Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Twenty Six

Chapter 26

Richie sighed "Oh you have no idea Princess, you might have to break my dick more often you know" he teased. Leaning back he wrapped her securely around himself worried if he let go she might vanish again. "So how long you stayin’ for?"

She traced circles in his chest and closed her eyes, "Jon.. he found a doctor. We're just here for that. Have to go back to the real world in a day or two." Her words were soft, her tone clearly saying how she hated the fact of having to go. "She's not doing too well Richie.. she.. well she puts on a good front.. but ..." She dipped her head and hid her face in the curve of his neck. "How'd you do it and live to tell about it?"

He pulled her closer still and sighed. "She's a strong woman your mother Ces, of course she wont let you see her at her worst. Dad was like that as well you know, he's always manage a smile or a laugh when I was around, but I saw when he thought I wasn’t looking and the pained look on his face. Tore me apart..." he trailed off.

"But Ces, princess, you gotta just take what you got, I know that’s hard, but she's been a wonderful mother to you, and think of it this way, you get to tell her how much she means to you and show her before she leaves this world, a lot of people don't ever get that lucky chance to do so babe" he said as he glided his hands across her back gently.

"I'll be here for you, Jon will be as well, we all will, you aren't in this alone - ever" he said.

She wanted to cry, wanted to scream, let out the anguish riding so hard within her soul, but she only had two days, two days to maybe find a bit of redemption and healing in his arms. She couldn't screw that up with tears. She shook her head, almost snorting at his words. "Yeah big bad busy Jon, your bestest friend in the whole world. Same damn man who had my number the entire time and let us both suffer."

She sighed, her eyes intent on her fingers as they twirled through the patches of fur on his chest.. "Only reason he helps mom is to get over some stupid guilt he has. He can't love me, he doesn’t even KNOW me. I’m just some new possession to protect. "

Richie pulled away dumbfounded "What? He had your number all this time?" he asked suddenly pulling away from her. He knew how upset he was and he didn’t even hint he had the god damn fucking number?

"He called Mom a few times. always to talk to her, check on her." She slowly sat registering the anger flooding his face. "Prince?"

Richie sat up "I'm gonna fuckin kill the bastard" he said his anger rocketing off the scale. He threw his pants on and shirt back on, trying to button the buttons on but he couldn’t he was so angry. "I can't believe he would do this to me, after everything I have ever done for him, FUCK he watched me drink myself into a coma," he started pacing the room.
"Prince," her voice was soft, the tears hovering threateningly, "Baby please."

Richie forced the anger into submission while she was here, she didn’t need to be scared of him or feel responsible. This was between him and Jon. "Ces, I’m ok, but you don’t understand how much he's hurt me doing that, he KNEW how upset I have been, how miserable I was. "Don't you worry pretty baby, he will NEVER dictate to me again about us EVER" he said firmly.

She stood and walked too him, her arms wrapping around him tightly. "Don't let it ruin what little time we have. I need... for it to be calm while Mom's here." She held tight, as the tears fell, "He acts all big, important, the great rock star dad, but he never asked to speak to me once. I forgave him cuz he finally brought me here. But he'll never tell me who to be with. He’s got his real little girl he can do that for."

Richie sighed knowing that she was right, he didn’t want to ruin this for her as she'd had it so rough with her mom, so he could hold off on the dressing down of Jon till she wasn’t around, maybe.

"Ok Princess. I promise we'll have a wonderful two days" he said as he kissed here forehead. He felt bad that he picked up the vibe from her that she felt Jon wasnt anywhere near to her as a father should be.

She pressed a kiss to his cheek, and took a deep breath as a random stray thought sent her into a sudden peal of laughter. "Oh man."

Richie chuckled "What's so funny?" he asked amused and captivated the way her blue eyes danced when she laughed.

She glanced down at the floor at the dress now lying there in a torn puddle. "What the hell am I gonna wear back to the venue?"

Richie blushed "Oh shit, I didn’t even think of that, god I am so stupid" he snorted. "You can borrow a tee-shirt of mine, hell it will probably be more a dress for you anyway, take ya pick" he said opening his closet at the hotel.

She shook her head and kept laughing as she pilfered his closet. Choosing a tee-shirt she slipped it on then pulled one of his braided belts and wound it about her waist. "Damn your right, It IS a dress." She turned and struck a pose. So How do I look?"

Richie laughed "Oh man, they are sooo gonna ask me what happened to you dress I hope you realize" he chuckled.

She winked, "I'll just tell the you ripped it off." She pulled another shirt from the closet and handed it too him, "You seem to have misplaced the one you originally had on."

Richie looked down and around "Shit, see look what you do to me woman" he teased "I am losing my mind"

They laughed and teased as they left the hotel. Frankie's eyes sparkled, her laughter ringing out often as Richie poked fun at whatever crossed his mind. Arm in arm, hands on each others asses they moved through the lobby and to the awaiting limo totally unaware of the photographer who had patiently waited to find his next money shot.

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