Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty

"Heyy you aren’t meant to agree with me missy" he said as she nudged her lightly.

She wrinkled her nose, "you didn’t have to agree I was like Jon." Her hand twisted in the blanket and with a quick roll she hit the floor running. "Yep you don't need this at all Grammmmmmmmmpa."

Richie bolted off the couch just as fast "Oh you think I am old now do you, lemme tell you I can give you a run for your money" he said starting to chase her around the chairs as she darted in and out of various places.
"You're so in trouble young lady, just you wait till your Daddy gets home" he teased wiggling his eyebrows.

She dashed by him, giving him a slight pinch on the ass as she flew by. "Like Daddy can do shit with me."

Richie tried to swipe her as she ran towards the dining area "Well Grammmpa will just have to deal with you" he laughed and shook his head "That did not sound good" he chuckled racing after her.

She ducked around the counter peals of laughter trailing behind her. "Ya think? He can't even catch me."

Richie suddenly had an idea reaching towards his foot he clutched it in mock pain trying to sound as real as possible. "Oh goddd" he groaned as he stopped and held his foot.

She stopped and whirled around sudden concern flooding her brilliant blue eyes. She moved closer to him, worried suddenly at something being wrong. "Prince?"

He waited till she was inches away from him. "Its just this pain in my foot, I don't know.. rawwwwwr!" He whirled around and grabbed her off guard pinning her back to the only available surface, the front door.

Her eyes flickered up to his face only to see pure devilment shining there. "YOU faker!"

He roared with laughter. "Grampa may be old but he ain’t stupid" he said smirking as he leaned into her to catch a kiss of her rosy lips.

She pressed her lips to his as one leg lifted to wrap around his waist, her hips arching forwards. "Funny I don't see a Grampa here."
He murmured as his lips traveled across her cheek, down her slender neck then across her perfectly formed shoulders, flicking his tongue into the dips of her skin as he went.

She bent her head slightly, her lips slowly gliding over his chest before nipping lightly along his pec to his nipple, her leg lowering as she braced herself. "Mmmm salty."

"Like all good soup should taste darlin" he chuckled as his hands roamed on her back running his calloused fingers down her spine and lightly cupping hr ass.

She murmured softly as her lips slid up along his chest to his neck. Pulling away she looked up and smiled. "Definitely." her hands coasted slowly over his sides and up to tangle in his hair as she arched up on tiptoe to find his lips again, her tongue teasing along his lips.

His lips teased her and his tongue delved into her mouth and tangled with her own teasing it to what he was about to do with other parts of his body. He pressed her hard against the door and dipped his head down her chest taking a rosy nub in his mouth he licked and teased it as his thumb nestled comfortably on her clit.

She whimpered against his lips, her body teetering on the edge of screaming need. She couldn't get enough of him, no matter how often or how much, she needed more. "God Prince..."

His thumb circled her clit slowly with a sensual pace, as his lips trekked back up her body to her lips. "You're so damn sexy" he breathed as his other hand swept her wild tangle of hair behind her.

She arched against his thumb, a soft moan escaping her, "It's cuz of you Prince." her eyes closed as she stood pinned to the door by his strong hips, his hands working their magic on her body.

Richie needed her, he could never get enough of her, like a junkie looking for his next fix, he lifted her off the ground and pressed her against the door, wrapping his legs around his waist held her tight as he slipped effortlessly into her and held her still as she adjusted to the new position.

She felt the door rub her back as she was lifted, her eyes opening as his hands slid her legs around him. He held her with his arms alone, the door his only aid in keeping her aloft. "Jesus you ARE strong," her voice whimpered out as he flexed his hips and drove deeper.

Her hands skittered up to his shoulders and wrapped around his neck as she leaned forward for a kiss. "God so strong."

"All muscle Ces and you got the strongest one in you right now" he smirked as he came into kiss her holding her tight against his body and the door.

She moaned brokenly as he pistoned into her, the position she was in keeping her from moving much more beyond a slight flexing of her hips. Her hands twisted into his hair as her head arched back against the door her throat working to make a sound other than a full moan.

His arms braced her hips nailing her to the door as he began to thrust upwards into her groaning and whispering her name. The slow thrusts turned into hard thuds as he launched into her thudding her against the door, grunting as he built his fire.

Her hands slid from his hair and over his shoulders, gentle fingers digging in as he thrust upwards and drove her into their special realm of heat and passion. The force of his movements were sending her reeling and she thanked God again for those strong arms that kept her in place.

Pistoning upwards he continued to thrust inside of her every thrust milked his length. "Oh god Cess" he said as his hands gripped her hips hard as he felt his release near for the second time

She trembled as he pushed deeper and he walls clenched like a fist around him, her soft cry cascading from her lips as his climax ripped through her and causing the door to thump again. "PRINCE!!" She couldn’t move except to whimper as he continued to drive her past her release and straight into a second one his voice fading into a single drawn out growl.

Jon walked up to the door, his eyebrow arching as slight thumps echoed along the hall. Fuck now what? His gaze shifted to CC as he grinned. "Baby you and Ava stand here a moment. He took a couple steps and tapped quickly on the door, trying to keep his voice to a modulated tone. "Family coming in!" He slipped the key into the lock and started to twist the knob to open the door only to find it barred.

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