Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Thirty Six

Richie chuckled “I intend to marry you one day Princess, I hope that doesn’t scare you but I really do, it is what I want, when we are ready” he said softly as he caressed her cheek.

And for the record “No Jon is not like that all the time, but when he sees something he can do, he will do it and not consult anyone, lived like that for years.

She leaned into him, her head resting on his chest, "Someone needs to teach him better."

Richie stroked her head and whispered "He's a little stubborn, just like someone else I know," he said with a soft snort as he placed his lips on her forehead in a soft kiss.

She sniffed slightly, "I'm not stubborn, I'm just determined."

He trailed his fingers down to her chin and lightly tipped it so her gaze was centered on his, her azure gaze filled with despair and worry. "Ces, I am going to give you five good reasons to marry me, five very good reasons. You trust me right?"

A gentle smile flickered onto her lips and into her eyes. "Of course I do."

Richie looked at the door noting it was firmly shut "Reason one" he whispered as he leaned her back softly against the wall and he let his lips roam down her soft ivory skin around the nap of her neck and back up to her ears nibbling on the soft lobe as he went, meeting her sweet rosy lips he kissed her licking softly over her mouth to allow his tongue into explore her mouth.

Her arms went up to wind about his neck. "Well I like that reason."

He chuckled "Well onto reason two then" he said as his lips left her neck and traveled slightly south, lifting up her shirt he soon had it discarded on the floor, leaving her in a lacy red bra. He growled as his mouth slid down the valley to her breasts, and popping the catch from behind her the bra fell away leaving her breast bared for him, suckling gently he took one of the pink tips on his mouth and gently began to suck and swirl his tongue over it, feeling it harden in his mouth he hummed a moan as she tasted so sweet.

"Mmmmhmm, Keep going.. I like how you argue a point." She managed a slight giggle among the gasps.

His mouth moved to the other nipple exerting his tongue across that same nub he flicked and teased her as he backed her away from the wall and laid her gently down on the bed and climbed above her hovering over her continuing to lick and please every part of her. His other hand slid back to the other nipple and his thumb slowly grazed over it.

A barely whispered moan broke from her lips as she wiggled beneath him, her hips moving up against him pleadingly as gentle hands roamed along his back. "And the next reason?"

Richie chuckled as his lips grazed across her stomach dipping his tongue into her navel. His calloused hand swept down her sides encircling his hips in her hands her reached her waist band of her shorts. With a soft tug he slowly pulled them down alongh with her lacy thong. Breathing in her scent he rubbed his noise into her sensuality and then looked up at her.

She blinked and centered her dazed and passion filled gaze on his face, her tongue lightly wetting her lips. "hmmmm?"

"Reason Three" he simply said as he snaked his tongue out to her soft flesh, teasing the outside of the slits as he went just brushing lightly feeling her jolt under him.

Her legs parted wider, as her heartbeat increased, her body beginning to do a slow burn as he teased and thrilled each inch of her flesh. "Godddd Prince.."

His tongue began longer strokes as he pushed deeper into her and found her clit, feeling the slickness of her juices he lapped them up. "God so sweet Ces" he murmured as he continued to glide along her. He slipped two long fingers into her feeling her gasp as he did so. He looked up at her enraptured in her whole being, she was glowing and burning with desire, and it was all for him.

Shaky fingers slid into his luxurious brown locks and tangled there as she thrashed about underneath him, head to toe she was nothing but sensation, heat and passion mixing until there was nothing of her left. "Please Prince.... please.."
Her burning wet heat was starting to set him on fire, her quivers, her little moans and gasps setting his very being alight, his denim of his jeans had grown tight in anticipation as he growled and pressed his length against her leg. Continuing to delve deeper into her with his fingers he slowly penetrated her as he licked generously along her clit sending shockwaves down her body.

Her body shuddered as she cried out, his lips, tongue and fingers sending her spiraling over the edge only to be pulled back and sent over again. Her voice grew faint with her cries until all that was left were heartfelt moans as she began to beg.

Richie moved away and crawled up her body and started to remove his own clothes throwing his top onto the ground and quickly removing his jeans and shaking them off, moving above her with one knee in between her he kissed her softly on her lips taking in her flushed cheeks and swollen lips, a woman well sexed. "And Reason Four..." he said as he cocked his eyebrow. "You ready for reason four princess?" he hissed in her ear nibbling on the lobe once again.

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