Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Forty Nine

Richie watched her and soothed her. "Ces, just lemme do this" he said whispering "and I do like your wiggling, but only when its like this" he said as he pushed apart her legs and slid into her slowly feeling the seeping heat take him in.
She whimpered as he seated himself deep within her, her body suddenly stilling as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "If you say so Prince."

"I love you Ces, and you won't regret this I promise" he said alluding back to her decision on New York. He began to rock gently into her as he brushed her hair back from her face and stared deep into her eyes.
Her hands wound about his neck as her fingers slipped into his hair, her hips moving to meet his unhurried thrusts. "I never regret anything, well mostly anything."

Richie pulled away softly "What do you regret Princess?" worried clearly forming on his brow.

She giggled softly as her hands tried to pull him back in, "That you stopped?" She looked up into his eyes, her own shining, "mostly that we have to be so far apart sometimes. You have become the strength I need, and i miss it when its gone."

Richie kissed her nose. "I may be away from you but I will always be here" he said resting his palm on her chest "And know if you ever need me I will come running" he said softly as he began to thrust deeper into her.

She whimpered as his hips began to flex, his hardness moving within her like a fine torture. She held to him as their bodies began to move together as one, her soft whimpers beginnign to turn to full moans.

He rolled his hips deeper and faster so they smashed against her own, his urgency starting to become obvious. The pants and moans slipping from his mouth effortlessly as he continued to build them both to the brink.

She gasped as she rose to meet his thrusts, her breathing growing ragged and uneven as her legs tightened around his waist. She wanted to forget everything, everythign that made her life so hard and the only time she coudl do that was when he drove her into a place where only he existed.

Richie picked up the pace as he felt his own climax near as he felt her tightened her legs around his waist then her inner walls clenching around his cock urging him to release into her. In one swift cry he emptied into her as his body shook with pleasure over her as his own climax began to wash into her.

Slender fingers trailed over his cheek and lips as a smile shone in her eyes, her arms wrappign tightly around him as she wished he could always stay exactly where he was.

Richie lay flat against her body panting. 'I'm getting too old for this shit" he giggled knowing it was insanely untrue.

She shook her head, "Not old, just older." She KNEW she was quoting his song to him but it was true. She kissed his cheek before smirking. "Well since you're too old for this shit, maybe I should find me a younger man eh?"

Richie chuckled and shook his head and her cliche. "It's ok babe, I am sure that we can get some energizer batteries into me and then I might be able to keep to your pace?" he teased kissing her nose lightly.

Worry gleamed within her eyes as she resolved to slow down on her needs and wants, she didnt want him getting too tired. "I can.... be more patient."

Richie snorted "Fuck off, see two can play at this teasing game missy" he said wiggling his eyebrows.

Her brow arched, "I don't want to push too much Richie.. ask for too much, that makes a relationship unfair."

"Ces wild horses would have to keep me away from you" he said as he kissed lightly again down her neck and pulled her into the crook of his arm as he rolled onto his side.

She laughed softly, "That's what worries me, there's lots of wild horses out there, and some of them would do anything to ride my cowboy."

He raised his eyebrows his brown eyes searching hers "Ah but there is only one wild horse I want to tame darlin" he said as he pulled her in close.

She shook her head, "Never gonna be tamed,. seems I'm too Bongiovi for that."

Richie nodded "God you are right there darlin" he said as he closed his eyes.

She thumped his forearm hard. "HEY you're NOT supposed to agree with me Dammit."

Richie snorted "Well you are, like father like daughter," he teased.

She shook her head violently , "Nunuh. I am NOTHING like that man.

Richie laughed softly. "No you're much prettier" he joked as he felt his mind shut down "I need a nana nap and then I will be good" he mumbled.

She lay her head on his cheek and smiled. "Ok .. I know how you elderly need your little naps."

"Hey watch who you calling elderly. What they do with woman your age now? Do they inject you all with adrenaline once you hit twenty?" he laughed.

"Something like that. They call it revenge for all those elderly who acted like energizer bunnies in their youth." She giggled softly as her hand slid over his check, again playing with the slight fur patches on his chest. "You know you deserve it."

"Ouch, shot through the heart" he grinned playing on his own song this time.

She pressed a kiss to his chest and grinned, "I've heard stories, mom was full of them. Seems you gave love a bad name in the 80's"

Richie laughed "Yeah I was pretty wild, I have to admit, and so was your father but we grew up. Kinda" he said stroking her hair back.

She snorted softly, "I've heard the earlier stuff, wild don’t cover it KING of SWING..." she chuckled lightly, "They shoulda called you the energizer bunny for sure back then."

"I got called a lot of things back then" he mused as he closed his eyes again, here content with his girl. Never in a million years would he think he'd be lying naked on the couch with Jon's daughter. Never.

She snorted, "IF I did that sort of shit id be called worse than what the papers were saying. Men do that shit and they get applauded. Where’s the sense in it?" her voice trailed off as she started to doze off. "Makes no sense at all."

"Nothing much in this world does" Richie said as he pulled the throw from the top of the couch down over them as he was getting slightly chilled. "Grandpa needs his blanket" he chuckled.

She huffed softly, "Ok Grandpa." She snuggled into his body needing nothing else for warmth.

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