Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Forty Six

Ava's eyes took in the look on her Daddy's face and shook her head slightly. Daddy's were weird.

Frankie grinned and tilted her head towards Ava, "Two bedrooms + one eleven year old equals no stirring for a while."

Richie groaned "Don't you think I know that, I am working on that," he whispered as he watched Jon come into the kitchen.

Ava twisted around and gave a sad look at Jon, "WOULD YOU Fix my Noodle Soup?? Daddy seems to be all busy."

"Sure honey, I can do that" he said as he looked at Frankie and Richie snickering and rolled his eyes. He had no idea what the hell was funny about Noodle soup.
"Ok what the hell is so funny?" Jon asked, Richie looked up at Jon and just dissolved into laughter again.

Frankie blushed a bright red as she started to laugh. "My lips are sealed Jon."

"Richie? you looked like you swallowed a turd, now tell me what’s so funny," Jon snickered.

Richie leaned in and whispered. "Just remember Kidd you asked" he said as he quickly whispered the story. Jon's eyes widened and soon he snorted and laughed just as hard as Richie had. "Oh dear god, I should not be laughing, that’s my daughter!!" he said as he roared.

Frankie blinked, her laughter stopping, he'd said it out loud, in front of someone even., as a wicked little smile escaped. "I do love Noodle Soup."

Jon laughed "You two are just sick, now lemme in so I can make the soup for your daughter Sambora" he chuckled.

Frankie moved over to the cabinets and grabbed bowls, glasses and silverware. "What you wanna drink sweetie? We have milk, tea and yes even the dreaded Pepsi and coke."

"Coke please" she said sweetly still watching her Uncle Jon and Daddy exchanging weird glances.

Frankie shook her head and grinned, "I’m so sure you've never fed anyone Noodle soup Right Jonny?"

Jon snorted "Fuck noodle soup baby, I have cream of chicken, and yes I have fed a lot, I mean some woman that" he said with a smirk.

Frankie pulled a eww face. "Ok too much information there."

"Just paying you both back, and I gotta lot of pay back stored up for you both," he winked as he walked back into the living room to give Ava her toast.

"Cream of chicken." Frankie shuddered, "He's as warped as you are."

Richie chuckled "Yes, he is as warped as YOU princess" he winked.

She slid closer to Richie, a devious gleam in her eyes as she recognized the fact the counter was obscuring the living room's view of the kitchen area. Reaching out her hand slid over his crotch as she leaned in closer. "I can stop being warped."

Richie groaned as the knife he was holding clattered to the bench top. "You play a dangerous game Ms. Benson," he growled as his hand snaked up her leg and across the centre of her.

"Gonna stop me?" One fingernail caught in the zipper and lowered it as her hand slipped inside. "Ohhhh commando today huh?"

Richie groaned and leaned forward to let his hot flesh graze more against her hand. "Uh huhhh, keep going Ces, ohh goddd" he said bracing his hands on the bench top.

Her hand wrapped lightly around his shaft and began to move slowly, as she leaned into his arm. "Thought you wanted me to stop."

Richie tried to moan but it came out as a squeak. "Noooo please don't. Oh godddd yessss," he closed his eyes and leaned back.

She glanced up, Saw Jon moving into the kitchen and stopped. Pulling the zipper up she quickly turned to ladle up the soup. "Maybe later Dark Prince." Picking up the bowl she moved swiftly into the living room and tried valiantly to not laugh.

Jon walked into the kitchen, took one glance at Richie, his flushed skin, the rather obvious tenting of his pants..."FUCK even in here? Man I do wanna eat ya know."
Richie cringed "Well we didn’t GET that far thanks to you coming in," he said through gritted teeth desperately trying to calm himself down before heading back into where Ave was.

Jon muttered, "Do I even wanna ask how you came up with Noodle Soup man?"

Richie snorted "Believe it or not, it was YOUR daughter that said it right after," Richie stopped. "It was her ok? NOT me," he said innocently.

Jon's brow arched, "You're shitting me."

Richie laughed "Nope, YOUR daughter is a fireball Kidd, take it from me, she keeps ME on my toes, ME, King of Swing," he said with a smirk.

"Lord save me. Her mom said she was a good girl." Jon shook his head as his thoughts scattered. Damn she was turning out to be more and more like him every day.

"Good girl on the outside maybe" he laughed as they walked back into where the girls were.

Jon shook his head. "And she just had to like the devil himself."

Richie laughed "What can I say? You Bongiovis cant get enough of the King," he said winking.

Jon glanced up at Richie, "I think its time to see how she feels about moving to New York, while you have her in an agreeable mood here."

Richie nodded it was time as they settled all back into the lounge "Frankie there's something Jon and I want to talk to you about" Richie said seriously as he faced her.

Frankie glanced up and nodded. "Ok what gives?"

Jon looked at Richie and then took over. "Frankie I wanted to discuss this with you this time and tell you why I think this is a good idea, but I want you and CC to come and live with me in New York. We're close to Sloan Kettering Institute which provide top notch ongoing care for Cancer patients and cases like your mom.. Its somewhere very safe, I have a huge penthouse apartment that I never use, and we are close to Richie," he pitched out the sale.

She glanced at Richie, "You're moving to New York too?"

Richie shook his head "No darlin but I do spend a bit of time there, I am in Philly and California, but I can be in New York as long as you want. I promise, Jon will be there though, all the time," he said not entirely sure this was going to convince her.

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