Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty Five

Soft moans ripped from her throat as he leaned her back, her hands moving to tangle in his silky hair. AS his hand reached forward to pull one leg over a shoulder she arched forward on a cry. "godddd Prince."

His tongue swirled in her pool of innocence as he lapped up the juices, she tasted so sweet and so good, his thumbs still working their magic on her breasts, he bit down gently on her bud and plunged his tongue in deeper feeling her clench around him.
She whimpered softly as his tongue worked its magic, her body and soul needing more, needing the fullness, needing the hardness.. "Richie please.."

He pulled away finally as he steered her away from the wall and onto the couch that was covered in a sheet, pushing her down he laid her down gently, while he disposed of his clothes, leaning over her he kissed her gently on the lips, his tongue breeching her lips letting her taste herself on her lips.
"I want you so much darlin, so much"

She looked up at him with eyes dazed and fire bright with passion, "I want you, need you, crave you.. I can't live without you anymore."

"You don't ever have to, I promise you that" he whispered as he entered her slick exterior taking him in inch by inch, he moaned as her tight walls clamped around his cock. "Sooo tight, so fuckin tight" he mumered.

Her leg wrapped around his waist as her cries rained out into the room., cries that turned into screams as his length plunged deeper. "Thank god, jesus thank you.."

His hands buried in her hair as he devoured her mouth with his own.
Slowly he rose above her and pulled out of her nearly all the way and drove straight back into her with a force but stopped again.

She shattered bit by bit as each plunge drove her closer to the edge, her mind completely wrapped up in the moment and the man. Petite hands grasped biceps as lips slid over his chest, tasting, licking and nibbling. "Richieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.."

"God princess what you do to meee" he groaned as her hands and lips rained down on his body sending his mind into overdrive. He thrust in and out of her again picking up his rhythm this time. "Fuck" he grunted as his hips rolled into her, his sweat trickling down his forehead.

Her hands held tightly to him as he pushed her back against the couch harder, his hand slipping to pull her other leg around his waist. She arched and met each thrust with an abandon unlike any other time before as each thrust, each grunt shattered all the control she had.

She whimpered as he slowed, her walls clinching tight around him as she fell over the edge into a release, her breathing shallow as dazed eyes looked up. He was still hard, still inside of her and grinning like a loon. "Richie?"

"What princess" he gasped his hair sticking to his face.

Tender hands reached up to brush hair from his face as her heart thundered and her pulse raced beneath her skin. She couldn’t speak as his hips flexed again, the only sound she could make was a whimpered moan.

"You gonna say Yes now?" he asked with a wicked grin as he flexed in and out of her again once.

Her brow arched as soft cry left her, "Yes about?"

"Marry me" he said another sharp thrust and then stopped.

She whined softly as he stopped, her body throbbing with indescribable need. "I said I’d be your roommate."

"I want you to be my wife, please Ces, I know you want to" he said as he drew in and out once more, wincing his own pleasure away.

She groaned as she felt his heat slide slowly inside of out then nearly all the way out. "You... you.. blackmail.. thats what it is."

"You don’t want this every day of your life?" he asked again as he slowly rolled into her deeper this time.

She arched nearly double as his slow thrust drove her into a shuddering release, her eyes going glassy with emotion, "Mayyyyyyybe."

He propped out and pulled out almost till his tip reached her entrance and then drilled back down. "Sorry I didn’t hear ya" he teased.

She closed her eyes as she tilted her head, her lips gliding over the silken sweaty skin. "Perhappppppppps."

He grinned devilishly as he wriggled inside of her and slumped down, huffing on her neck, and closed his eyes pretending to sleep.

She arched up against him, desperate, "Richie pleaseeeeeeee."

A mock snore ripped from his throat as he just slightly wriggled.

She groaned softly, ohhh ok ok already, YES!"

He pulled up to life his eyes shining down at her. "Really?"

A smile shone in her dazed blue eyes, "Yes really."

He kissed her hard on the lips "You won’t ever regret it" his thrust into her didn’t stop this time as he kept on going. Grunting, and moaning his lips filled with soft moans of her name.

Shivers raced over her body as she began to tremble within his build up; her eyes closed tight as her hands slid along his spine to cup his ass. Soft screams fell to urge him on as she tumbled head long into the pits of passion, his thrusts driving her into frenzy, his kisses burning through to her soul. "yessss Richie... oh yesssss."

"God Cesss" he hissed as he gave way, the floodgates finally breeching his restraint as he let his love flow inside of her; collapsing on top of her he tried to catch his breath. He swept her hair back and looked into her eyes. "You will not regret it, one bit" he promised as he sealed his promise with a kiss.

She held tightly too him as her shudders slowly gave way to peace. "Never thought I would, not for one second."

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