Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Twenty Eight

"That's enough!!" Jon shouted "DONT speak to me like that. You have no idea what you are dealing with here, I’m trying to protect you and all you're seeing is me wanting to stop you and Sambora dating. You don’t get it do you? Frankie they will eat you alive out there, and that’s why I care, I don’t want you to have to endure all their shit like I have over the years." He shook his head, he was so frustrated nothing was coming out properly. "You're just thinking of yourself, what about Richie? Don’t you see how this makes him look? This is bigger than just you and Richie wanting to be together, think of your mother in all this, how long do you think it will take for them to work out who she is?" Just the idea of CC having to endure this had him shouting.

She backed up a step, flames of unholy fury burning in her crystal blue eyes. "DON’T you fucking dare use my MOM against me. HELL YES I care its about Richie, I’d go to my death to protect him, THAT’S WHY I SAID LET ME TALK TO THEM.!! I can let them see it was a lie. I was willing I’m an adult."

Her chest was heaving as she panted out her anger. "Jesus it’s just that simple. They don’t even have to know I’m related to you."

“Well you have to consider your mother in all this Frankie so don’t tell me that I’m using her against you because I’m not. You will fuckin’ listen to me young lady and you will listen well and good, you will NOT be talking to any reporters, and that’s final. If you care about Richie as much as you say that you do, you'll listen to me," he shouted his eyes firing all cylinders and the vein throbbing in his forehead.

"Kidd man, just calm down lets talk about this" Richie tried to say as he put his arm around Frankie.

"Talk some freakin’ sense into her as I sure as the hell can’t," Jon spat out.

She turned and pressed her cheek into Richie's chest, her arms wrapping around him tightly. "If he made fucking sense, he could talk it into me. He's not making sense. It’s simple to fix dammit."

Richie soothed her with his hand over her hair "Its ok darlin, he’s just trying to protect you," Richie soothed. "Frankie can you wait outside for me, I want to talk to Jon alone" Now seemed like a good of a time than to talk to him about what he'd been dying to find out for days.

Frankie sighed and pulled away from Richie. Turning she walked into her bedroom without a word spoken. "STUPID FUCKING MAN!" was yelled out just before the bedroom door slammed.

Richie walked around and stood inches away from Jon staring into his blazing blue eyes "While we are on the subject of stupid things... why the hell did you ever not give me her number?" Richie’s tone clear and firm and demanded the answer.

Jon shrugged, "To be honest man, I figured it was just a fling for her, that it would blow over. I just figured it would be easier on you both, so fucking shoot me bro, I was wrong, It happens once in a while."

Richie shook his head "Did it look like a fling to you from where you were standing? You had to be fucking blind Kidd to think that I wasn’t affected by this," he snapped.

"Man you've had a lot of women, You've been affected by them all." Jon sighed and shook his head, "I didn’t want her expecting more than what it was, a fling. How was I to know you both felt more. Neither of you told me."

"That was still no excuse Kidd, you've got a nerve coming in here preaching to her how she should act when you cant even act respectfully yourself," Richie barked.

"And if it were Ava man? IF AVA was with some man twice her age, I just BET you'd be all smiles about it?" Jon threw out a winning punch, he appealed straight to the father he knew Richie was.

"Its a little different Kidd, least I KNOW Ava," he said, Richie almost regretted that. "How have you tried to get to know your daughter?"

Jon’s brow arched slightly, "She's been swept up in someone else, she’s not even listening to me." Jon shook his head and changed tactics. "I don’t want you two in public. No going out, no way for them to get another picture. Fuck I'd be happy if you rode in separate limos. And I'll see if I can get to know her, but seems to me she don’t give a fuck about anything but you and whatever it is you two are doing."

"You have to be fucking kidding, you may be her father, but your certainly not mine. I will not take orders from you over this, she's a woman Kidd. Do you think your little controlling ways, they way you do with Dot and the way you do with Steph are gonna work on her? Uh huh, she can stand up to you, so I would like to see you even try," Richie grinned and anticipated the next world war. “She’ll have you for lunch man.”

Richie knew he had to get out of here before he hit Jon. He would regret that, well maybe he would, at this rate Jon was going gangbusters to wreck things before they even got started.

"Man, I've had your best interests, the bands, My families best interests at heart for twenty five damned years, I cant stop now. I can’t HELP I didn’t know about her before now, but she deserves no fucking less than the rest. YOUR the adult here, she’s just a kid, WE have to think for her and you know it." Jon ran his hands through his hair, wishing he could make sense of this shit.

Richie shook his head "I can’t deal with you right now, not while you are like this," he said as he went to follow Frankie into the bedroom.

"FUCK." Jon slumped onto the couch. This was not gonna be pretty.

Richie walked into the bedroom to find Frankie lying on her bed "Come on darlin let’s get out of here I can’t stand to be in the same room as him right now," he said as he opened the large bay window so they could leave without getting the third degree where they were going.

She stood and moved too him placing her hand trustingly in his. "I can certainly agree with that."


Anonymous said...

What a inconsiderate little C you Next Tuesday!! Richie, forget him, thinking with his dick!

ANN said...

Frankie & Richie need to see Jon's side too. it isn't fair either to throw the you don't know her card as Jon wasn't given the chance before & its clear she doesn't want to at this point.