Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chapter Sixty Five

She looked into the mirror. It was so hard to believe. For a moment she closed her eyes and could almost smell her mom in the room, hear her soft voice as she oohed and ahhed over the gown. "Wish you were here mom."

She turned and smiled as Dot and Stephy walked in with her flowers, and started helping adjust everything just so. She managed to Nod as Dot asked if she was ok. The "ya sure." had her giggling. Dot sounded so much like mom when she caught her out in a lie. "Ok ok Dot, scared to death, what if I trip?"

Dot grinned, "honey Jon wont let ya, don’t you worry."

Frankie smiled. It was good seeing the pinched look gone from Jon's face the last day or so. Seems he and Dot had talked long into the night the day they all ended up in Jersey, and she was sure a certain angel in heaven had earned a new set of wings that day.

As the music started she took a deep breath and nodded to Dot. "Ok send the old man in."

Dot laughed softly as she stepped to the door. "Honey don’t ever call him old to his face he'll just say..."

Frankie snorted and finished the sentence with Dot, "not old just older."

Dot stepped out and nodded to Jon, "She's ready baby."

Jon nodded and stepped through the door and had his breath taken away. She was a vision and looked just like a princess in her ivory dress. "Honey you're gonna kill him before you even marry him."

Frankie laughed, "and ain’t that the point Dad?" She linked her arm through his as they stepped out into the hall and walked to the beginning of the aisle as the wedding march began to play.

Jon’s eye teared up and one managed to track along his face. She'd called him Dad, on this day, after all that had happened she'd finally called him dad. His smile grew into its mega watt brilliance as he started with her down the aisle.

Richie stood at the altar as the music began to play, it was hard to believe that they were just here days ago for CC's funeral, Frankie still insisted that she wanted to get married here and Richie agreed it was just perfect.

Frankie had of course had a rough few days but she was better, Richie knew every once and awhile she was off thinking about her mom, but it was natural and would take time. Between him, Jon and Dot, she had plenty of support now, Richie was so pleased Dot came around and could sense her motherly instinct to Frankie now, she would never replace CC but just be a friend to her when she needed it.

As the doors opened to reveal his bride and now proud father, Richie forgot he was standing in front of anyone, as the vision in white stole his heart away, she looked like a real life princess, the flowing gown and the little tiara to match, her hair all piled on her head cascading in ringlets around her face, Richie had never see something as beautiful since Ava was born.

Tears swelled to his eyes, his princess was finally here, and he felt like the luckiest man alive right now.

Jon escorted her down the aisle, fighting the tears that threatened. He glanced down and saw Richie's stunned face and bit back a grin. Man he looked totally stunned, not something you saw every day. As their walk ended he turned to Frankie and kissed her cheek then turned to Richie.

Before putting Frankie's hand in Richie's he grinned wickedly, "Are ya sure man? I hear she's a handful."

"Yeah I am sure, although I hear her father’s worse," he grinned as he took her hand.

Jon stepped over to Dot and watched as the minister spoke of the responsibilities of marriage. Although Richie had been there before, he knew this time he wouldn’t have to worry, this one was destined to last.

As they came to the I do's everyone rolled when Richie did his I do before the preacher was even finished saying the words. With a shrug and bashful Grin the man of the hour turned to the people assembled and quipped, "Whaaaa? I’m eager, there’s a wedding night to get too."

With the final words spoken they turned as the minister shook his head, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Richie Sambora." with a wince that spoke volumes the preacher continued. "Yeah you can kiss the bride now."

Richie smiled and leaned in to his princess "No turning back now Princess," his lips met hers in a sensational kiss, as he dipped her in his arms and took her breath away before standing her upright and kissing her gently on the lips.
"Hello Princess Sambora" he teased lightly as his forehead pressed against hers.

She winked up at him and smiled and placed her hand in his. "Hello Husband."

Richie took her hand "You know she'd be damn proud of you today don't ya" Richie whispered.

