Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty Two

"Goddd Ces" he breathed rolling his hips deep within her forgetting anyone else existed.

She pressed her mouth into his shoulder muffling the moans that kept escaping her as he drilled her into the mattress and over the edge for the third time. Her hips rose to meet his as her slender hands held tight to his back. A sudden forceful plunge had her biting down as a soft scream was lost in his skin.

He hissed as she bit down on his shoulder the pain soon lost in his own orgasm as she groaned into the sheets just by her head. "Fucccck" he cried as he came.

A weary exhaustion played over her body as her eyes glowed with satisfaction as she lightly licked and kissed where she had bitten down. "Uhh, sorry bout that." She stretched slightly the cotton of the sheet rubbing over her back. "I think we got a bit energetic?"

Richie looked down at his shoulder and laughed. "I hope it scars so then I have something of you to take with me everywhere" he said as he leaned in and sealed their desires with a long kiss, his own body and mind exhausted and hazy.

"I know we could both sleep, but I think there’s someone out there waiting on you lover." Frankie grinned and wiggled from beneath him and walked over to the closet quickly dressing in a pair of white shots and halter top to match. Turning around she moved back to him. "You gonna get up?"

He groaned and sank back into the bed briefly before finding a busrt of energy.
"Yep I am coming Princess" he said as he hobbled to get up and stepped into some jeans and pulled on a tee-shirt.

She moved to the door and opened it, before glancing back at him and winking. "Well this should be interesting." She moved into the living room and winked at Jon on her way to the kitchen for something cool to drink. "Want anything Jon, Richie?"

Jon glanced up and over at her as she walked before his gaze returned to the TV only to stop and look back again. Standing up he walked over to Frankie and looked a bit closer. "What the?" He turned to look at Richie one brow arched.

Richie looked down at her back and his eyes widened, it was all harshly red, kind of like carpet burn, except it was door burn. "Oh shit girl you're back," Richie said as he looked at her back. He glanced at Jon’s displeased look. Ok that so wasn’t good.

Frankie turned two glasses of cold soda in hand, her gaze moving to Jon's face quizzically, "What about it? Nothing like a little SUNburn right Jon?" Her eyes flicked towards Ava as she grinned. "We've all had a bit of that in our time right?"

Jon grumbled, she had him, he couldn't say shit. His eyes began to glitter as he leaned forward and whispered softly to the both of them. "Ya got me on that Frankie, as long as it stays at sunburn level we'll all be ok." He turned to Richie a shit eating grin on his face. "But you? YOU get to explain the can of soup."

Richie snorted "I don't want to give away my secrets you know, oh my god Kidd, did you touch it?" he asked devilishly his eyes growing wider.

Jon winced, "Hell yeah I had too along with assorted clothing before Ava, remember her, came in." His mind ran straight to where his own personal devil wanted it to go, straight into a gutter. "Oh god I did touch it."

Frankie nearly died laughing as she leaned in and grinned, "Was it as good for you touching it as it was for me Dad?"

Richie choked on his drink spraying it all over his top. "Owned Kidd, totally owned by YOUR daughter none the less." Richie snorted as his laughter exploded outwards.

Jon's perfect white teeth snapped together as he blistered them both with a look. "Ahh fuck ya, I disown ya both." He turned and started walking to CC's room. "I’m going where someone has some sense in this place!" Walking into her room he shut the door and leaned against it. Yeah, he was gonna kill them both.

Richie held up his hand to Frankie "High Five Princess," he laughed.

She slapped his palm and laughed, "He's sooo easy." She picked up her glass and wrapped her free arm around his waist. "Let’s go pretend to watch TV and zone out on the couch."

"Sounds like a plan to me, me and my two favorite girls" he said as they walked back in.

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