Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty One

Frankie's eyes shot to Richie’s face as she felt the doorknob twisting against her skin. "FUCK!"

"I know Ces, oh goddd fuck yesssssssss" Richie started to go as he found his center and let rip into her.

His final push sent her soaring the door knob forgotten as she fell into the abyss with him, "Oh god Princeeeeeeeeee."

Jon groaned, Goddammit against the fucking door too? Where wouldn’t the two bunnies do things? Reaching up he pounded on the door. "GODDAMMIT Sambora!! I got your daughter here!"

Richie released himself and came back down, quickly realizing an angry voice was on the other side of the door. "Shit! I got yours here" he exclaimed loudly as he carried her off to the bedroom still impaled by him, stifling a giggle as he went.

Jon heard the muffled words followed by quick steps and gently opened the door. Peeking in he saw a flash of Sambora ass and rather shapely legs wrapped around his waist. Stepping inside with the thoughts of being scarred forever at the sight of a naked daughter wrapped around the devil himself he scanned the room.

He quickly stepped over and started picking up fallen clothing grumbling. "I’m so gonna kill him, I’m so fucking gonna lop off his balls. I ain’t his clean up crew!" It was then he saw the can of soup and literally shivered in his shoes. "I so ain’t gonna ask I so ain’t gonna ask!" Picking up the can he walked to Frankie’s bedroom door, cracked it open and tossed the articles inside before returning to the front door and opened it for CC and Ava.

"Everything ok?" CC asked as Jon opened the door for them, noticing his dad like frown on his face.

He glanced over at Ava and gave her a lopsided grin. "Go watch TV sweetie." he took CC's arm and walked her to the bedroom. She was looking tired, besides he couldn’t, No he wouldn't talk in front of Ava. As they walked visions of soup cans and naked flesh kept accosting his mind and he groaned.

"I'm gonna be fucking damaged forever CC. That girl of yours is gonna be the death of me."

CC managed a laugh at how serious he was. "What have they done now baby?" she asked as she stroked his worry lines on his forehead.

He shook his head, "I’ve been a fucking rock star for years I've SEEN things that would curl hair dammit!" He shook his head again trying to clear the pictures, "But NOTHING and I mean NOTHING beats hearing your daughter being hammered against the front door and opening that door to see her naked flesh wrapped around your best friend." He shivered as his blue eyes met her soft gaze. "And there was a soup can CC.. What the flying holy fuck did they need a can of soup for??"

CC smiled sympathetically at him "You didn’t, oh my and a soup can? I don’t want to even imagine, but just remember this is Frankie’s first real love, they are just acting like a couple of crazy teenagers, I know its no excuse but you were like her at that age, I know you were, minus the soup" she said as rubbed her hands down his arms

"Well yeah baby, I mean I know you drove me nuts back then, but our dad's weren’t WATCHING!" Jon closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "God's paying me back ain’t he?? I KNOW he is. She’s gonna kill me.. or I'm gonna kill him. Hell I can't decide." He leaned into CC and wrapped arms around her. "Ya just had to bake her up just like me huh?"

CC chuckled at his obvious frustration but was secretly pleased to see he was caring so much about it all, it was a good start. She was pulled in the familiar arms and leaned against his chest and murmured. "Try and go easy on them, they will be apart soon when your tour gears back up, and Jon" she said looking up at him her eyes twinkling. "You were worse then her, way worse" she teased as she kissed his nose.

He leaned in to kiss her gently as he groaned, "Don't remind me Ceece. Now I gotta be all understanding. But fuck if I'll ever be able to look at soup again the same way." he shivered slightly. Scooping her up suddenly he walked to the bed and placed her down gently. "You take a nap, Soon as the other daddy gets out to be with his girl I'll come back ok?"

She leaned up and stroked his cheek raising an eyebrow. "Make you sure you do, as once I am napped, I may be feeling you know," she said throwing him a wink. "And I promise we wont talk about soup" she grinned.

Jon winked, "I love your you knows. and THANK god you don’t do soup.. well you do, but fuck...." He kissed her gently and turned to make his way to the living room, wincing slightly at the muffled sounds in the bedroom. Fucking Sambora, was gonna break that cock of his if he weren’t careful. AS he wandered back to the living room he wondered if it could fall off from over use then winced. Thank god no, or he would have lost his too long ago.

Sinking down into the couch he put his mind on the program Ava was engrossed in and pretended tehe muffled bedroom didn’t exist.

Frankie giggled as he leaned her into the bed and kept his ever moving hips flexing. "Multi talented aren’t ya Prince?" Her hands wrapped back around him as their sweat again began to mingle.

Richie giggled into her shoulder as he kept thrusting her home. "I am baby, never forget that" he shuddered as his force started to come alive within her again.

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