Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty Eight

The chime alerted them to someone at the door. Standing Frankie quickly adjusted the covers around CCs legs and smiled. "That's gotta be our shopping day coming to us. It still amazes me what Jon and Richie can do." She moved to the door opening it and stood back her glance moving to her mother wide-eyed as rack after rack of dresses was pushed through the door. "Mom do they not understand simple?"

CC laughed as she lay back and watched her daughter bring the dresses in, and lay them out on the chairs she had positioned. Shopping day didn’t quite happen as they intended, CC's condition was deteriorating, physically she was growing weaker and weaker, she tried to remain in high spirits especially since Richie and Jon had gone to so much trouble to bring the shops to them so CC could help Frankie decide on a gown.

"They just want to spoil you, and Holy Hanna, is that a Vera Wang?" she asked as Frankie lifted one silken white dress out. These boys really had spared no expense, these dresses were worth thousands.

Frankie stood amongst the yards and yards of silk, chiffon satin and lace. "MOmmmmmmmmmmm! There’s nothing simple about these dresses!"

CC laughed "They are gorgeous though Frankie, and you know it takes a beautiful woman to pull off one of these" she watched in amazement there had to be at least thirty dresses in the room. "Which one do you like?"

Frankie slumped beside her mom and started to twitter hysterically. "All of them."

CC shook her head "They are all magnificent, there must be one Princess-ish though, I think he'd get a kick out of that"

An hour and 29 dresses later Frankie was starting to curse magnificently. "Last one, and if it don’t work I’m wearing jeans mom. I swear!" She slowly slipped into the dress and waited while the saleslady laced the back. Turning towards her mom she tilted her head with the ages old question in her eyes. "Well?"

CC watched her turn around and a vision of lace and chiffon took over her, it was perfect, she looked like she was fresh out of a fairytale, long laces held the back together, and small lace shoulder straps held a lacy bodice that cascaded over the flowing skirt of the dress.
Tears of pride slipped into her eyes "That's the one Princess, that is THE one"

Frankie nodded then smiled. "yeah, he wanted a princess, this actually makes me look like one."

She quickly slipped out of the dress and watched as the saleslady wrapped it carefully. "I'll just go hide this in . shit mom where can I hide it?? I don’t want him seeing it til the day."

She grinned then and looked at the sales lady, "If you’ll just hang it on that rack in the first bedroom on the left?" As the saleslady moved down the hall Frankie giggled. "He wont ever go into YOUR room mom."

She nodded and grinned "No he wont for sure" she laughed as she watched her daughter. "Sooooo Ms Frankie, there is something I have been meaning to ask you about Mr. Sambora" she smirked.

She plopped down on the couch beside her mom, still in her panties and bra. "What's that mom?"

"How is he? You know, back in the day there used to be rumors around about him"

Frankie’s eyes widened. "MOM!" She blushed to the roots of her hair.

"Oh now come on, you know we always talk like this, I just want to know... I could tell you about Jon, but somehow I don’t think you want to hear it" she grinned/

"Ewwww mom!!! He might be Jon Bongiovi, he might.. OH GOD NO MOM!!!" Frankie made brilliantly mimicked choking noises. She finally quit laughing then wrinkled her brows. "Not sure what rumors you heard mom. But if your asking is he good? Hell yeah."

CC raised an eyebrow "Oh I knew that, and one of the reasons is he is well, equipped in that area. Back when we were young, he'd always tease Jon that if I saw it, it would win me over, thank god eh, or Richie could of been your father" she snorted choking on her laugh.

Frankie paled, "Ok that’s just so wrong on so many levels. There’s no way to measure just how wrong that is." She shook her head as the thought ran through her mind. "Well, ok lets see, he loves making love, any place any time, goes forever, takes a nap and he’s ready to go again. And built? Oh mom.. yes, and then some."

CC laughed "I know, I know I shouldn’t have gone there. Well I am glad he's good, I can tell by his gentle manner he would be, I always thought that, gotta make sure my daughter is being satisfied you know" she winked.

"I know from the looks of things so many people will wonder.. cuz of his age and mine and everything. But he does make me happy mom. If it weren’t for him, hell even being Jon's daughter doesn’t.. well.. it doesn’t make things go away, but Richie?? I forget everything when he’s around. He’s larger than life, ya know?"

CC nodded "I know that feeling, and I know you've had your differences with Jon, but just know he, along with you is probably the reason I have lasted so long, he's injected so much life into me in the last couple of months" she said honestly. "Just don’t forget that"

"I know Mom, and if I didn't have any other reason to like him, well that would be the one thing I loved him for. But hey he took Richie on his vacation, and I met him, so even though we butt heads and argue more often than not, I do actually sorta like him some." Frankie watched as the final rack of dresses slid towards the door. "He’s really an ok guy, for all his bossiness."

A soft husky chuckle filtered over them. "So you DO like me huh?" Jon grinned and walked around to the front of the couch Richie in tow. "So we missed the fittings?"

Frankie screeched and scrambled for the end of her mom's cover. "JON!"

Jon whirled around to face the balcony his face a deep shade of red. "FUCK warn me next time."

Richie chuckled but didn’t pull his gaze away from Frankie admiring her slender form he knew so well. "So I assume that’s not what you are wearing right?" he teased licking his lips.

She glanced up at Richie and huffed, "No and don’t even think you'll get a view til you see me walking towards you that day." Frankie slid a leg from under the cover and rubbed along Richie's leg. "Might be what you see AFTER though."

Jon moved towards the kitchen muttering, "I’m not safe, even in my own fucking house I'm not safe. God save me from daughter's old enough to give me a heart attack."

Richie waggled his eyebrows "Well I was thinking you'd be wearing less than that darlin" he purred.

CC watched them and rolled her eyes, her eyes wandered down Richie and clearly he was pitching at tent for the night, she struggled to her feet and walked into the kitchen. "Some ones camping out," she chuckled reaching for her pills and a drink.

Jon rolled his eyes, "Why did I even try to tell them to behave in this house?" He wrapped his arms around CC and sighed. "She’s gonna turn me grey prematurely."

"Least she's happy, but you're right I think you need to invest in thicker walls in the coming months honey," she chuckled looking out to the day, the sun was beginning to set. "Can we go for a drive, you know just somewhere and park up and talk, I just want to enjoy outside for a little" she said resting her head against his chest.

"Sure baby. Just get dressed. It will keep us from hearing the mattress Olympics too." Jon chuckled.

She laughed as she walked away to the bedroom looking forward to enjoying something as simple as a sunset tonight.

Richie eyed Jon and CC and watched him nod and send her to the bedroom, Jon was gathering his keys and cell phone and wallet. "Going somewhere?" he asked innocently.

Jon glanced up and shook his head, Frankie was in Richie's arms giggling with Richie headed towards the hall. "Out and about, sunsets to see, mattress Olympics to avoid Bro."

"Have fun!" he called as he slammed the door to Frankie’s room closed.

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