Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty Three

He slipped inside the bedroom door and watched CC as she rested on the bed. She looked angelic lying there, her hair spread out around her face like a halo. Stripping out of his shirt he moved towards the bed, toeing off his boots as he walked. Slipping onto the end of the bed he knelt and carefully lifted one leg his lips beginning to nibble along her ankle. "Ceece baby, wake up..."
She murmured as she became aware of her leg being moved, opening one eye she gazed down and saw Jon's half naked form devouring her leg.
"Just what are you up to Bongiovi? Don't you know there are children in the house" she teased.

Jon's lips slid up along her calf to her knee as his tongue flickered over teh crease. "yeah well Sambora and Frankie can just close their ears."

"Good to see your persistence hasn’t changed over the years" she winked as she moved her other foot to slowly rub against his crotch.

His hands slid up along her legs reaching for her panties and slowly sliding them down, his nose and lips nuzzling along her core. His tongue flickered out quickly to lightly taste her, his hands sliding up to cup her breasts. "You smell like heaven Ceece."

Her head sank back into the pillow "You feel like it" she gasped as her hands slid down and swept through honey brown hair. His touch was driving her wild, who needed morphine when they could just bottle this, she chuckled lightly.

He nosed his way up over her mound to her belly, "What's funny Ceece?" His lips continued the kisses as he continued the slide above her, his hips arching slightly to tease but not enter.

She reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips getting lost in the blue pools of desire that hovered above her. "I was just thinking, who needs morphine when they just need to bottle you and inject it" she teased lightly as her hands roamed down his toned sides over his tight ass and slipped around to softly cup him.

His lips kissed a trail of desire and when he reached her ear lobe he whispered with a chuckle, "This bad medicine is all for you baby." Moving to her lips he slowly inch by painstaking inch seated himself deep inside of her. "Only you."

She groaned as he filled her slowly his man flesh sliding into her each excruciating inch she felt him fill her. "I love your bad medicine, I really do......." she closed her eyes and took herself away from here, just her and Jon mattered, this was a place where there was no pain, no cancers, no angst, just this.

He groaned as he slowly flexed his hips, his hands sliding under her hips to pull her higher on his thighs. He rotated each plunge as the sweat began to bead on his brow.

His thumb slid slowly over the crease of her leg and down to her clit as he started to massage slowly, each movement set to drive her higher than she'd been before.

Her hands snaked around his neck as he drove her deeper and deeper in a certainty of pleasure. As she felt his thumb join the assault she gasped. "Jonnny, my precious Jonny" she whispered raggedly. Each thrust and each flick of his thumb sent her reeling into the stratosphere. Hooking one of her legs around his waist she felt him go deeper.

He leaned in as her leg wrapped around him, his hips beginning the final assault as his movements began to flow faster. His lips again moved to hers as his tongue slid inside to mimic the movements of his cock. "Sooo good Ceece,"

She hummed in response as the waves got higher, and higher. "Jonnnn, oh Sweet lord......." she panted as he took her higher and higher the urge to scream became more and more, she buried her face into his shoulder as she muffled a scream of unbridled pleasure as it washed over her.

"That's it Ceece baby, let go." His mouth roamed to her breasts and slowly inhaled a nipple, his teeth grazing lightly before sucking gently. His thumb pressed down along her clit before moving away, as his hips plunged harder, faster driving her to the brink and beyond.

"Goddd" she cried as her whole world went a blinding white, all that was coherent to her was his feeling on her body, the sensations on her nipple and the way her walls convulsed around his cock sent her over the edge. Her hands gripped his shoulders as her nails dug into them, the slick sweat from thier bodies sliding between them. "I'mmmmm" as her whole world shook.

He plunged and paused as she clinched around him her pulsing walls milking him dry as he spilled inside of ehr. Groaning his head fell to lie on her shoulder, his breaths ragged and uneven. "Fuck woman."

She groaned and then chuckled "Yeah you do that pretty well I must say, fuck woman" she stroked his hair softly as he caught his breath.

He slumped beside her and pulled her tight too him as he started to laugh. "Ceece you are something else."

She snuggled into his warmth that was growing so familar to her again, scared to lose it forever, she knew would one day, but for now she was just content to.
"I love you Jon" she murmured into his furry chest.

A smile brightened his face as her words pushed away the fear of losing her. "Love you too Ceece, always have, always will."

"Always" she managed to say before sleep claimed her in her one true loves arms.

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