Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Forty Five

She glanced up as he walked into the living room and cut the volume down to the show she was watching. "Hi Daddy."

"Hey baby girl" he said as he sat down next her and placed his arm around her.
"How are you doing Sweetpea?" he asked

She rolled her eyes as he snuggled her just like she was still a baby. "Awww Daddy, come on... I'm ok, Mom's had worse moments."

"I know she has, but you know I worry about you darlin, and you're never too old for a hug from your Daddy" he said as he began to tickle her.

She screeched and scooted to the end of the couch. "Daddy!" She tilted her head her eyes taking on a serious look. "I like Frankie, Mrs. Frankie too. It's sad she’s so sick."

Richie held up his hands in surrender and chuckled. "It is, CC is a lovely woman, we used to know her from a long long time ago before the band first formed. I am glad ya like Frankie, she's a little angel and I know you'll get along with her" he said flicking Frankie a glance.. Richie turned his attention back his little bond bombshell.
"Sooo what is the latest, no boys after you?" he teased as he always did, being so pretty at a young age Richie was paranoid as hell.

She made her oh that’s just yucky face. "Ewwww Daddy! Boys are stinky. Why's Frankie look like Uncle Jon?"

Richie's eyes widened, his Ava wasn't stupid was she? "Ah Ava, Jon is Frankie's father, he only just found out about her recently" he said softly so the others couldn’t hear.

"How you only find out recently, She’s all grown up and everything. You told me you waited for me from the first minute.. Didn't he wait for her? Did she get lost or something?"

Richie closed his eyes. How did he explain this one. "No honey, he never knew about her, him and Frankie’s mother were together and they were very young, when she found out she was having a baby she ran away thinking it would be best for Uncle Jon not to worry about it. It was only recently when we were at the Bahamas we found out about her. She feels very bad that she didn’t tell Jon, imagine how you would feel not knowing me all your life till you were 24, you might take awhile to love me, that is if you love me at all" he joked as he pulled a Richie sized pout.

Frankie leaned against the door from the kitchen and watched the interaction between Richie and Ava. He was an amazing Dad, explaining things simply, loving her, teasing her, yet helping her understand. Her gaze flickered to Jon as she began to wonder exactly what kind of dad he might have been, if she had known him as a kid.

Ava's eyes grew wide. "Mrs. Frankie sounds like Mommy sorta don't she? Leaving the Daddy behind. But you wouldn't let mommy do that, YOU fought to keep seeing me. Why didn’t Uncle Jon try?"

Richie chuckled "She is nothing like your mother dear Ava, but you kinda got the right idea. Jon didn’t know that he was having a baby, and Mrs Frankie vanished she ran away, Jon tried to find her and hired detectives and everything.. but he couldn’t find them, so yeah he tried he just wasn’t as lucky as me," Richie said.

"Wow, Frankie didn’t have a Daddy to tuck her in or read her stories? I know Uncle Jon loves doing that, That’s just sad."

Richie nodded "I know, he does love doing that, so he's missed some of the best years of her life, so he's trying to pick it all up now. But don't ay too much honey, they are still working through their feelings for each other" Richie said ruffling her hair lightly.

"Ok Daddy." Ava smiled just as her tummy started to grumble. "Daddy.. I'm hungry."

Richie stood up "Uh oh Ava is hungry, we can't have that" he said to the room winking at Frankie and Jon. "What do you want sweetheart? You want Dad to make you some cheese on toast the way he does best?" Richie picked up his coffee that Jon had brought in and had a long sip.

Ava shook her head, "Yeah, but I'm really hungry. You got some Noodle Soup?? Mom never lets me have it."

Frankie nearly fell on the floor as she stepped back against the counter, her hand flying to her mouth as she tried her best to stifle the out and out laugh threatening.

Ava kept talking. "Campbells Noodle, it’s the best, but mom says its not good for ya."

Richie spat his coffee out in front of him and roared into laughter, he couldn’t help it. Watching Ava and Jon stare at him with an insane look on their faces. Richie started choking and coughing away the laugh. "Oh shit" he exclaimed his eyes tearing with laughter.

Frankie couldn't resist, glancing at Ava she gave her a wink and a smile. "It IS MmmmMmmm Good stuff ain't it sweetie?"

Ava nodded enthusiastically. "So you got some?"

Richie snorted "Yeah I got plenty sweetpea" he said winking at Frankie. "So everyone for noodle soup then?" Richie said before he dissolved into giggles as he walked to the kitchen, he couldn’t help it, he was so going to hell.

Frankie slid up to Richie and leaned up close and whispered softly into his ear. "Ohhh I'll take a nice long slurp of soup..."

"Its extra creamy at the moment I hear too, hasn’t been stirred for awhile," he laughed.

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