Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Forty Seven

She leaned back, her bluer than blue eyes intent on them both. "And why is that hospital any better than the ones we have here?"

Richie nodded taking the lead from Jon. "They are brilliant, trust me on that princess, it was where Dad was in care before we lost him," he said sadly. "And they were really great, like really really good" Richie said.

She stood and walked to the patio door, her gaze on the ocean. They wanted her to leave everything she'd known her entire life, but not for her, for mom. Mom who deserved everything they could get her, better treatment, better quality of life. She sighed softly. Still it wasn't fair, she kept losing so much, but to say no would be unfair of her. Slipping the door open she was out and walking towards the ocean before they realized it.

She walked along the shore, wrapped deep in thought as various moments rose to meet her. Jon was trying so hard to be protective, to make up for twenty four years. And there was mom's total happiness at finding him again. She remembered the fights, always started by her it seemed as she chafed against his domineering ways.

And then there was Richie, sweet sweet Richie who was doing his best to make good of this situation. How could he stand it, going back to the place his own father had died in, and do it willingly for her. She sunk to the sand wrapping her arms around her knees and watched the ocean, knowing this one decision would change her entire life.

Richie watched her as she left and turned to Jon "You think she will do it? We can't force her you know man, she has to decide this one herself, that’s the decent thing we can give her here Jon" he said as he watched her disappear down to the waters edge just watching,

CC woke after again a long sleep, she was sick of sleeping thats all she tended to do most of the day, most of all she missed the human company, something endeared her when she woke up to get out of bed, she was feeling alot more human than she had all week, and she needed to get out of these four walls before she went mad. She dressed in a light sundress and sandals and did her hair, she stared at her visibly gaunt figure but smiled that she actually looked half decent for a change. She walked out into the living room to find Richie Jon and Ava. Ava was watching tv and Richie and Jon were staring out the window. "What's the attraction?" she asked

Jon glanced up and smiled as she walked from the bedroom dressed. "We're um, watching Frankie."

CC walked over to the window "You asked her about New York didn’t you?" CC asked, already had talking to Jon and having Jon convince her to do it, but CCs conditions were that Frankie wanted to come as well. It had to be her decision.

"Yeah, we did." Jon nodded. "She took off a few minutes later. She’s been out there over an hour just staring at the water. I'm kinda starting to worry. What if she says no?"
CC smiled "She's thinking, if she had said no, she would have already, this is a good sign Jon," CC said soothing him. "Hey you feel like going out somewhere? I don’t know how long this feeling normal will last" she chuckled.

Jon stood quickly. "Take a pretty lady out to dinner? You bet." He turned to Richie and grinned, "How about I feed the young lady there as well?"

Richie chuckled "Now that is a GREAT idea" he said looking at Ava "You wanna go and order anything you want, Uncle Jon's paying," he winked at Ava.

Ava just nodded "Sure Daddy," she said.

Jon laughed then gave Richie a slightly evil smirk. "And what does Daddy there want? Should we bring him some dessert maybe?"

Richie chuckled "Daddy will be fine thank you Uncle Jon, and no Cream of Chicken soup, not when my daughter is around" Richie teased looking at CC.

Jon grinned and pulled CC tight to him, "That's for later Bro."

CC looked confused "Do I even want to know? Not much changes with you two does it, you still talk in code" she told Jon.

Ava giggled, " I'm not sure either Mrs. Frankie, but when I asked for Noodle Soup Daddy, Uncle Jon and Frankie got all funny."

CC chuckled "You boys are terrible terrible men" she teased as she ran her eyes down Jon's body to show him she understood exactly what soup was.

"No doubt about it babe." Jon laughed and ushered her and Ava to the door. "We'll be back in ohh say two or three hours. That enough time to TALK to Frankie man?"

"Plenty thank you Uncle Jon, I owe ya one" he said winking.

"Ava don't you worry, you'll understand men someday honey, they are silly silly beings" CC teased as she draped her arm around the girl as they left.

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