Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Twenty Nine

Jon stood and moved to CC's door and opened it quietly. He stood there a moment his heart racing before moving further into the room. "I guess you heard all of that hmm?"

CC looked up at him worried "What the hell happened?" she asked noticing his pained face.

Jon tossed the paper at her. "They made the fucking papers. I don’t know what Rich or Frankie were thinking. Jesus CC, they made it sound like he was forcing himself on her.. and she LAUGHED about it. She got madder than hell when I tried to talk to her about it.

When CC looked at the article she knew how serious this was to Jon and the band "Honey, Frankie won’t understand, your world is all new to her, all she sees is Richie, her boyfriend and I am sure until the other night she didn’t even see him as a rock star," CC said as she patted the bed next to her motioning him to sit.

"I agree though that the article and hell the picture is go damned awful" she admitted

Jon sat down heavily. "Hell I don’t think Richie's thinking like a rock star or an adult, Its like he’s 26 all over again."

She chuckled "Well that’s what love will do to you. So what did you say to them, there was an awful lot of shouting," CC asked

I told her to not talk to the press, told her to think about what it would do to you, to Richie if she did. Told Richie they needed to stay out of the public eye. Hell none of it went over at all."

CC placed her hand on his "Did you demand all that, or suggest it?" She knew the answer already.

Jon sighed, "I requested strongly." He managed a half smile. "Frankie would say demanded though."

"I know you're trying and this cant be easy on you considering the circumstances" she said as brushed his hair back from his face, he was so stressed, and so beautiful.

"She's just going to have to listen to me CC. NO matter if she likes it or not, she’s my daughter, and I know this business and the press better. She's just going to have to listen."

"She will, and in time she will see you are right Jon, you just have to be patient" she said as she rubbed her side to relieve some of the pain she was feeling.

He watched her try to rub the pain away and the sight ripped at his heart. "Need something babe?"

CC looked at him, his eyes concerned and his heart caring. "There is something Jon" she said really not sure if she should approach the subject.

"I just wondered if you can , if you don’t mind, stay with me tonight, just here, you know just to hold me" she said, she cringed at how cliche it all sounded.

He turned and moved himself on the bed behind her and pulled her into his chest, his hands gently caressing where she had been rubbing. "That help?"

She closed his eyes at his soft touch "Mm that’s good" she said as she tried to savor the moment of feeling a man securely around her.

He continued to hold her, his head dipping in to rest on her head as his hands continued to massage away the pain. "Sleep Ceece. You need your rest baby."

She relaxed in his arms as he continued to use his hands on her body. "Your hands feel so good baby" she moaned as she leaned back into his chest.

He smiled and pulled her closer. "That’s not getting rest Ceece," his soft chuckle whispered into her ear as his hand slid along her sides. "God even now I want you, but I want you rested first."

"I am rested, you haven’t let me do anything but" she teased as her hands ran down his along his legs only to slide back up to cup his firm ass.
He groaned lightly. "Ceeece."

She was doing things to him he hadn't felt in years, not even Dot had made him run hot and cold then turn to goo all in the space of moments. Her hands were coasting along his back and teasing his ass. What was it about her, that even in her frail state could make him want to forget the last twenty four years?

He pushed up and moved on top of her, his blue gaze staring intently into her soft green as he groaned. "Your too ill to be teasing me like this Ceece. I can't risk hurting you." His head dipped lower as his lips traced over hers in the lightest of touches, "but I can't stop myself, don't wanna keep my distance anymore. I have to know.. I have to..."

She traced her fingers across his face, his worry and concern of hurting her so prevalent.

"Jon I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't want to" she breathed as she took him all in, his blue eyes shining just like they did back then, melting away any fear any worry she had inside her. He could take it away in just once glance.

"I want to know to" she said as she trailed her hands down to his chest and started to unbutton his shirt slipping her hand inside to feel his heart racing against her hand.

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