Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Thirty Four

Richie rolled over to find an empty bed, she wasn't here, he sat up rubbing his eyes as he realized he could hear raised voices coming from the living room that he recognized as Jon and Frankie's. He quickly got up and stretched and pulled on a pair of shorts before walking into the living area. "What's going on?" he asked bleary eyed.

"I’m gonna throw this fucking cup and knock some goddamned sense into your friend, THAT’S WHAT!! Do this Frankie, do that Frankie, but I'm not gonna do the same Frankie!!" She whirled and walked to the bay window and stared out at the water. "Goddamned control freak, please god let that not be a trait I inherited."

Richie raised his eyebrow at Jon "What's going on Kidd?" he asked

"This is what's going on" he said handing the paper to Richie to digest "Mayhem has broken loose on this one bro," Jon explained to him. " I was just telling Frankie that until this blows over that you need to not be seen in public together, just so they lose the scent of the story, you know how it goes King."

Richie looked down at the paper and took in the photos and read the article, how could they do this to them? Those pictures didn’t reflect the raw emotion that they all had been feeling at all, instead they had turned it into some sick and twisted sordid love story to sell copies. "Well this is bullshit," he said throwing the paper down.

"Not at much bullshit as the command King Control just threw my way, all the while saying HE wouldn’t adhere to the same fucking demand." Frankie muttered softly as blazing blue Bongiovi eyes turned to glare at the creator of those eyes. "Just ask him Richie.. I dare ya."

Richie looked over at Jon "What's going on?" he asked Jon raising an eyebrow and then looking back at Frankie, obviously some shit was going down here.

Jon looked at Richie "Look man, you know that after something of this magnitude they are going to swoop us everywhere we go, so I suggested that while you are outside these doors that you don't be seen together," he explained.

Richie just raised an eyebrow at Frankie, quietly calculating his thoughts on this one.

"Yeah Prince, I can fuck you senseless behind these doors or be fucked senseless, but God forbid we go outside. Course Daddy dearest is gonna keep up with mom, taking her out, to the doctor.. and get screwed too while he’s at it." Her eyebrow arched as she let that one slip, a lil grin on her face. "Yeah baby that’s right, you got it. Daddy and Mommy got all cozy.." She nearly growled. "Tell me how that works huh?"

Richie's eyebrows shot up and his eyes narrowed at Jon, "Oh really, well that's interesting." Richie started to brood. It made sense why Jon had started to become uber protective over CC though. "I refuse to do it" Richie stated.

"If its good enough for Jon, then its good enough for us" he said standing firmly.

"Well hate to tell you but I tend to run things around this place." Jon stared Richie down "I hate pulling rank here King, but I am going to have to, this is final and this is how it will be until further notice. If you don't like it you can lump it as I will not have my daughter out there for the vulchers to swoop in on. Come on King, what if this was Ava I was talking about? Would you want Ava to go out there and tell everyone she was in love? Plus Rich we DO have the contract with no disclosure clause in it, you gotta think on that one man," Jon said trying to appeal to his good faith.

Frankie listened in, her eyes narrowing. He was manipulating the situation, she knew it. "I could just go home." Her voice was soft, yet full of fire. "Mom's got you, she'll be ok til she gets back, I'll just go home and save you your damned publicity."

Richie's eyes shot to hers. "No you won't be going anywhere Princess, you're staying here with us, I’m not having you out there alone," Richie said firmly. Jon nodded in his agreement to that. He sighed and walked over to her. "Ces, I know this sucks, but we just might have to do it in the interim till we see what's going on here, can you do that, not for him, but for me?" he asked his brown eyes widening.

She couldn't fight them both, didn’t wanna fight Richie at all. The softest sigh whispered over her lips as she looked up into his beautiful eyes. "If that’s what you want Richie.. I don’t like it, I think its stupid and chicken. I HATE hiding. But if that’s what YOU want then I'll go along with it."

"I think I have no choice right now Princess but if you trust me and I know you do, it will be for the best and god damned it won't be forever ok?" He pressed a kiss onto her forehead as he pulled her in for a hug.

She laid her head on his chest and sighed. "If you say so Prince."

"Why don't you go back to the bedroom, I just want to talk to Jon a minute and then I will come in" he said throwing her a wink that Jon couldn’t see which usually indicated more.

She glanced at Jon, full out fury blazing in her eyes a moment before turning back to Richie. Leaning up she pressed her lips tightly to his. "I'll be waiting." turning she walked to the bedroom and entered, shutting the door firmly behind her.

Richie stood and looked at Jon "What are you doing man, she's dying,; I can tell you are getting in too deep" Richie’s gaze was gentle and shining with concern.

Jon sighed, "She's dying man and the only thing she wants is me.. I think she never got over loving me.. hell loved me so much she left so I could have my damned career. If the last months of her life are eased by having me, then she'll have me, ya know?"

Richie sighed "Ok man just as long as you know what you are doing," he said as he shifted before speaking again.

Jon's lip quirked upward. "Go ahead Dean, spit it out."

Richie’s eyes narrowed as his lips smiled, "Frank, just so you know, I’m not happy about this arrangement one bit, and I’m not losing her ever again. Do I make myself clear? You won’t stop me this time."

Jon shook his head, "She's more like me than I fucking care to admit. IF I want it I get it too. You best treat her right man, I’d hate to have to kill my lead guitarist, let alone my best friend."

Richie laughed "I will I promise Kidd, and you know if things get to much" he said looking at the stairs up to CC's room. I am always here for you man" he said.

Jon nodded. "I know. Now go convince her to stay, cuz I bet you a dime to a dollar she’s half packed by now."

Richie laughed "Yeah you are probably right, but I have my ways" he said as his eyebrows wiggled as he walked back to the bedroom.

Jon groaned, "I bet you fucking do Sambora."

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Anonymous said...

She acts like a 12 year old pouting baby and she conducts herself with such disgrace. I know she has pain but wow, what an inconsiderate twit!

Sorry, still a good story though.