Frankie smiled and leaned close. "I know she's here, watching over us."

As they walked down the aisle and into the reception area Frankie grinned. The wedding was just the start. Now came the time for celebration. They stood and greeted all their family and friends and laughed as the party turned into one loud boisterous party.

From the cutting of the cake, where Richie ended up with cake on his face and she didn’t, to the throwing of the flowers and garter, everyone was in high form. As the dancing started, Richie reluctantly let her go for the traditional father-daughter dance.

As that dance ended Jon walked up and with a chuckle handed Frankie back over to his best Friend. "Is this what your looking for?”

Richie grinned widely "Too right I am, thanks Frank about time," he winked at him as he took his new bride back into his arms. In his arms she was, and he didn’t intend to ever let her go.

She wrapped her arms around her husband and turned back to Jon. "Thank you so much, for everything."

Richie smiled, couldn’t believing ever in the 25 odd years he'd known Jon what he was about to say. "Yeah thanks DAD," he winked.

Jon blinked a moment and shook his head. "This ONE time I won’t kick your ass for that one Dean."

Frankie shook her head and started to laugh. "Umm guys? Really calling him Dad just ain’t gonna work."

Richie snorted "And why not, he is my Dad now you know."

Frankie grinned, "You might wanna get used to calling him something else."

"Oh trust me I call him a lot of things" Richie teased still not getting what she was on about.

Jon's gaze flickered between them, "Ok other than God, Boss, Jon, Frank and Oh shit, what can this damned idiot call me Frankie?"

Frankie grinned and winked, "Grandpa."

Frankie's laughter echoed in the room as two jaws collectively dropped.



JoviGoo said...

Oh man!!!! You should sooooo do a sequel to this story!! I can't wait to see what a kid with the Sambora humor and Bongiovi/Benson temper would be like growing up! Well, anyway, even if you don't make a sequel, I liked your story a lot and thought you put a nice ending on it. :)

Lori said...

OMG, what a wonderful story. I really enjoyed it even though CC did wind up dying. I would also love to see a sequel to this. Grandpa Jon! LOL

MrsSambora said...

Really Great Story!!!

Thanks a lot and hope for a sequal!

Tina C said...

I loved your story. I hope your working on a sequel!!!!

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Anonymous said...

This was a FANTASTIC story! I fought thru the tears the last few chapter. Nice that you left the opportunity for a sequel. Go for it! I would love to read more of your writing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story. There were times I wanted to strangle Frankie but I am so glad I hung in there. What a wonderful ending. I loved that Dot and the whole family came together. Nice for a change.


Anonymous said...

I really loved your story. You had me laughing one minute and rying the next. Jon being Richie's 'dad' is just too funny. Will there be a sequel?

Anonymous said...

Absolutly great, I laughed , cried, got hot,got mad right along with Jon & Co. But this story is begging for a sequal, Grandpa Jon, please, pretty please. Thanks for the entertainment.Y

Jinx said...

this story really touched me as my Mom is struggling with lung cancer. I can't believe how much I cried and laughed. Great story!!!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed (hysterically at times), I cried, I picked my jaw up off the floor a few times (especially when Jon realized just who the woman was in Richie's room!!!) This was a great story from start to finish.

Genie P

Anonymous said...

You are such a strong writer. I am glad that I finished the story. You went with a point of view that I think is simply unique as I have not seen it in any other story (but I just learned of FF and haven't read that much). I never got past the daughter dating the best friend thing. I think it's just so left of the middle. I am not sure if I should love that Richie went with his heart instead of clinging to that unspoken rule when friendship is involved or if I should hate that Richie thought so little of his friendship with Jon that he would continue a relationship with the daughter and even flaunt sex with Frankie in front of Jon. But, that's the best part of writing fiction. You can make up anything and there are no set boundaries when it comes to morals, time, imagination, and even love. With no boundaries, anything is possible.