Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Fifty Seven

Frankie glanced towards his voice then started walking, her eyes taking in the apartment. As she hit the bedroom door she glanced at her mom and snorted, "And you said he was just some normal guy from Jersey."

CC laughed "Well he is at heart, but he knows how to live well.” CC winked from her position in the huge King sized bed.

Frankie walked over to Richie and smiled. "I think I have a room somewhere in this maze. Wanna help me find it?"

"In a minute Princess. I just asked your Mom and J-Dad, for your hand in marriage and they agreed, so I thought it was the opportune time to give you this" he handed her a navy velvet small box.

Her gaze flickered over to Jon a moment before moving to CC. Jon had agreed? "He actually agreed? Gave his blessing?" She took the box slowly and flipped the little lid her eyes going wide. "I...."

"He did, with a condition or two of kicking my ass if I hurt you" he chuckled. "Do you like it? I thought it was totally you, well us" he softly spoke.

She studied the ring, and understood in that moment exactly what it represented, a heart shaped ruby representing Richie surrounded by the brilliance of diamonds in a paisley setting. Their birthstones and what they represented, heart and sun, love and forever, wrapped in white gold. "Its.. beautiful Prince." She held the box back to him along with her ring hand, a teary-eyed smile on her face.

He took the ring and slowly slipped it onto her left ring finger, perfectly. He pulled her in and kissed her on the lips full before pulling away and addressing the room "Do I have good taste or what?"

"In women or rings bro?" Jon smirked. It's less ostentatious than usual considering who you are."

"Both actually Kidd, both, and its just perfect for my princess, just perfect" he replied pulling her in close.

CC watched the scene before her, happy that her daughter was over the moon and her biggest fear of leaving her in this world alone was over, between Richie and Jon, she knew that she would be in good hands. The tears slipped to her eyes unannounced as she realized that possibly she wouldn't live to see the day her little girl walked down the isle, it was always a reality but it just hit her now as she watched the happy scene unfold in front of her.

Frankie moved over to the bed and sat next to her mom and held out her hand. "Can ya believe it?"

CC smiled through her tears "I can believe it honey, you deserve it, and its beautiful, just beautiful" as she inspected it closely, it was no doubt a ring worthy of her daughter's love. "I am so happy for you Frankie, I truly am" tears slipped down her cheeks.

She leaned into her mom and smiled. "Ya know what this means?"

"What's that?" she asked smiling back.

"Girl's day out! We have shopping to do."

CC laughed "Now that we do, no expense will be spared for my daughter, she will have the best wedding dress anyone has ever seen" she vowed.

“Mom, nothing fancy. Ok?" She glanced at Richie for help. "just a small wedding ok?"

Richie nodded "Absolutely, just a small thing us and a few others, and maybe soon" he suggested as he saw how CC had looked at Frankie with veiled sadness, and he knew why.

Frankie wrapped her arms around Richie as she smiled. "Right, simple and soon. So soon's ya feel up to it Mom we have shopping to do."

She nodded "Sure, I am feeling pretty good these last few days so any day soon is fine by me, you go get yourself sorted and settled in with Richie baby, and then we'll have coffee and talk shopping" she winked as she waited for Richie to lead her out.

She watched Richie lead her out and close the door behind them, CC looked at Jon, and she couldn't help but dissolve into tears. All her illness she refused to think life was unfair, but suddenly she felt very short changed.

Jon moved to the bed quickly and pulled her into his arms. "We'll get it planned and fast baby, I don't want you to miss this. I know, I know.. it hurts. God I would take this from you if I Could."

She nodded and held onto him "I know, I always knew this would happen and thought I was prepared to face it, god, I am so happy for her, more than anything I am happy for her, I just wish, I don't want to die Jon" she admitted for the first time to anyone, she admitted it.

"I Don’t want you too either babe. They're making advances every day in research. Maybe you'll get lucky." He held her tight as she cried, his own eyes spilling over at the unfairness of it all. " We have right now, that’s all any of us are promised. We'll just make the best of it."

CC nodded, pulling her inner strength back from deep within, she knew she had to try and be strong for Frankie and she wanted Frankie to remember these times as happy times for the rest of her life. She closed her eyes content just to cry her fears and inhibitions away, she had to be strong, she had to for her girl.

"You don’t have to be strong around me baby. This is your safe room." He watched as she pulled the tears back and became Ceece again. "THIS is where you let it all go. I'll be your strength." His lips pressed to her hair as his tears wet the silken strands. "Don't pretend around me."

She nodded holding him tighter, thankful that he'd been here all these last months, she was able to lean to him for his support and not burden Frankie with it all. "You’ve been so wonderful to Frankie and Me, Jon, I don’t know how we can ever repay you for what you've done. I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without you" she whispered as she found his chest though his shirt and pressed her lips against it, she needed to be taken away from it all again, and he was willing to do that for her. "Make me forget Jon" she pleaded as her hands slipped down his body.

He twisted quickly and pulled her gown from her body before laying her down. With feather light kisses and touches he once again began to make her feel alive.

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ANN said...

great chapter but so hearbreaking! I hope her selfish daughter appreciates all Jon is doing for her mom& all that CC is doing to make sure she has those good memories.