivered slightly as her body slowly returned to the earthly plane. "Richie?"

He pulled the bed covers around them as he felt her shiver. "Mm darlin?" he asked tenderly

"Do we gotta argue to do this?" She tilted her head to gaze into his eyes a mischievous grin flickering on her lips. "I mean its a damn good way to finish up one, but...."

He chuckled "Hell no darlin, we don't got to argue to get this at all, you can have it whenever you please, I will gladly obllige" he said wiggling his eyebrows.

"Mmmm thats a good thing to know." She snuggled closer, her head finding that one spot on his shoulder that was her personal pillow. "Still waiting though."

He pulled her in close to his body so he became one with him, cemented on his chest for eternity if he had his way. "Waiting?" he asked puzzled

She leaned forward, her lips brushing slowly over his lips, "mmmhmmm for reason 5.."

Richie laughed "Ohh you see Reason 5 is the most important of them all, more than any other the other four," he said with a smirk.

She watched him quietly, her eyes smoky blue with curiosity. "And that is?"

He smiled at her and brushed back the tangle of curls that had fallen around her face. "It is that I adore the ground you walk on, I love you more than life itself" he said softly not taking his eyes away from hers.

She pressed her lips to his, then smiled. "Well that’s the best reason of all." She looked deep into his eyes, her own shining with the same emotion. "Love you too, more than the air I breathe.."

"That's good to hear darlin" he said as he closed his eyes and pulled her close a contented grin mixed in with sheer happiness slipping over his face.

She closed her eyes, contented for the moment and fell asleep with his arms tight around her, his scent washing over her and his words of love soothing her heart.

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