Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Sixty Two

Richie walked into the room and closed the door, CCs pale complexion haunted him. He perched on the edge of her bed and took her hand. "Hey lil darlin" he gently said as his tears built in his eyes.

CC smiled "Richie my love, I just wanted to thank you for coming into Frankie's life, you've changed her for the better and in 24 years I have never seen her so damn happy, ever" CC wiped her tears and closed her eyes and took a sharp breath.

"CC its my pleasure, she means the world to me, and I promise you no matter what happens I will never hurt her, ever, and I will be here for her for the rest of her life, I mean it, I would die for her before I let her get hurt" Richie vowed.

CC nodded and smiled "I know you would, Richie, you've been a great friend to Jon all these years and now you are marrying my daughter, I couldn’t ask for more, you gotta take care of both of them for me, they will need you" she bit back a sob. "I wish I could see Frankie attempt married life with you, god I wish that" she chuckled through her tears. "But in all honesty Richie Sambora, I couldn’t have hoped for a better man to love my baby girl," she said honestly.

"Oh CC darlin" Richie embraced her tightly "I will take care of them I promise, I promise" he murmured "You'll kick my ass from up there if I don’t, I know ya will" he joked.

"Damn right I will, I worry about Jon, just make sure he's ok, I know he'll pretend he is, but you know him" CC smiled.

"That I do, that I do, rest well CC, you'll soon be at peace and just your beautiful soul will remain as it was meant to be" he kissed her forehead and stood up and walked back out to the waiting area. The pained look on Jon and Frankie’s identical blue eyes greeted him. He just nodded and stroked Frankie’s cheek, "Its all you Princess, we'll be right here if you need us"

She pulled from Jon's arms and with a quick swipe of her hand wiped tears from her face. Taking a deep breath she reached up on tip toe for a gentle kiss from Richie, more for strength than anything else. Closing her eyes she turned and slipped through the door.

Making her way to the bed she reached out to take her Mom's hand. "Hi Mom,"

CC smiled at her beautiful daughter, her whole life's meaning wrapped up into this beautiful girl. "Hey baby" she smiled as she took her hand in both of hers.

"Frankie I want you to listen to me ok baby, just listen to me and come here" she pulled her in close to her chest. "Lie with me"

She slipped onto the bed and curled up next to her mom, her hand twisting into her hair just like she did as a baby. "You gotta get better Mom. You can't miss the wedding doggonit."

CC smiled "I'm not going to be there baby, and I am so sorry, I wish more than anything that I could, I really do" she sobbed but just held her daughter closer to her body.

"He don’t know anything about dresses or hair. Whose gonna do all that? See ya gotta be there. Frankie shivered and forced herself to stop, Mom didn't need this, not now. "What did ya wanna tell me mom?"

She laughed as her mind curled around Jon running around on their wedding day.
"He'll do just fine, you will see, and I didn’t tell you because I wanted to you to enjoy every moment of this, you've been so happy and so have I, happier than I have ever been in a long long time, and your father did that, you need to know that, he’s risked everything for us Frankie, his marriage, his kids, but he hasn’t regretted a second of it, he's made of gold and in time I know you will see why I loved him so much and you will too"

Her voice was husky with tears as she looked up into the eyes she'd miss more than life. "Hell Mom, I already know that. But its so much fun to give him grief. He's so funny when he looks like he's swallowed sour milk."

"Just like someone else I know" she chuckled "I don’t doubt you and Richie will give him a lot to cringe about, and make you sure do, he loves it really" she pulled her daughter tighter. "Frankie I need you to know that you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I never regretted one second of having you and raising you the way I did. I only regret not telling you about your father, but I hope in time you can forgive me for that as you now know, and make sure you ask him about the song, he wrote about you, Frankie, I am so proud to be your mother and you are a wonderful wonderful human being in this often cruel world"

CC bit back more tears as she stroked her Frankie’s hair and breathed in the smell of it one more time.

She held tight to her mother as the tears began to flow in earnest. "I love you mom. I'll miss you forever."

"I will miss you too honey, and I love you more than life itself, and if someone told me at the beginning of all this I would only have this much time with you, I would take knowing that. I have had a wonderful life and been so blessed with you, but now its time for you to start yours, and you have a wonderful loving man to do that with, don’t be afraid to ever lean on him, as he's ready for you and he's so strong, and Frankie, my god he loves you so much and he's going to make you so happy, I know he is"

Frankie leaned in for a moment her lips brushing close to her mom’s ear. “I’ll remember that mom, but I need to tell you something, I NEED for you to know.” She leaned into her ear and whispered softly. “But shhhhh is a wedding gift.”

She looked up into her mom's eyes, ready to say more when she saw her eyes close. Somewhere deep within her a wail built as monitors started to screech. "NOooooo!" She wrapped her arms tighter and started rocking. "ohhhh mommie, Noooooo!"

Richie jolted when doctors and nurses scrambled into the room and the familiar heart wrenching sound of life support stopping filled the air. He looked up at Jon.
"So sorry bro" he said as he hugged him hard.

"Always Frankie love you always" CC breathed her last words in this life as her body gave way and she found peace at last.

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OH MY God, what a beautifully written chapter. I am crying my eyes out! You have captured a perfect ending. Bravo!