Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Sixty

Cc watched the scene around her and even though her insides were screaming, her outside was beaming watching her son in law to be, showing his new fiancee off to his band mates and friends. The last week had flown past and preparations for the wedding were all set for a few days later.

Unknown to most CC had felt her body start to give way, she knew it wasn’t long, but she never spoke about it. She just fought it every step way; it was not going to get in the way of this glorious night, this was all about her daughter and her fiancee and Jon, who had made the effort to bring everything together. She watched on quietly as Jon raised an eyebrow her way and came over. He could read her like a book damn it.

He slipped an arm around her and leaned closer, "You ok babe?"

She nodded "Fine baby, just tired but I will be fine" she said forcing a smile onto her lips and kissing him gently on the cheek. "Thanks for tonight, this really means a lot to her, I know it does"

He held tight to her fragile body, knowing she was lying and unable to put it to words. He chuckled softly against her ear, "You're a terrible liar. She only cares about that big guitarist and you." His hands slid over her back, able to feel the bones through her skin, "Don’t you dare lie to me, I know you’re hurting. I brought your meds just in case."

His hands sent soft shivers across her body. She knew Jon knew her too well.

"I will take some more pain killer soon, I promise after the speeches," she smiled as she stroked his face "Stop worrying" her soft eyes teasing him, as she silently held a wince of pain shooting through her.

She laughed at the jokes Richie told, her blue eyes often finding her mom and Jon. He'd been so good to her mom, and it had endeared him to her more than anything else. Her arm slid around Richie as she glanced over again. Mom was smiling, but she could see the paleness that usually said she was hurting. "Baby, let’s go over to mom a moment."

Richie excused himself from their company "Sure, Princess, everything ok?" he asked as his arm snaked around her.

She shook her head, "Not sure, she just looks kinda pale." She began the walk towards CC only to have David meet them there.

"Yooooooooo King, I have your wedding Present!" David's bright eyes and smile coasted over them all, "I hear its something you and the misses to be can't do without."

Richie just laughed "Unless you have got my cock in there then we only need each other," he winked pulling her in close but eyeing David suspiciously.

David grinned, "Maybe not that, but something just as good dude. I swear." He handed over the box and started snickering as the heavy box nearly tipped Richie over. "Go ahead, unwrap it man. You'll see its the perfect pick me up."

Frankie glanced at her mom and winked. "Well this should be good."

Richie nearly dropped the heavy box onto his foot as he lay it down.
"Jesus Joker, this your rock collection?" he asked as he started to tear the paper off the box.

"Naaah man, Its your rocks collection." David turned towards Jon and winked. "I hear its a family thing."

Richie shook his head, god knows what was in this box, as he revealed the box, Richie snorted and felt his cheeks begin to flush. "Fuck me" Richie exclaimed standing up and looking at Frankie.

Frankie took a step forward and reached into the box only to pull out a can.. "What the holy fuck?" She glanced at the label and started to laugh.

Richie roared with laughter, a carton of fuckin Campbells Chicken Noodle soup, he couldn't believe it as the whole room erupted into laughter. "I am going to kill you" he said grabbing Joker playfully by the neck and strangling him.

David squeaked and pointed at Jon, "Kill him he suggested it."

Richie released his hands and turned to Jon and laughed "You never got over finding that can of soup did ya?" he teased. "You'll always wonder what it was for" Richie teased winking at Frankie.

Jon shook his head, "It haunts me man," he shivered dramatically, "Til my dying day it will haunt me."

Richie snorted "Well thank you guys, this will keep Frankie busy when I am not at home" he joked.

Frankie managed to turn beet red, "I'll send a few with him on tour, keep him busy too." She glanced over at CC, who she'd told the secret of the can to. "Won't it mom?"

She smiled as a pain of phenomenal power slipped through her body, something was very wrong. "Absolutely baby, absolutely," she forced a smile.

Jon felt her flinch, felt her start to shake and glanced at Richie, "Bro,"

Richie saw Kidd's worried look. "What is it?"

Jon glanced at Frankie who was teasing David then back to Richie and whispered, "Call an ambulance now."

Richie's eyes widened as he realized exactly what that meant. He walked to the side and flipped open his cell phone calling one straight away as he began to feel sick at what was about to unfold.

Richie rushed to her side "The ambulance is on its way Princess" he soothed, he shook his head at David and company they politely carried on and didn’t stare.

CC felt her world spin, the pain was so excruciating she knew something was very wrong as she clung onto Jon's arms.

Frankie turned to her Mom to just in time to see CC slump in Jon's arms. "MOM!"

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