Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Thirty Three

Jon woke the next morning feeling though a weight had been lifted of his shoulder, he had slept in the same bed as CC keeping her close and medicated through the night to sleep soundly. He watched her sleep softy as he rolled gently out of bed and put his robe on and padded into the kitchen plunging the coffee percolate into life. Bleary eyed he looked around the living room where clothes littered it leading a trail to Frankie's bedroom. "Kids" he muttered as he shook his head chuckling.

He cast a thought back to his home in NJ and his own kids who he had kept in contact with, they were confused and Dot hadn't given them much information on what was happening at this stage until he could get home and talk to her. He strode outside picking up the complimentary papers that the apartment offered and sat down at the table, his eyes immediately once again drawn to the front page where this time a half a dozen pictures of him, Frankie, and what looked like a very compromising position littered the front page. He scanned over the pictures of him and Frankie, Frankie and Richie, Frankie crying and as he started to read the article his blood started to boil.

Just last night one of our photographers managed to catch a glimpse of the illusive Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi wrapped around the very young lady caught earlier this week inflagrante delecto with Mr. Sambora. It was quite the emotional get together as the pictures here will reveal.

We ask you , is this just standard Rock Star going's on? Two aging rockers sharing the same woman or could it be more?

Rumor has it folks that Jon Bon Jovi, Famous father and poster child for married rocker's, wife left him when she found out about a love child he'd been hiding from her for years. It’s been told that this very love child made a sudden appearance at a concert last week. Is this girl is the reason Jon Bon Jovi's long time marriage shattered after a recent trip to the Bahamas? Has Jon reacquainted himself with the girls mother? Keep tuned folks

At the very least it seems Mr. Bon Jovi has no problems with passing off his young nubile daughters around to his alcoholic buddies. What's the deal Jon? Trying to swap one addiction for another?

Jon's hands started to shake as they had god damn fuckin done it again, the scum of the earth paparazzi had done it again. "I fucking don't believe this!!!" he yelled to himself in the living room his anger starting to build. How could they do this? In such an innocent moment and breakthrough in his relationship with his daughter, they had to go and drive deeper salt into the already thick wound.

Frankie pulled her robe around her and yawned. Glancing back at the bed she snorted. He wouldn't wake for another hour or two, seemed her Prince liked to sleep in. Walking to the door she stepped out and almost groaned at the heavenly scent of coffee. As she walked into the living room she saw Jon, a very angry Jon trying to turn a newspaper into a ball. "Morning Jon."

Jon didn’t look up and meet his daughter’s eyes. "Morning, seems we have a situation Frankie, and it’s not a good one" he said as he handed her the paper he had scrunched up.

She straightened the paper and looked, her eyes going wide. She wanted to laugh but in that one moment caught just how serious it could be. "FUCK!"

"Yeah Fuck is just about it" Jon said shaking his head "I can't believe I didn't seem them out there or think that they would be, how stupid of me, FUCK" he shouted to the room again. "This just makes things so much worse baby, so much worse, I don't want your mother seeing that ok?" he asked gently.

Frankie nodded. "I'm sorry Jon, Man how can they make something so innocent seem so.. well.. bad?"

"Its their job to, that's what they get paid to do, the truth wouldn’t make good headlines" he said shaking his head. Closing his eyes he began to think, what is he going to do about this. There was one obvious thing staring him in the face but he knew that it would go down like a ton of bricks. "Frankie - you understand how serious this is?" Jon asked as he motioned for her to sit beside him.

She poured herself a healthy cup of coffee and sat down beside him. "Well I can see how it might be. But hell publicity can work for you too right? "

Jon shook his head "Yeah it can but not this type Frankie, this is bad, very very bad, I am going to have to put some severe measures in place while this blows over baby," he said trying to sound as calm as possible.

Her eyebrow arched slightly as her body tensed. "Don't let that mean what I think it means Jon."

Jon sighed "It has to be that way, otherwise there will be more photos and more gossip, just for a little bit. What you do with him behind closed doors here is fine," he said looking into his mirror image eyes that had started to become stormy all of a sudden.

"JON! You don’t mean..God no you don’t mean, I won’t be ashamed of him like that!" Frankie’s eyes blazed.

Jon tried to put his arm on hers but had it yanked away. "You don’t have to be ashamed of him, don't you see this is to protect him, to protect you and your mom" he said trying to have to her see reason but was sure that the Bongiovi temper was about to shine through.

She bit back the acid that started to curl in her belly as she stood and moved to the window. "And instead of talking about it, instead of finding someone REPUTABLE and telling the truth, we have to hide, cuz of course HIDING makes it seem sooooo much better!"

She whirled on him, "Don't you see how that just makes us all look guilty and ashamed?? Why not just come out with it??"

Jon shook his head, it wasn’t her fault that she was so innocent and naive when it came to this stuff, she had never dealt with it all before. "Baby, we can't as they will just take more and want more from us, and they will twist everything we tell them, its not fair to your mom Frankie, and not to Dot and my kids and especially you, I don’t want you ever to have to justify yourself to fuckin reporters" he said

"Ohhh so its fucking BETTER to let them think I'm some cheap whore, and that your pimping me out to someone." Her tone was acidic as the nausea started to churn her insides. "COME ON, There’s bound to be someone out there even YOU trust."

Jon rubbed his hand through his hair "That's not what I want you to think that I want at all and you know you are not that, so please don’t ever call yourself that again" he took a deep breath holding on to any attempt to stay calm and reasonable. "Frankie, I don't trust any media outlets, and I have always had a rule, we don’t let shit out into the public babe, its just the way I run things, all I am asking is for you to just stay away from Richie when you are outside in public, I am not telling you that you cant have a relationship with him. I know now I never could tell you that.. .please listen to me and trust me on this one, I am trying to be fair here" he said as his tone grew louder.

A sickly sweet smile escaped her as she whirled and stared him down. "YOU Gonna fucking stay inside too and NOT take mom to the doctor?? NOT take her to eat?? NOT be seen with her??"

Jon felt it leave his body the last string of control break "I don't hump your mother in public do I?" he asked her accusingly.

Her eyes widened at his unknowing admission. "You fucked her?"

Jon stared at her regretting his admission "It wasn't like that Frankie, you don't understand' he said at a loss for words. He didn’t want to have to explain to her how he felt about her mother and how he was petrified to lose her and how it had helped ease her pain.

Frankie stared him down and repeated her question. "So you gonna stay outta the public eye too? No taking her to her appointments or being there for HER?"

"I will be cautious, I know ways to do that, I just want to protect you and Richie, cant you see that for gods sake, I don’t want you NOT to be together, it's for your own good" he said matching her tone.

She wanted to throw the cup at him, wanted it to hit him right between the baby blues. "NO fucking way. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. YOU do it I do it.. YOU won’t force me into doing what you won't do. Well just be careful."

Jon laughed "He's freakin in love with you, he's not going to be careful, I can bet my bottom dollar that when he's around you any shred of self control goes flying, I know Richie and I know he'll slip maybe not on purpose but he will slip."

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